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“TKE Queer Bunny’ Blogging 93!!!”
Wednesday, December 5th 2012 “Flame On!!!”
“Let Us Work Together To Keep Us All Alive.”
Lead Ax Player Ond Best Friend Mr. Lance E. Henderson (VERSE)
Executive Producer, Co-Writer Lord “Valkyrie”Bell (Yoman Tony Bell:E4)
With Justin Daniels http://www.justindaniels.org
Circa 1996 (Used Anger @ The Troubador)
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Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Executive Producer
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“TKE Queer Bunny”| Chicago, Illinois | London, United Kingdom

U.S. NAVY Yoman Tony Bell:E4 “Valkyrie”
Lord “Valkyrie” Bell
“TKE Queer Bunny”
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Chicago’s Alternative Rock
“TKE Queer Bunny’ Blogging 93!!!”
Wednesday, December 5th 2012 “Flame On!!!”
~Men Not Gods~ Is Chicago’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band.
Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell. United States Navy Yoman:E4 Now 13 Years.
As Deacon Bell Of Mount Olive Baptist Church I Lead Since December 13, 2002.
I Joined The U.S. Navy In 1999 As Ensign Bell Ranking E5. This Writing Is Meant To Aide Each Of My Readers Globally.
As Well As To Help Those Who Have Followed Journalistic Endeavors Worldwide Within Your Various Media There. My
Attentions To You Overseas Are Of Vital Ond Equal Importance To My Personal Efforts To Fortify Diplomatic Efforts.
At ~BaseStreetLevel~ Here In “Gotham City Chicago” Working Here Where I Am Among Others. We Find That While Our Collective Efforts To Secure
Dialogues Of Peace. Violence Does Continue To Breakforth In Cairo, Egypt. Yes. In Chicago, Illinois. ~Chicago Edgewater Noir~ www.Edgewater.org
Among Man, Woman Ond Child. Be So Grateful Ond Accept This Blessing With “Thanksgiving.”
Feasts Now Past Behind Us. Make Room For “Christmas.” I Am So Please. That Since My Path To The Hear Ond Now Are Upon My Works.
Sent To You From ~London Victoria Station Noir~ These Trying, Challenging Months Lived Amongst You Since My Flight Back From The United Kingdom.
On Friday, February 16th 2012. Time Ond Good Works Done Have Given Some Great Rewards Two Fold. My New North Shore Flat Brings With It AVery
Strong Angelican Parish. ~The Episcopal (Angelican) Church Of The Atonement~ An Anglo-Catholic Parish. www.churchoftheatonement.org Look Us Up
Ond Find What I Have Found Here On The North Shore Of The City Of Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. “Our Masses Reflect The Sincere And Earnest Spirituality
Of A Very Diverse Community.” ~5749 North Kenmore Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60660~
“TKE Queer Bunny’ Blogging 93!!!” At The Time Of This Inking It Is: Saturday, December 1st 2012 “Flame On!!!”
~Men Not Gods~ Is Chicago’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band. :A Life Of Honor: “Our Daily Bread” Direction.
As I Continue To Wield Penmaship. Placing Blue Bic Ink Down On: Thursday, November 29th 2012 Onto:
Warehouse Direct – Business Products & Services.
Canary Yellow Legal WHD-8572. Fifty Sheets Per Pad.
They Do Business Locally From: Mount Prospect, Illinois, U.S.A.
www.warehousedirect.com 1-847-952-1925 Yep.
Younglings Read Now Psalm 112 In “The Holy Bible.”
“PRAISE Ye The LORD. Blessed Is The Man That Feareth The LORD, That Delighteth Greatly In His Commandments.”
“His Seed Shall Be Mighty Upon Earth: The Generation Of The Upright Shall Be Blessed. Wealth And Riches Shall Be In His House: And His Righteousness Endureth For Ever.”
“Unto The Upright There Ariseth Light In The Darkness: He Is Gracious, And Full Of Compassion, And Righteous. A Good Man Sheweth Favour, And Lendeth: He Will Guide His Affairs With Discretion.”
“Surely He Shall Not Be Moved For Ever: The Righteous Shall Be In Everlasting Remembrance. He Shall Not Be Afraid Of Evil Tidings: His Heart Is Fixed, Trusting In The LORD.”
“His Heart Is Established, He Shall Not Be Afraid, Until He See His Desire Upon His Enemies. He Hath Dispersed, He Hath Given To The Poor; His Righteousness Endureth For Ever; His Horn Shall Be Exalted With Honour.”
“The Wicked Shall See It, And Be Grieved; He Shall Gnash With His Teeth, And Melt Away: The Desire Of The Wicked Shall Perish.”
For My Will To Aide Ond Assist In Dialogue Of Ending Violence.
The November 1st 2012 “The Watchtower: Announcing Jehovah’s Kingdom”
www.jw.org On The Cover The Question Posed Is: “What Would You Like To Ask God?”
From Our Cover: Inside. The Kingdom Hall Asks… Rather Gives Four Choices Of Queris To Offer Jehovah God.
  • I. “Should We Question God?” ~Page 3~
  • II. “Question 1: Does My Life Have A Purpose?” ~Page 4~
  • III. “Question 2: What Will Happen When I Die?” ~Page 6~
  • IV. “Question 3: Why Does God Allow Me To Suffer?” ~Page 8~
“Awake!” To The November 1st 2012 Supportive Ond Thoughtful Topic Given: “You Can Be A Successful Single Parent!”
  1. Page 3: You Can Succeed!
  2. Page 4: Seek Out Support.
  3. Page 5: Be A Good Communicator.
  4. Page 7: Set Sound Priorities.
  5. Page 8: Set Clear Boundaries.
  6. Page 9: Establish Good Moral Values.
  7. Page 10: Look To God For Help!
“TKE Queer Bunny’ Blogging 93!!!” Saturday, December 1st 2012 “Flame On!!!” ~Men Not Gods~ Is Chicago’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band. More Of “Our Daily Bread” Direction. :A Life Of Honor: Younglings. The Good King James The 2nd Of The United Kingdom Did So Order A Still Modernly 21st Century Version Of “The Good Book” In Old English. Which We Of The Non-Secular Majority Adhere To Now Some Four-Hundred And One Years Later. (401 Years Later.) “The Holy Bible” Published In 1611 Until Even This Day In The Year 2012.
All Of You ~Around The World If Et. Al.~ Read For ~ Self Recognition.~ Younglings I Present To You Now: 2 Corinthians Seven (7) Learn.
“HAVING Therefore These Promises, Dearly Beloved, Let Us Cleanse Ourselves From All Filthiness Of The Flesh And Spirit, Perfecting Holiness In The Fear Of God.”
“Receive Us; We Have Wronged No Man, We Have Corrupted No Man, We Have Defrauded No Man. I Speak Not This To Condemn You: For I Have Said Before, That Ye Are In Our Hearts To Die And Live With You. Great Is My Boldness Of Speech Toward You, Great Is My Glorying Of You: I Am Filled With Comfort, I Am Exceeding Joyful In All Our Tribulation.”
“For, When We Were Come Into Macedonia, Our Flesh Had No Rest, But We Were Troubled On Every Side; Without Were Fightings, Within Were Fears.”
“Nevertheless God, That Comforteth Those That Are Cast Down, Comforted Us By The Coming Of Titus; And Not By His Coming Only, But By The consolation Wherewith He Was Comforted In You, When He Told Us Your Earnest Desire, Your Mourning, Your Fervent Mind Toward Me; So That I Rejoiced The More.”
“For Though I Made You Sorry With A Letter, I Do Not Repent, Though I Did Repent: For I Perceive That The Same Epistle Hath Made You Sorry, Though It Were But For A Season.”
“Now I Rejoice, Not That Ye Were Made Sorry, But That Ye Sorrowed To Repentance: For Ye Were Made Sorry After A Godly Manner, That Ye Might Receive Damage By Us In Nothing.” “For Godly Sorrow Worketh Repentance To Salvation Not To Be Repented Of: But The Sorrow Of The World Worketh Death.”
“For Behold This Selfsame Thing, That Ye Sorrowed After A Godly Sort, What Carefulness It Wrought In You, Yea, What Clearing Of Yourselves, Yea, What Indignation, Yea, What Fear, Yea, What Vehement Desire, Yea, What Zeal, Yea, What Revenge! In All Things Ye Have Approved Yourselves To Be Clear In This Matter.”
“Wherefore, Though I Wrote Unto You, I Did It Not For His Cause That Had Done The Wrong, Nor For His Cause That Suffered Wrong, But That Our Care For You In The Sight Of God Might Appear Unto You.”
“Therefore We Were Comforted In Your Comfort: Yea, And Exceedingly The More Joyed We For The Joy Of Titus, Because His Spirit Was Refreshed By You All.”
“For If I Have Boasted Any Thing To Him Of You, I Am Not Ashamed; But As We Spake All Things To You In Truth, Even So Our Boasting, Which I Made Before Titus, Is Found A Truth.”
“And His Inward Affection Is More Abundant Toward You, Whilst He Remembereth The Obedience Of You All, How With Fear And Trembling Ye Received Him. I Rejoice Therefore That I Have Confidence In You In All Things.”
That Done? Yoman Deacon Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie” ~As Author Ond Living Literature~
Search For: “Old Grand~Dad 800” Please? Read Up On My Autobiographic Back Story…
It Has What You Need. To My Followers. Ond My Readers. To My Supporters. Dig It Now:
“TKE Queer Bunny’ Blogging 93!!!” ~Appreciate The Game~
“The Red Eye Rundown!!!”
Thursday, November 29th 2012 www.redeyechicago.com
~A Chicago Tribune Publication~ Mr. Kurt Mueller, General Manager. Editor, Mr. Tran Ha.
Join “TKE Queer Bunny” In My Efforts To Keep A Certain Level Of “Transparency.”
With A Working National Insurance Number (N.I.) Since 1994. As Mr. Tony Bell:BBC:006.
Being A Trusted British University North American Counselour Member…
As A Man Who Has Been Across The Pond Among These Past Decades Some Three Times.
Totalling Two Ond One Half Years As A Employee Ond Wage Earning ~American National~
To The United Kingdom. We Share An Up To The Moment Dedication To Decades Long Self Proven Trust, Confidence Ond Beliefs.
Beliefs Shared Between Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The 2nd Ond Prime Minister David Cameron Of The United Kingdom.
Along Side The 44th President Of The United States Of America. Now Entering His 2nd Term In “The Oval Office” Of ~The White House~
In Washington, D.C. Mr. Barack Hussein Obama. Write A Letter To The Editor: redeye@tribune.com Or Call: The Newsroom On 312-222-4970.
“The Red Eye Rundown!!!” Let It Begin…
Thursday, November 29th 2012 www.redeyechicago.com
  • “Gambling On A Record $550 Million Jackpot”
    • Page 3 Of Today’s ~Redeye~ Breaks Down The Big Time Statistics Involved With This Lottery.
      • A. The Illinois Lotter Is So Organized Amongst The Multistate Powerball. That Illinois Lottery Estimates $55 Million Is The Amount Of Tickets Our State Will Sell.
      • B. Lord “Valkyrie” Bell Quotes:
        • Illinois Lottery Superintendent Here To Give Some Idea Of The Flavor Of Excitment That Many Illinoians Ond Chicagoan’s Share. Even As Indifferent As “TKE Queer Bunny” Personally Is With Regard To Any Form Of Gambling Or Prostitution Outside Of The City Of Las Vegas, Nevada.
          • “It’s Huge. These Events Are Really Our Super Bowl.”
          • ~~This Said By Mr. Michael Jones
      • C. It Is Reported That This “Super Bowl Worthy” ~Powerball~ Will Generate $22 Million For Illinois “Common School Fund” To Benefit State Education.
        • 1. The Illinois Lottery Fiscal Contribution To The Fund In 2012 Came In At About 10 Percent.
        • 2. The State Comptroller’s Office Informs Us All That Illinois Lottery Games Generated Close To $640 Million For The “Common School Fund” For Fiscal Year 2012.
        • 3. Fiscal Year 2011 Saw $632 Million With $625 Million In 2010.
      • D. Lord “Valkyrie” Bell Quotes:
        • “Does It Help? Sure, $632 Million Does Help. But It Doesn’t Add To What The State Is Giving To School.”
        • ~~Mr. James Russell Is The Associate Executive Director Of The Illinois Association Of School Boards (ISAB)

“TKE Queer Bunny’ Blogging 93!!!” Yo, “Flame On!!!”

www.redeyechicago.com “The Red Eye Rundown!!!”

Thursday, November 29th 2012

  • “You Smoke Cigarettes At What Price?”
    • Lord “Valkyrie” Bell Takes Personal Interest In The Statement Given In Today’s Redeye Quoting:
      • “Cigarettes Are The Principle Cause Of Preventable Disease In This Country – Respiratory Diseases And Cancer – And The Higher We Increase Or Cigarette Prices, The More We Discourge Particularly Young People From Smoking And Save [Ourselves] The Cost Of Treating People Who Are Addicted To Tobacco And Nicotine For The Rest Of Their Lives.”
        • ~~This Comes From An October Tribune Editorial.
        • ~~This Regarding The Intent Of The Tax Hike.
        • ~The Intent Is Indeed To Deter Smoking.
        • ~~”TKE Queer Bunny” Is Impressed With Cook County Board President Ms. Toni Preckwinkle. I Add Here That She Is The Former Alderman Of Chicago’s Bronzeville Ward.
        • ~~I’ve Had The Joy Of Meeting Here More Than Twice. Ond My Joy Ond Pleasure Extends Also From Her Successful Winning Campaign To Take Hold Of Her Office.
        • ~~She Is The First Black Woman To Sit As Cook County Board President. Those “Mr. Benjamin Franklin” Ads Of Her’s Smiled At Us All. Thus, She Won Her Current Position.
          • The Price Of A Pack Of 20 Cigarettes Goes Up In This Here Country Partners. That This Big City Of Chicago Sits In The County Cook.
          • Effective March 1st 2013 Your Smoke Will Cost $12 At The Register Partner. Among The Most Expensive Smoke Nationwide. You Rascals!!!

“The Red Eye Rundown!!!” Get Over Here…

Thursday, November 29th 2012  www.redeyechicago.com

  • “Hey, Screw You Why? ‘Cause I’m With Mayor Rahm Emanuel Ok?”
  • “TKE Queer Bunny” Has Had Direct Connections To “The Loop” Inside Downtown Chicago’s City Center.
    • Lord “Valkyrie” Bell Takes Personal Interest In “Gotham City Chicago” As A Transportation Hub. In The Statements Given In Today’s Redeye Quoting:
      • “What I Said Is [That It Is] A Choice. People Have A Choice Between Public Transportation And Private. If You’re Coming From O’Hare, You Pay $50 For The Cab Downtown. You Can Rent A Car, Which Is Probably Close To That. Or You Can Take The CTA. That’s A Choice Which Is Much Cheaper.”
      • “Public Transportation Is Different From Driving To Work. You Will Make That Choice.”
      • “Now You, As A Commuter, Will Pick. You Can Either Drive To Work Or You Can Take Public Transportation, And The Standard Fare Will Stay The Same.”
      • “I Did Not Say Or Imply That You Could Just Drive. I Said There’s A Choice. People Choose Public Transportation Because It’s Competative Against Private Transportation. That’s A Choice. And The Service Is Getting Better And Improved. And That’s My Intention.”
        • ~~Big City Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel

~Since Graduating From Near North Career Metropolitan High School As A ~Mayor Harold Washington Principle Scholar~

  • ~~~I Graduated (11) Eleventh In My Class Under Mayor Richard M. Daley With Honors Given In 1989.~~~
  • ~This Is The City That Works.
  • ~The Windy City. The City Of Big Shoulders.~
  • “Our Children. Our Future.” Good Is Gain.

“TKE Queer Bunny’ Blogging 93!!!” www.Twitter.com/101Valkyrie101 www.101Valkyrie101.wordpress.com

As I Continue Typing This On Wednesday, December 5th 2012.

These Words Were Laid Out On Saturday, December 1st 2012. I Reflect On All The Students Here At City Colleges Of Chicago.

Where I With Blue Bic Inked My Penmenship This Night. www.ccc.edu Here Is That Live Mood As A Modern Uptown. Chic.

Busy Yet Not To Be Confused Between This ~Harry S. Truman~ Ghetto Bright Vibe Which Is Community College Cool.

So With That My ~Id~ Tells My ~Super Ego~ To Write Out My ~Ego~ With “Big Upps!!!”

From Your One Ond Only Legitament Cousin ‘Ant From The Village Of Colp, Illinois Zip 62921.

That’s Jackson County Some (5) Five Hours Drive South Down The #57 InterState Highway From ~Chicago Edgewater Noir~ So Forget It…

“Bishop!!! GOD Damn You!!!” “Ripley!!!” “No!!! No!!! Get Away From Her You BITCH!!!”

~~Quotes From The James Cameron Motion Picture Film Series Of Hollywood Flicks. 1985’s “Aliens!!!”

~~Starring Ms. Sigourney Weaver. She Went On To Win The OSCAR For “The Ice Storm.”

“Flame On!!!” “The Red Eye Rundown!!!” Friday, November 16th 2012 www.redeyechicago.com

  • I. “British Petroleum: Guilty Of Much In 2010”
    • A. BP: Guilty Of Manslaughter For The Oil Spill.
    • B. BP: Guilty Of The Deepwater Horizon Explosion In 2010 Ond Oil Spill On The Gulf Of Mexico.
    • C. BP: Agrees To Pay $4.5 Billion In Government Penalties Announced Attorney General Eric Holder.
    • D. BP: Will Pay $525 Million Resolving Securities And Exchange Commission Claims That B.P. Lied To Investors About The Amount Of Oil Flowing Into The Gulf Of Mexico In The Year 2010.

“The Red Eye Rundown!!!” Feeling Lucky? Punk…

www.redeyechicago.com Friday, November 16th 2012

  • II. “One Day ‘The Pony Express’ May Return”
    • The United States Postal Service Announced A Large Record Loss Of $15.9 Billion For The Fiscal Year 2012.
    • The Postal Service Blames This Loss On A Mandate Setting Aside Billions Of Dollars For An Employee Retirement Health Fund.

“The Red Eye Rundown!!!” Tuesday, November 27, 2012

  • I. “Christmas Is On The Frontpage Kids” “TKE Queer Bunny” Cringes Affection At Those Photos Seen Of “Cuckoo” Holiday Types. Because I Love Winter Ond Christmas Is In Season. On Page (7) Seven We Beheld This Season’s Statistics Provided By The National Retail Federation.
  • II. “Flame On!!!” Americans Are Expected To Spend $586 Billion This Holiday.
    • A. $749.51 Per Person Holiday Spending On Gifts, Decorations Ond Cards.
    • B. $19.54 On Flowers.
    • C. $23.48 On CoWorkers.
    • D. $28.13 On Pets Ond Community Members.
    • E. $28.66 On Greeting Cards.
    • F. $51.99 On Decorations.
    • G. $75.13 On Friends.
    • H. $100.76 On Candy Ond Holiday Food Kids.
    • I. $421.82 On Immediate  Family.
  • III. “Americans Numbered In Redeye Percentatges ‘Gift Galore”
    • A. 59.7% Plan Fashion Gifts.
    • B. 59.2% Plan Gift Cards.
    • C. 22.5% Plan Jewelry Gifts.
    • D. 31.7% Plan Electronic Gifts.
    • E. 51.5% Will Buy DVD’s And Video Games Kids.

IV. ~~Mental Note Worthy Bliss~~ From Mr. Andrew W.K.

  • Lord “Valkyrie” Bell Does Quote:~~To Party To Party In Bahrain~~ That’s Mr. Andrew W.K. “Beyond Belief.”
    • “After A Year Of Planning, The United States State Department Just Cancelled My Middle East Trip Because I’m Too Party.”

“TKE Queer Bunny’ Blogging 93!!!” “The Red Eye Rundown!!!” www.redeyechicago.com

“Everytime A Bell Rings An Angel Gets Their Wings.”

Friday, November 30th 2012 “The White House: Christmas On Page 3”

  • On Page 3: “The Official White House Christmas Tree In The Blue Room” Photo From REUTERS.
  • On Page 3: “First Lady Michelle LaVaughn Obama” Is Shown With A Small Group Of Quite Young Guests. Our First Lady Seems To Have These Kids In Good Midwestern Cheer. As All As Seen Petting “The First Dog” Are Younger Than “The First Daughters.” Photo From REUTERS.
  • On Page 3: “A Nearly 300-Pound White House Gingerbread House Is On Display At The State Dining Room At ~The White House~.”On Page 3: “A Stained Glass Window, Created By Chicago-Based Artist David Lee Csicsko, Is On Display At The East Wing.” Photo By Getty Images.
    • A Delicious Photo By Getty Images. I Want Some.
    • Do Send A 15-Pound Slice Off Of This Nearly 300-Pound Gingerbread Replica Of This Nation’s Leader’s Home. Send It a.s.a.p. Like Right Freaking Now To My Flat. You Know? Send It To My Crib. Yes?
    • Mail That 15-Pound White Thick Sweet Holiday Treat Now Dammit.
    • Send It To “TKE Queer Bunny” Ond Sign The Noted Dutifully Embroitered Festive Silver Stacked Card Saying:
      • “For Your Christmas Yoman Deacon Anthony Lawrence Bell. We Pray From Our Home Away From Home. That This Heavenly Lush Dessert Of 15-Pounds Of Gingerbread Cut From The State Dining Room Display At ~The White House~ Fills Your T.K.E. Tummy In ~Chicago Edgewater Noir~ As Only A 15-Pound Portion Cut Off A Nearly 300-Pound Gingerbread White House Baked Good Can.”
      • Lovingly, “The Oval Office”

“The Red Eye Rundown!!!” This One Time At Band Camp…

To Close Us Out I Would Like To Join Ms. Dana Moran

:On Time Topic: Friday, November 30th 2012 www.redeyechicago.com

Back Page 54. In Whoville Ms. Dana Moran Writes “The Pitts” Noting: “There’s Only One Brad – But He’s Got A Lotta Looks.”

Further She Notes That Mr. Brad Pitt “Has Been A Megastar For More Than 20 Years Now.”

From Here “TKE Queer Bunny” Must Ask Ms. Dana Moran To Throw Some Cold Cherry-Coke Between Her Thighs!!!

Younglings. Her Writing Goes On To Note: “We Took A Look Back At Some Of His [Mr. Brad Pitt’s] Onscreen Looks To See How His ~’Hotness’~ Has Fared Over The Years.” Cool Dana Excellent!!! I’m Game. So Long As Mr. Brad Pitt’s ~”Private Parts”~ Get Off Only With Ms. Angelina Jolie aka “Salt.” Readers, I As One. I Would Not Enjoy The 1991 “Thelma And Louise” Mr. Brad Pitt Knocking Peckers With Such A ~Single Ond Looking~ Forty-One Year Old Bi Black Guy Like I. Readers, I As One. I Might ~”Dance With The Devil Under A Pale Moon Light”~ But Not Enjoy My Seducing Thye 1994 “Interview With The Vampire” Mr. Brad Pitt. Rather Being As ~”The Paragon Paramour”~ Myself. I Would Expect This Vampire To Pay For Dinner Ond Dancing. If He Wants To Get To 3rd Base With “TKE Queer Bunny.”

Picture If You Will… At Closing Time At ~Roscoe’s~ www.roscoes.com On North Halsted Street In Sweet Home Chicago’s Boystown Lakeview. Those Gay Boys Would Most Likely Spill Over The Freaking Entrance Cramming To Lick The Water Off That Darling Ms. Angelina Jolie’s Other Half. Readers, I As One. Where As I Would Not Attempt Anything More Than A 3 Hour Nude Body Baby Lotion Massage As To Heal The 1999 “Fight Club” Mr. Brad Pitt’s Well Chisled Wounds Ond Bruises.

~Men Not Gods~ Is Chicago’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band~

Men Not Gods $15 “Mahagony In Mind” Featuring Lord “Valkyrie” Bell

Now Buy It At http://cdbaby.com/cd/mennotgods Placing It Under The Tree.

“The Red Eye Rundown!!!” Tell Me. Is It Safe?

Monday, December 3rd 2012 www.redeyechicago.com

  • I. On The Cover We Have “The Monsters Of The Midway” Our Chicago Bears www.ChicagoBears.com They Appear On A Two Page Spread Where Pages 10 Ond 11 Show Our Football Team Now 8 – Wins Plus 4 – Losses Tied With Arch Midwestern Rivals… The Green Bay Packers. Yes. The Cheese State. Goto www.nfl.com For All Stats Ond Standings And Game Complete Schedules.
  • II. Ond Page Seven (7) “The Redeye” Now Ten Years Older Asks:
    • “Who Has The Keys?” Noting That Some 44% Of CTA www.TransitChicago.com Commuters Do Own Wheels.
    • The United States Census Bureau Estimates 329,000 Of Chicagoans Are Drivers Who Use Public Transportation.
    • Of The Above Statistics 128,000 Chicagoans Don’t Own A Car.

Tuesday, December 4th 2012 www.redeyechicago.com

  • I. On The Cover Page We Have “Pot Or Not?” A “High Society?” Is The Title Question Presented In Big Bold Really Red Letters In All Caps Ond Pages 6 Ond 7.
    • Lord “Valkyrie” Bell Quotes:
      • “We Are Talking About Marijuana And… We Aren’t Talking About, I Don’t Know, Kale Or Something Else.”
    • ~~That From Some Dude Named Mr. Paul Armentano Who Holds The Title Of Deputy Director Of The National Organization For The Reform Of Marijuana Laws.
    • ~~The Statistics Within “High Society?” Are Numerous. Yawn…
  • II. Ond Page 3 The News Flash Is On The Supreme Court Of The United States Of America: “Waiting Game…”
    • The High Court Did Not Address California’s Proposition 8. In 2009 California Voters Voted To Ban Gay Marraige. I Stand For Civil Unions!!! Period.

“TKE Queer Bunny’ Blogging 93!!!” www.Twitter.com/101Valkyrie101 www.101Valkyrie101.wordpress.com

“The Red Eye Rundown!!!” www.redeyechicago.com

~As Author Ond Living Literature~ I’m Yours To Read Yall.

Yoman Deacon Anthony Lawrence Bell:BBC:006

Does Submit For Your International, National Online Global Ond Thus Local Inspection This Very Day’s “Redeye.”

  • Wednesday, December 5th 2012 “8 Jolly Holiday Parties”
    • “Eat And Drink” Big Time Christmas On Page 29.
      • A. ~Santa Con Chicago~ Congress Plaza Hotel~
        • 520 South Michicago Avenue, Chicago, Illinois
        • 312-427-3800
        • When: 12 Noon Until 5 a.m. Saturday, December 8th 2012
        • Price: Free Information Found www.santacon.info
      • B. ~Bad Santa Bar Crawl~ Mother’s Too~
        • 14 West Division Street, Chicago, Illinois
        • 212-255-4233
        • When: 12 Noon Until 9 p.m. Saturday, December 15th 2012
        • Price: $10 Found At www.barcrawls.com
      • C. ~12 Bars Of Xmas Pub Crawl~ The Cubby Bear~
        • 1059 West Addison Street, Chicago, Illinois
        • 773-478-3378
        • When: 8 a.m. Until 9 p.m. On Saturday, December 8th 2012
        • Price: $37.50 With More Info At www.festaparties.com
      • D. ~Eve Of The Eve~ Chicago’s Amtrak Union Station~
        • 500 West Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois
        • 312-787-9824
        • When: 8 p.m. Until 1 a.m. On Sunday, December 30th 2012
        • Price: $125 – $140 With Details At www.highsight.org
          • ~~Black Tie Benefit For High Sights Scholarship Program.~~
          • ~Attendance Is Anticipated To Be 2000.~
          • ~~Ms. Michael Sneed www.suntimes.com Must Update One Ond All. Ta.~~

“TKE Queer Bunny’ Blogging 93!!!” Bow Your Heads Kiddies Ond Step Out Of The Way…

~Chicagoland’s Music Monthly~ ~The Illinois Entertainer~

Inside: The DEFTONES www.illinoisentertainer.com

  • On Page (6) Six “Hello, My Name Is CHINO”You May Now Raise Your Head’s Kiddies.
    • Leadsinger Mr. Chino Moreno Is A Damn Good Leadsinger. And A Mature Soul Finally Gives To Time. Age. The Live Stage Experience. And Studio Craftsmenship.
    • The DEFTONES Released ~White Pony~ In The Year 2000. That Was A Freaking Long Timne Ago CHINO!!!
    • ~~The DEFTONES 2012~~ Long Awaited Album Is Titled: ~Koi No Yokan~ www.deftones.com

~Men Not Gods~ Is Chicago’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band. :Barriers And Blessings:

“Our Daily Bread” Ond This Day. On This Night Of Wednesday, December 5th 2012 Younglings.

Open Your Mind To This Birthday. His Birth Month Ond Due Acceptance Of An Encounter With Jesus Christ The Nazarine. King. Lord. The Saviour.

Self Recognition Is What “TKE Queer Bunny” Is On About In These Latest Time Full Filling Journey Of Reading, Writing, Typing Ond Publishing.

~As Author Ond Living Literature~ Self Recognition. ~Appreciate The Game~ Have You Been Immersed?

Have You Been So Baptised With The Gospel Of Johovah’s Only Begotten Son? Did You Get Deluged Ond Drenched With Water In A Faithbased Church?

For Real You. Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell Is Born Again. Read Ond Accept This Encounter With Jesus.

“TKE Queer Bunny’ Blogging 93!!!” Ond So As I Am Who I Am I Also Have. That Which Has Been Given To Me From The Year 1611.

Comes From The Good King James The 2nd Into The Year 2012. Some Four-Hundred Ond One (401 Years) Have Passed Onto Us The Living Word Of GOD.

Younglings Read Please: ~~Philippians (1) One~~


“Paul And Timotheus, The Servants Of Jesus Christ, To All The Saints In Christ Jesus Which Are At Philippi, With The Bishops And Deacons:”


“Grace Be Unto You, And Peace, From God Our Father, And From The Lord Jesus Christ. I Thank My God Upon Every Remembrance Of You, Always In Every Prayer Of Mine For You All Making Request With Joy, Greatly I Long After You All In The Bowels Of Jesus Christ.”


“And This I Pray, That Your Love May Abound Yet More And More In Knowledge And In All Judgement; That Ye May Approve Things That Are Excellent; That Ye May Be Sincere And Without Offence Till The Day Of Christ; Being Filled With The Fruits Of Righteousness, Which Are By Jesus Christ, Unto The Glory And Praise Of God.”


“But I Would Ye Should Understand, Brethren, That The Things Which Happened Unto Me Have Fallen Out Rather Unto The Furtherance Of The Gospel; So That My Bonds In Christ Are Manifest In All The Palace, And In All Other Places; And Many Of The Brethren In The Lord, Waxing Confident By My Bonds, Are Much More Bold To Speak The Word Without Fear.”


“Some Indeed Preach Christ Even Of Envy And Strife; And Some Also Of Good Will:”


“The One Preach Christ Of Contention, Not Sincerely, Supposing To Add Affliction To My Bonds:”


“But The Other Of Love, Knowing That I Am Set For The Defence Of The Gospel.”


“What Then? Notwithstanding, Every Way, Whether In Pretence, Or In Truth, Christ Is Preached; And I Therein Do Rejoice, Yea, And Will Rejoice. For I Know That This Shall Turn To My Salvation Through Your Prayer, And The Supply Of The Spirit Of Jesus Christ, According To My Earnest Expectation And My Hope, That In Nothing I Shall Be Ashamed, But That With All Boldness, As Always, So Now Also Christ Shall Be Magnified In My Body, Whether It Be By Life, Or By Death.”


“For To Me To Live Is Christ, And To Die Is Gain.”


“But If I Live In The Flesh, This Is The Fruit Of My Labour: Yet What I Shall Choose I Wot Not.”


“For I Am In A Strait Betwixt Two, Having A Desire To Depart, And To Be With Christ; Which Is Far Better:”


“Nevertheless To Abide In The Flesh Is More Needful For You.”


“And Having This Confidence, I Know That I Shall Abide And Continue With You All For Your Furtherance And Joy Of Faith; That Your Rejoicing May Be More Abundant In Jesus Christ For Me By My Coming To You Again.”


“Only Let Your Conversation Be As It Becometh The Gospel Of Christ: That Whether I VCome And See You, Or Else Be Absent, I May Hear Of Your Affairs, That Ye Stand Fast In One Spirit, With One Mind Striving Together For The Faith Of The Gospel; And In Nothing Terrified By Your Adversaries: Which Is To Them An Evident Token Of Perdition, But To You Of Salvation, And That Of God.”


“For Unto You It Is Given In The Behalf Of Christ, Not Only To Believe On Him, But Also To Suffer For His Sake; Having The Same Conflict Which Ye Saw In Me, And Now Hear To Be In Me.”




Chicago State University www.csu.edu Is Located At 95th Street And King Drive In Chicago, Illinois. I Shall Attend Classes This Coming Summer 2013. Returning To University Level Education As A Senior. I Do So Plan To Join The Class Of 2014. Completing My Bachelor Degree That Spring. As You Are Also Students At Harry S. Truman College. Who Are Among An International Crowd Of A Community Of Students Bound Together Scholastically.


Some Will Endeavor To Finish Their Associate Degrees In The Spring Of 2014. Gradutating From The City Colleges Of Chicago www.ccc.edu Of Which You Hip Youngsters Are In ~Uptown~ Learning. Thanks To Former Mayor Of Chicago Richard J. Daley. As Well As A Former President Of The United States Of America Harry S. Truman In Some Truest Of Fashion. Isn’t This A Fact?


Twitter ~ WordPress ~ LinkedIn ~ Yahoo! ~ MySpace ~ MSN Skydrive


“TKE Queer Bunny’ Blogging 93!!!” Additional Entries 94 And 95 Are To Soon Appear.

I Missed Not A Step. I Care.

The Time Has Come To





“I Am. I Was. I Always Will Be. Yore. Friend. Be Well. Be Safe. Be Love. Believe… Forward.”


Yours In The Truth The Way And The Life,

U.S. Navy Yoman Deacon Anthony Lawrence Bell

Mr. Tony Bell:BBC:006




“TKE Queer Bunny” | Chicago, Illinois, USA | London, United Kingdom |

“Let Us Work Together To Keep Us All Alive.”
Lead Ax Player Ond Best Friend Mr. Lance E. Henderson (VERSE)
Executive Producer, Co-Writer Lord “Valkyrie”Bell (Yoman Tony Bell:E4)
With Justin Daniels http://www.justindaniels.org
Circa 1996 (Used Anger @ The Troubador)
Hear Now Younglings!!! http://www.myspace.com/universalelegy
Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Executive Producer
6019 North Winthrop #401, Chicago, Illinois 60660
ATT Satellite Phone: 618-727-1872 Available For Interviews.
Politics. Business. Entertainment. Spiritual Ond Local News.


“TKE Queer Bunny”| Chicago, Illinois | London, United Kingdom

U.S. NAVY Yoman Tony Bell:E4 “Valkyrie”
Lord “Valkyrie” Bell
“TKE Queer Bunny”
Men Not Gods: The Illinois Rock Band
Tau Kappa Epsilon
Join The Campaign…
ReElect President Obama
Chicagoland’s Best News
Is ABC News WLS 7

World News Tonight With Diane Sawyer

The West Wing Report Works Here

MADONNA – “MDNA” Available Now!!!

Janet Jackson – “Weight Watchers Spokeswoman.”

Ms. Amy Lee – “The Official Site”

Mr. Sully Erna – “Avalon” Available Now!!!
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