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Typed From “The Inspiration Cafe” In The Ward Of Uptown, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. Just Now Today. Friday, July 27th 2012!!!
“TKE Queer Bunny” Presents…
“Valkyrie’s Big Upping Father’s Day Part Two!!!”
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From Saint Ambrose Catholic Church In Kenwood On Father’s Day.
Sunday, June 17th 2012 From 1012 East 47th Street
Chicago, Illinois 60653 (773) 624 – 3695
To Begin. To Share. To Learn. To Love. To Be…
Yes Ond So I Always Will Thus Even As I Now So Open…
J.R.R. Tolkien Was Born On 1892. He Is Best Known As The Creator Of Middle~Earth Ond As Author Of “The Hobbit.”
“The Lord Of The Rings” Ond “The Silmarillion.” He Died In 1973 At The Age Of 81. As A Vognarian I Give This Younglings.
Poems By J.R.R. Tolkien From Volume II Taken From “The Hobbit.”
~In The Year Of The Dragon~ Unto 2013 Until Then In Our Future New Year.
~The Year Of The Snake~ 2013 Onto 2014 Read On.
“Roads Go Ever Ever On. Over Rock Ond Under Tree. By Cave Where Never Sun Has Shone. By Streams That Never Find The Sea. Over Snow By Winter Sown. Ond Through The Merry Flowers Of June. Over Grass Ond Over Stone. Ond Under Mountains In The Moon. Roads Go Ever Ever On. Under Cloud Ond Under Star. Yet Feet That Wandering Have Gone Turn At Last To Home Afar. Eyes That Fire Ond Sword Have Seen Ond Horror In The Halls Of  Stone Look At Last On Meadows Green Ond Trees Ond Hills They Long Have Known.”
Yes… Use The Force Fore With Pointedly Curved Ond Curvassed Ears On My Own Head I Say That I Am An Elfling Born Of Man. Woman. A Child To The Nazarine. He 2012. I Only 40.
Father’s Day From Yoman Deacon:E4 U.S. NAVY: BBC: 006 Yore “Valkyrie.”
Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell. Mr. Tony Bell. Me. Not “Tony Stark.” Nor “Tinker Bell.”
Not “Yoman Prince.” I Am For Over 13 Years. 
Well Seasoned Yoman Bell, Ranking Officer:E4 Since 1999.
Read Now Younglings: Song Of Solomon Chapter Four Please.
“BEHOLD, Thou Are Fair, My Love; Behold Thou Art Fair; Thou Hast Doves’ Eyes Within Thy Locks: Thy Hair Is As A Flock Of Goats, That Appear From Mount Gilead.”
“Thy Teeth Are Like A Flock Of Sheep That Are Even Shorn, Which Came Up From The Washing; Whereof Every One Bear Twins, Ond None Is Barren Among Them.”
“Thy Lips Are Like A Thread Of Scarlet, Ond Thy Speech Is Comely: Thy Temples Are Like A Piece of A Pomegranate Within Thy Locks.”
“Thy Neck Is Like The Tower Of David Builded For An Armoury, Whereon There Hang A Thousand Bucklers, All Shields Of Mighty Men.”
“Thy Two Breasts Are Like Two Young Roes That Are Twins, Which Feed Among The Lilies. Until The Day Break, Ond The Shadows Flee Away, I Will Get Me To The Mountain Of Myrrh, Ond To The Ond To The Hill Of Frankincense. Thou Art All Fair, My Love; There Is No Spot In Thee. Come With Me From Lebanon, My Spouse, With Me From Lebanon: Look From The Top Of Amana, From The Top Of Shenir Ond Hermon, From The Lion’s Dens, From The Mountains Of The Leopards.”
“Thou Hast Ravished My Heart, My Sister, My Spouse; Thou Has Ravished My Heart With One Of Thine Eyes, With One Chain Of Thy Neck.”
“How Fair Is Thy Love, My Sister, My Spouse!!! How Much Better Is Thy Love Than Wine!!! Ond The Smell Of Thine Ointments Than All Spices!!!”
“Thy Lips, O My Spouse, Drop As The Honeycomb: Honey Ond Milk Are Under Thy Tongue; Ond The Smell Of Thy Garments Is Like The Smell Of Lebanon.”
“A Garden Inclosed Is My Sister, My Spouse; A Spring Shut Up, A Fountain Sealed. Thy Plants Are An Orchard Of Pomegranates, With Pleasant Fruits; Camphire, With Spikenard, Spikenard Ond Saffron; Calamus Ond Cinnamon, Myrrh Ond Aloes, With All The Chief Spices:”
“A Fountain Of Gardens, A Well Of Living Waters, Ond Streams From Lebanon.”
“Awake, O North Wind; Ond Come, Thou South; Blow Upon My Garden, That The Spices Thereof May Flow Out. Let My Beloved Come Into His Garden, Ond Eat His Pleasant Fruits.”
Lord “Valkyrie” Bell Now Notes:
  • “The Inspiration Corporation’ ‘3rd Annual Kenway Consulting Golf Outing”
    • “Water’s Edge Golf Club” 7205 West 115th Street, Worth, Illinois 60482
    • Mr. Mike Farrell Registration Number: 312 – 848 – 1400
    • Web Addy: http://kenwaygolf2012.eventbrite.com
  • Friday, September 14th 2012
  • 18 Holes With Ball Basket
  • Golf Package $125
  • Lunch Is At 11:00 a.m.
  • Two Drink Tickets
  • 5:30 p.m. Dinner Ond Raffle
  • Dinner Only Donation Is Just $40.

Good Onto Kenway Consulting Ond To Mr. Mike Farrell. Good Unto
~Uptown~ Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. One Ond Only “Inspiration Cafe.”
Lord “Valkyrie” Bell Now Notes:
Friday, July 27th 2012
Chicago Sun-Times
~Nation Ond World~

  • From “The Pennsylvania State University Jocksmanship Scandel”
    • “TKE Queer Bunny” Reams With Outrages Reams Following Harrisburg, PA’s Story.
    • Mr. Jerry Sandusky… I Have No Further Statements Of Disbelief.
  • From “The Dark Knight Rises Theatrical Deaths In Aurora, Colorado”
    • Our Good Reverand Jesse Jackson, Who Did Admit To Adultry. “The Man” Is Now On The Scene In Colorado While His Son, Jesse Jackson Junior Is Not Currently Doing His Swon Duty In The United States House Of Representatives During This Very Important Election Year!!! “TKE Queer Bunny” Justs Beats This Bitch With A Gosh Darn Bat!!!
  • From “The Syrian Civil War”
    • Our Powerful Secretary Of State. Senator Ond First Lady Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton.
    • Her Stated Plan As She Has Shared Internationally:
      • As Rebel Gains “Will Eventually Result In A ~Safe Haven~ Inside Syria, Which Will Then Provide A Base For Further Actions By The Opposition.
      • “TKE Queer Bunny” Says:
        • What Of Turkistan?
        • What Of Usbekistan?
        • Both Country To Silent. Far Too Long On The Sidelines Me Thinks.
  • From “London With Bullocks On Republican Candidate Mr. Mitt Romney Visit!!!”
    • ~Transparencey~ 10 Downing Street:
    • Newly ReElected British Prime Minister Mr. David Cameron Says:
      • “Doubters Would See Beyond Doubt That Britain Can Deliver!!!”
      • The London Olympics Games Of 2012 Open Tonight At 6:30 p.m. www.nbc.com Live On High Alert.
    • London’s Newly ReElected Mayor Boris Johnson Is Also Noted Bi “TKE Queer Bunny” BBC:006 In Hyde Park.
      • London’s Mayor Ond I Quote Him:
        • “There’s A Guy Called Mitt Romney Who Wants To Know If We Are Ready. Are We Ready? Yes We Are!!!”

~Absolutely Fabulous~ Jubilee Darlings!!!
~ “TKE Queer Bunny” ~
~ Chicago, Illinois ~
~ London, United Kingdom ~


I Will Take On Family Viewership From My Aunt Ond Uncle Bell’s Home In The Ward Of Chatham, Chicago, Illinois, United States Of America.



“TKE Queer Bunny” Says Remember. The London 2012 Olympics On National Broadcasting Company http://www.nbc.com On July 27th.




Closing Now Younglings. Ta. Keep A Safe House A Home.








Mo Momey!!! Mo Money!!! ReElect Our~Oval~Office~Ond~Protect~Our~War~Room As I Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie” Stump www.BarackObama.com

“Let Us Work Together To Keep Us All Alive.” 
Lead Ax Player Ond Best Friend Mr. Lance E. Henderson (VERSE) 
Executive Producer, Co-Writer Lord “Valkyrie”Bell (Yoman Tony Bell:E4) 
With Justin Daniels http://www.justindaniels.org 
Circa 1996 (Used Anger @ The Troubador)
Hear Now Younglings!!! http://www.myspace.com/universalelegy
Read Now Younglings!!! 
LUKE Chapter 20
“And It Came To Pass, That On One Of Those Days, As He Taught The People In The Temple, Ond Preached The Gospel, The Chief Priests Ond The Scribes Came Upon Him With The Elders. Ond Spake Unto Him, Saying, Tell Us, By What Authority Doest Thou These Things? Or Who Is He That Gave Thee This Authority? Ond He Answered Ond Said Unto Them, I Will Also Ask You One Thing; Ond Answer me:”
“The Baptism Of John, Was It From Heaven, Or Of Men? Ond They Reasoned With Themselves, Saying, If We Shall Say, From Heaven; He Will Say, Why Then Believed Ye Him Not? But Ond If We Say, Of Men; All The People Will Stone Us: For They Be Persuaded That John Was A Prophet.”
“Ond They Answered, That They Could Not Tell Whence It Was. Ond Jesus Said Unto Them, Neither Tell I You By What Authority I Do These Things. Then Began He To Speak To The People This Parable; A Certain Man Planted A Vineyard, Ond Let It Forth To Husbandmen, Ond Went Into A Far Country For A Long Time. Ond At The Season He Sent A Servant To The Husbandmen, That They Should Give Him Of The Fruit Of The Vineyard: But The Husbandmen Beat Him, Ond Sent Him Away Empty.”
“Ond Again He Sent Another Servant: Ond They Beat Him Also, Ond Entreated Him Shamefully, Ond Sent Him Away Empty. Ond Again He Sent Him Away Empty. Ond Again He Sent A Third: Ond They Wounded Him Also, Ond Cast Him Out. Then Said The Lord Of The Vineyard, What Shall I Do? I Will Send My Beloved Son: It May Be They Will Reverence Him When They See Him.”
“But When The Husbandmen Saw Him, They Reasoned Among Themselves, Saying, This Is The Heir: Come, Let Us Kill Him, That The Inheritance May Be Ours. So They Cast Him Out Of The Vineyard, Ond Killed Him. What Therefore Shall The Lord Of The Vineyard Do Unto Them?”
“He Shall Come Ond Destroy These Husbandmen, Ond Shall Give The Vineyard To Others. Ond When They Heard It, They Said, God Forbid, Ond He Beheld Them, Ond Said, What Is This Then That Is Written, The Stone Which The Builders Rejected, The Same Is Become The Head Of The Corner? Whosoever Shall Fall Upon That Stone Shall Be Broken; But On Whomsoever It Shall Fall, It Will Grind Him To Powder.”
“Ond The Chief Priests Ond The Scribes The Same Hour Sought To Lay Hands On Him; Ond They Feared The People: For They Perceived That He Had Spoken This Parable Against Them. Ond They Watched Him, Ond Sent Forth Spies, Which Should Feign Themselves Just Men, That They Might Take Hold Of His Words, That So They Might Deliver Him Unto The Power Ond Authority Of The Governor. Ond They Asked Him, Saying, Master, We Know That Thou Sayest Ond Teachest Rightly, Neither Acceptest Thou The Person Of Any, But Teachest The Way Of God Truly:”
“Is It Lawful For Us To Give Tribute Unto Caesar, Or No? But He Perceived Their Craftiness, Ond Said Unto Them, Why Tempt Ye Me? Shew Me A Penny. Whose Image Ond Superscription Hath It? They Answered Ond Said Caesar’s. Ond He Said Unto Them, Render Therefore Unto Caesar The Things Which Be Caesar’s, Ond Unto God The Things Which Be God’s.”
“Ond They Could Not Take Hold Of His Words Before The People: Ond They Marvelled At His Answer, Ond Held Their Peace.”
“Then Came To Him Certain Of The Sadducees, Which Deny That There Is Any Resurrection; Ond They Asked Him, Saying, Master, Moses Wrote Unto Us, If Any Man’s Brother Die, Having A Wife, Ond He Die Without Children, That His Brother Should Take His Wife, Ond Raise Up Seed Unto His Brother.”
“There Were Therefore Seven Brethren: Ond The First Took A Wife, Ond Died Without Children. Ond The Second Took Her To Wife, Ond He Died Childless. Ond The Third Took Her; Ond In Like Manner The Seven Also: Ond They Left No Children, Ond Died.”
“Last Of All The Woman Died Also.”
“Therefore In The Resurrection Whose Wife Of Them Is She? For Seven Had Her To Wife. Ond Jesus Answering Said Unto Them, The Children Of This World Marry, Ond Are Given In Marriage:”
“Neither Can They Die Any More: For They Are Equal Unto The Angels; Ond Are The Children Of God, Being The Children Of The Resurrection. Now That The Dead Are Raised, Even Moses Shewed At The Bush When He Calleth The Lord The God Of Abraham, Ond The God Of Isaac, Ond The God Of Jacob.”
“For He Is Not A God Of The Dead, But Of The Living: For All Live Unto Him. Then Certain Of The Scribes Answering Said, Master, Thou Hast Well Said. Ond After That They Durst Not Ask Him Any Question At All. Ond He Said Unto Them, How Say They That Christ Is David’s Son? Ond David Himself Saith In The Book Of Psalms, The Lord Said Unto My Lord, Sit Thou On My Right Hand.”
“Till I Make Thine Enemies Thy Footstool. David Therefore Calleth Him Lord, How Is He Then His Son? Then In The Audience Of All The People He Said Unto His Disciples. Beware Of The Scribes, Which Desire To Walk In Long Robes, Ond Love Greetings In The Markets, Ond The Highest Seats In The Synagogues, Ond The Chief Rooms At Feasts; Which Devour Widows’ Houses, Ond For A Shew Make Long Prayers: The Same Shall Receive Greater Damnation.”
Salvation Comes. Baptism By Water. I Fear At The Resurrection. Too Many Will Perish In The Lake Of Fire. The Word Alone… Eh?
Deacon Yoman:E4 Tony Bell:BBC:006. British University North American Counselour (B.U.N.A.C.) U.S. NAVY 13 Years Now Along.
Cousin ‘Ant Now At Age Forty (40). Mount Olive Baptist Church, Village Of Colp, Illinois, U.S.A. Under Rev. Daniel C. Cross (Ret.)
~Submerged Into The Baptismal Of Holy Water At A Late Ond Darkness Filled Wednesday Night On December 13th 2002~
9900 South Yale Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60628
ATT Satellite Phone: 618-727-1872 Available For Interviews.
Politics. Business. Entertainment. Spiritual Ond Local News.

“TKE Queer Bunny”| Chicago, Illinois | London, United Kingdom
 U.S. NAVY Yoman Tony Bell:E4 “Valkyrie”
Lord “Valkyrie” Bell
“TKE Queer Bunny”
Men Not Gods: The Illinois Rock Band
Tau Kappa Epsilon 
Join The Campaign…ReElect President Obama
Chicagoland’s Best News Is ABC News WLS 7
World News Tonight With Diane Sawyer
The West Wing Report Works Here
MADONNA – “MDNA” Available Now!!!
Janet Jackson – “Weight Watchers Spokeswoman.”

Ms. Amy Lee – “The Official Site”



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