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Saturday, July 28th 2012 “TKE Queer Bunny”

Do You Accept The Success Of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The 2nd.

There She Was Just Lastnight With “James Bond:007: “SkyFall” Mr. Daniel Craig.

In November Expect On Thanksgiving. Expect “Erogenous Adonis” By Men Not Gods Featuring Lord “Valkyrie” Bell.

Do You Accept The Success Of The Democratic Party With An Advertisement Approved Of By Mr. Barack Hussein Obama Just Lastnight.
Our President Of The United States Of America New “Forward” Campaign Slogan Aired During The Opening Ceremonies Of The London 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Another Stunning Success Is That Of Our First Lady. Chicago’s Own Mrs. Michelle LaVaughn Obama Who Addressed Team U.S.A.

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“TKE Queer Bunny’ Blog Entry Number 90!!!”
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. / London, United Kingdom
Mr. Tony Bell:BBC:006 U.S. NAVY Deacon Yoman:E4

“SkyFall” Blows Into The Box Office In November 2012.

Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie”
Executive Producer – Sole Proprietor Of
“TKE Queer Bunny” Celebrating 18 Years Since
~The International Modelling Ond Talent Association~
IMTA Winter 1994 New York City, New York At
The Manhatten Hilton Ond Towers

The XXX Summer Olympic Games 2012
Ongoing In London, United Kingdom

“Forward” ReElect This Man!!!

Rest In Peace Ms. Whitney Houston
Starring Mr. Mike Epps As Satin.
Ond The Late Great Ms. Whitney Houston
As Emma On Movie Screens This Year 2012.

“TKE Queer Bunny’ Blog Entry Number 90!!!”

As We Ourselves Sat In Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. Watching The Opening Ceremonies Of The London 2012 Summer Olympics. An Over Whelming Deeply Knowing Feeling Of Who I Soon Will Will Myself To Be With Do Willpower To ReAppear. To ReAffirm Myself Yet Again. Right This Year.  ~At The Same Damn Time~ Over These Coming Months Of August Ond September 2012. Really Babies. I Have Not Stepped Into Action Under Any StageLights Since September 2004 For The Yahoo! Yodelling Contest In Seattle, Washington. Which Then Saw Moi Going Global On ESPN For My Own Keen Ability To Actually Do Live Stage Performance. For Some Two Entire Months In 2004!!! Around The Fucking World If Et Al.

My Last Performance Of “Mahagony In Mind” http://cdbaby.com/cd/mennotgods  Was In Carbondale, Illinois At “The Hanger 9” Where We  Pub Crawl Yall.  http://www.thehangar9.com  So Be As One Now All Those In The Need To Know. In Preperation From August 23rd 2011 Until This Typing. Since Returning To Chicago O’Hare Directly From London Heathrow On February 16th 2012. I Know No Great Concern For Why Too Many Have Wronged Me.

As Lord “Valkyrie” Bell. While I Still Instill The Virtue Of :PrepSteady: “For Real You…” Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie”
Lead Your Way Younglings!!! The “TKE Queer Bunny” Is ~Valkyrie~ Men Not Gods “Erogenous Adonis” Coming This Winter Holiday Season Of 2012.

It Is Never Enough To Plan Ahead While One Must Give In  To This Gift Of Life From My Darkness. From The Cradle To The Grave. Yes?

“MEN NOT GODS Music Group, USA-UK LLC.” Is Social~Political Theological Economic Multi~Media Entertainment Journalism.
I Being A Pious Ond Devous Man. A Focused Business Professional Who Has Held The Office Of Senator In 1990 At Minnesota State University In Winona As I Still Will Again. A Being In Truth!!! A Conservative~Totalitarian~Centrist. 

This Spring 2013. I Will Be So Very Honoured To Join You. The Students Around The Planet Earth…
As Well As You The Students Of Chicago State University www.csu.edu As I Will Be Enrolling.
Then To Graduate With A ~Bachelor Of Fine Arts~ Walking The Stage Together In 2014.
I Will Be Taken Along A Road Of Higher Education. That Will Mean A ~BFA~ In The Spring Of 2014 At The Age Of Forty-Two (42).
This Will Mean A Plan Of Course Work For Two Years of Master’s Degree Program Study. Resulting In A ~Master Of Fine Arts In Creative Writing~ (MFA). It Will Be My Honour As A Long Term Naval Office, Gentleman Ond As A Scholistic Being. To Walk The Stage Again With The Class Of 2016. ~T.K.E.~ www.tke.org From This “TKE Queer Bunny’ Blog Entry Number 90!!!” So Published As A Portion Of My Living History.
My Life Long Craving Ond Pangs Of Deep Feelings Of Mental Ond Medical Health ReBounding With Trials Ond Tribulation Among Strangers Outside My Family. Will Embolden The Many I Call Friends. Aquaintances. Supporters, Former Co-Workers Ond Follows Of My Career’s 35 Year Long Path.
My Phd. Of ~Doctoral Studies In Education~ While It Will Finally Complete When Done. My Love Of Logic Ond Leadership Coupled With The Arts Ond Humanities Since My Perocrial Beginnings. As “Author Ond Living Literature” At The Fine Strong Able Age Of Forty-Five (45). Here At This Time I Place My Goals Plainly To Walk Across That Chicago State University Stage With The Class Of 2017. “Erogenous Adonis” This 2012 Holiday Season.
As I Write This Today Is Saturday, July 28th 2012.
For The 7 Billion Different Folks.
Made Up Of 7 Billion Different People.
On This Accursed Mother Earth.
Hear. As ~Valkyrie~ The Herald Of Midgard.
I Can Only Type:
“Most Repuzzling!!!”
The Queen Elizabeth The 2nd.
The Pontiff Benedict The 16th.
The President Of The United States Of America.
Mr. Barack Hussein Obama On January 20, 2009 Became Our 44th Ond Current Commander And Chief Over Me.
Younglings… Do That Which You Are Able. As I Am Knowable.
“This Is Midgard Ond My Path Is Dios Ond Christ Jesus Of Nazareth The King Of Kings. The Lord Of Lords. Throughout The Kingdom Of Heaven Above. Down Onto A Spiritual Pit Of Fire Ond Brimstone Of Hell Below Us All. Mortal Ond Immortals Both. Down Where The Arc Angel Apollyon~Abaddon Is King Of The Pits Under The Netherworld Of Terra Firma.”
“Be Well. Be Safe. Be Love. Believe… GOD Is Overstanding Universal.”
Lord “Valkyrie” Bell Now Notes:
Thursday, July 26th 2012 “The RedEye Rundown” www.redeyechicago.com
  • “Take You Bike Ond Ride” Page 6 To 7.
    • I Guess The LakeFront Trail Is Suppose To Have Danger Zones. Nah? Really?
    • 30,000 Visitors In The Summer “TKE Queer Bunny” Is Told. Out On The Cycles.
    • Spokesman For Transportation Alliance Mr. Lee Crandell Says That Parts Of The Trail Is Too Narrow.
      • Oak Street
      • North Avenue
      • Fullerton Parkway
      • Be Aware Of The Pedestrian Underpass!!!
        • Off Fullerton By Theater On The Lake.
        • Oak Street Beach Could Use A Wooden Boardwalk Mr. Crandell Is Reported As Saying.
    • Ms. Tracy Swartz Goes On To Give Much Needed Focus To “TKE Queer Bunny” The Peaches That I, Like She. Must Be. Um? Ok.
      • NAVY Pier Drew 8.7 Million Visitors Last Year Ond So Close To The Magnificent Mile. Only It Stretches In Lake Michigan.
        • The Bike Trail South Of Navy Pier Moves Along With Fast Moving Cars. Vans. Motorcycles Ond Trucks On Lake Shore Drive. Our City Of Chicago Plans A $44.5 Million Project According To The Chicago Department Of Transportaion For A Bridge That Will ~Flyover~ The Chicago River.
        • A $103 Million Project That Dedicated Its Newest Harbor For 31st Street On The SOUTHSIDE!!!
        • Finally Addison Street Ond Hollywood Avenue As Well As Foster Avenue Made The Paper Too. Done.

Monday, July 2nd 2012 “The RedEye Rundown” Continues Like Right Now ~At The Same Damn Time!!!

  • “Mr. Andrew Garfield Is ‘The Amazing Spider-Man” Pages 16 – 18.
    • This Guy Was In Film “The Social Network” Hence ~”The Evil Social Network Effect”~ Continues.
    • Nominated For A Tony Award For “Death Of A Salesman” On Broadway In New York City, New York.
    • The RedEye Film Guy Mr. Matt Pais Gave Spidey Three Out Of Four On His Score Chart.
      • I Will Not See This Flick Until This Fall. That’s When “TKE Queer Bunny” Closes A $96,000 7 Year 10 Month Personal Consciencious Journalistic NAVY BaseStreetLevel ~LordViceLordValkyrie~ Multi-Faceted Multi-National LaCoca Discourse Under Strict Confidence.
      • Case Closed www.101Valkyrie101.wordpress.com Read Blogs 89 Through Unto Blog 1 For “Old Grand-Dad 800” Ond More. Yes, More.

Friday, June 29th 2012 “The RedEye Rundown” www.redeyechicago.com Ending With “The Pres!!!”

  • “By The Numbers ~ President Barack Hussein Obama Healthcare Passed The Supreme Court.”
    • 49.9 Million UnInsured Of Our Fellow Americans Which Breaks Down To A Terrible Short Coming Of 16.3 Percent Of The U.S.A.
    • Our Fellow Americans Aged 25 To 34 Do Not Have Health Insurance. Which Is A Priority. “TKE Queer Bunny” Recommendation:
      • Worked As An Executive Secretary For Blue Cross Blue Shield In The 1990’s. www.bcbsil.com Purchase Good Insurance To Back Up Your Youthful Frame Of Mind. It Is Not Wise To Trust The Federal, State Ond Local Governments Alone. Pay The Costs As Well.
    • Lord “Valkyrie” Bell Quotes:
      • “What The Court Did Today Was Say That Obamacare Does Not Violate The Constitution. What They Did Not Do Is Say That Obamacare Is Good Law. Nor Good Policy.”
      • Republican Candidate Mr. Mitt Romney On The Affordable Healthcare Act Of 2012.
    • Lord “Valkyrie” Bell Quotes:
      • “The Highest Court In The Land Has Now Spoken. What We Won’t Do. What The Country Can’t Afford To Do Is Re-Fight The Political Battles Of Two Years Ago Or Go Back To The Way Things Were. With Today’s Announcement. It Is Time For Us To Move Forward.
      • The President Of The United States Of America Speaking From The White House After The Ruling Was Announced.
    • Lord “Valkyrie” Bell Quotes:
      • “The President Had The Courage To Bend The Needle Of History Ond Did Something President’s Have Tried To Do For 60 Years.”
      • The Mayor Of The City Of Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. Mr. Rahm Emanuel Calling This: “An Historic Day.”


Lord “Valkyrie” Bell Now Notes:

November 29th 2011 “The Final Call Called” www.finalcall.com

  • “America’s Future: Riot Ond Rebellion” Volume 31 Number 8
    • “A Time Of Trouble” Is Covered On Article Pages 20 – 22.
    • “The Final Call” Suggests:
      • “Fed Up With Occupy Wall Street Movement. Cities Crackdown On Peaceful Protests But Anger With Government, Suffering Ond Loss Isn’t Going To Just Disappear.”
      • For More Information See Page 3.
    • “Omega Psi Phi Presents Lifetime Achievement Award To The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.” See Page 2.

July 31st 2012 “The Final Call Called” www.finalcall.com

  • “Promoting PEACE” Volume 31 Number 43
    • “Farrakhan Leads Fruit Of Islam Into Streets In Effort To Work For Peace. Lessen Conflict Ond Inspire Movement For Progress.”
      • See Page 2 For The Most Up To Date Information On What’s Happening Among Chicago’s Muslims In Southsore Ond Chatham.
    • “Our Work Is In The STREETS” Is Titled: A Special Message From The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan.
      • See The Whole Inside Picture Along With Their Stories On Page 20.
        • Salah Ond Salah. Brothers Ond Sisters. All Of  Us Are Just Children Under GOD. Each One Alike…

Lord “Valkyrie” Bell Now Notes:

June 28th Through July 11th 2012 “Yo!!! TimeOutChicago” www.TIMEOUTCHICAGO.com

  • This Summers Double Issue Of ~Time Out Chicago~
    • “Why Flight Crews Are At The Breaking Point And What It Means For Your Summer Vacation.”
    • “The Hottest Summer SANDWICHES!!!”
    • “Fried Beer?” ‘It’s Apparently A Thing Now.” “TKE Queer Bunny” Can Only Guess The Reason Why.

Lord “Valkyrie” Bell Now Notes:

May 2012 “The One Ond Only Illinois Entertainer” www.illinoisentertainer.com

  • The Beach Boys “All Smiles” Was The Focus Two Months Back Ago.
  • Man… Those Guys Inspired Van Halen With David Lee Roth Singing:
    • “I Wish They All Could Be California Girls”
    • Yeah… Mr. Mike Epps Has A Couple Of Hot Ass Chicks On His 4G Cell.
      • “TKE Queer Bunny” 618 – 727 – 1872 Hook A Country-Fied City Gigalo Up Man!!!
      • Village Of Colp, Illinois Cousin ‘Ant’ 62921 Yall Know Me As ‘Tony T-Tone’ In Southland Man!!! Hook Me Up Man!!!

“The Illinois Entertainer” Is ~ChicagoLand’s MUSIC Monthly Ond I Will Be Advertising “Erogenous Adonis” This Holiday Season 2012 Man!!!


Lord “Valkyrie” Bell Now Notes:

The Chicago “Reader” www.chicagoreader.com

  • 6 – 14 – 12 On The Cover ~ “Embrace This Premise” ~Modernist Cuisine Ond Daring Cocktails At Andersonville’s New Fine – Dining Spot.
    • By Mike Sula Ond Page 16.
  • 6 – 21 – 12 On The Cover ~ “Best Of Chicago 2012”
    • ~This Is A Chicago SUN-TIMES Publication~
  • 6 – 28 – 12 On The Cover ~ By Mick Dumke And Ben Joravsky ~ Page 13.
    • “A Glimpse At The Appointment Calendar That Rahm Emanuel Refuses To Share With The Public Shows That His Days Have Been Filled With Campaign Donors, Powerful Constractors, Ond Other Favor Seekers. Including Major Funders Of Mr. Mitt Romney And Some Of The Country’s Most Conservative Causes.”
      • “TKE Queer Bunny” Just Says: ~Ever More For Sir Edgar Alan Poe Ond Lenore~ Quote The Raven…


Enough. Younglings Read JOB Chapter 37 Now.

“At This Also My Heart Trembleth, Ond Is Moved Out Of His Place. Hear Attentively The Noise Of His Voice, Ond The Sound That Goeth Out Of His Mouth. He Directeth It Under The Whole Heaven, Ond His Lightning Unto The Ends Of The Earth. After It A Voice Roareth: He Thundereth With The Voice Of His Excellency; Ond He Will Not Stay Them When His Voice Is Heard.”

“God Thundereth Marvellously With His Voice; Great Things Doeth He, Which We Cannot Comprehend. For He Saith To The Snow, Be Thou On The Earth; Likewise To The Small Rain, Ond To The Great  Rain Of His Strength. He Sealeth Up The Hand Of Every Man; That All Men May Know His Work.”

“Then The Beasts Go Into Dens, Ond Remain In Their Places. Out Of The South Cometh The Whirlwind: Ond  Cold Out Of The North. By The Breath Of God Frost Is Given: Ond The Breadeth Of The Waters Is Straitened. Also By Watering He Wearieth The Thick Cloud: He Scattereth His Bright Cloud: Ond It Is Turned Round About By His Counsels: That They May Do Whatsoever He Commandeth Them Upon The Face Of The World In The Earth.”

“He Causeth It To Come, Whether For Correction, Or For His Land, Or For Mercy. Hearken Unto This, O Job: Stand Still, Ond Consider The Wondrous Works Of God. Dost Thou Know When God Disposed Them, Ond Caused The Light Of His Cloud To Shine?”

“Dost Thou Know The Balancings Of The Clouds, The Wondrous Works Of Him Which Is Perfect In Knowledge? How They Garments Are Warm, When He Quieteth The Earth By The South Wind?”

“Hast Thou With Him Spread Out The Sky, Which Is Strong, Ond As A Molten Looking Glass? Teach Us What We Shall Say Unto Him; For We Cannot Order Our Speech By Reason Of Darkness. Shall It Be Told Him That I Speak? If A Man Speak, Surely He Shall Be Swallowed Up. Ond Now Men See Not The Bright Light Which Is In The Clouds: But The Wind Passeth, Ond Cleanseth Them. Fair Weather Cometh Out Of The North: With God Is Terrible Majesty. Touching The Almighty, We Cannot Find Him Out: His Is Excellent In Power, Ond In Judgement, Ond In Plenty Of Justice: He Will Not Afflict. Men Do Therefore Fear Him: He Respecteth Not Any That Are Wise Of Heart.”


Mo Momey!!! Mo Money!!! ReElect Our~Oval~Office~Ond~Protect~Our~War~Room As I Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie” Stump www.BarackObama.com

“Let Us Work Together To Keep Us All Alive.”

Lead Ax Player Ond Best Friend Mr. Lance E. Henderson (VERSE) 
Executive Producer, Co-Writer Lord “Valkyrie”Bell (Yoman Tony Bell:E4) 
With Justin Daniels http://www.justindaniels.org 
Circa 1996 (Used Anger @ The Troubador)
Hear Now Younglings!!! http://www.myspace.com/universalelegy


9900 South Yale Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60628
ATT Satellite Phone: 618-727-1872 Available For Interviews.
Politics. Business. Entertainment. Spiritual Ond Local News.


“TKE Queer Bunny”| Chicago, Illinois | London, United Kingdom

U.S. NAVY Yoman Tony Bell:E4 “Valkyrie”
Lord “Valkyrie” Bell

“TKE Queer Bunny”

Men Not Gods: The Illinois Rock Band

Tau Kappa Epsilon

Join The Campaign…ReElect President Obama

Chicagoland’s Best News Is ABC News WLS 7

World News Tonight With Diane Sawyer

The West Wing Report Works Here

MADONNA – “MDNA” Available Now!!!

Janet Jackson – “Weight Watchers Spokeswoman.”

Ms. Amy Lee – “The Official Site”


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