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“The 85th Blog Entry!!!”
Thursday, May 24rd 2012
As A Norm. “TKE Queer Bunny” Does Take Time To Think.
Since Yesterday’s Publishing. I Watched “The Debacle Over The Chicago River.”
Climbing Up Bridge Columns Tearing Down NATO Posters Looks Vile.
Stopping Rush Hour Chicago Loop Traffic To RipDown NATO Posters Looks Vile.
Entering The Gotham City Chicago Limits To March Ond Protest NATO Live On Television Looks Vile.
Mr. Tom Morello. A Fine Guitarist. “I’m From Libertyville Illinois…”
“I Would Never Encourage Violent Acts Or Acts Of Violence Upon Chicago…”
“However We Are Angry About Corporate America…”
Friday’s NATO Edition Of “Chicago Tonight” www.pbs.org
“TKE Queer Bunny” Reminds Mr. Morello of “Rally Around The Family”
A Big ~Rage Against The Machine~ Fan. I Agree With The Songs Heart: “With A Pocket Full Of Shells”.
With Thousands Of Aggrevated “Protestors” Having Maxed Out Their College Funds Ond Credit Cards.
To Come Bus Load Per Loaded Bus Load. Bus Loads Of Fellow American Citizens Arrived To Stop Loop Traffic.
They Were Televised Holding Many Chicagoland Mom’s Ond Dad’s From A Safe Drive To Their Children.
Or They Were Televised Holding Working Chicagoans From Visiting The Elderly Grandparents.
Deputy Chief Superintendent Mr. Garry McCarthy Is Still Doing Some Seriously Appreciated T.V. Face Time.
The Mayor Of The City Of Chicago, Mr. Rahm Emanuel. The Mayor Has Stated The City’s Name In Full View.
As A Norm. “TKE Queer Bunny” Does Take Time To Think.
The North American Treaty Organization!!! That Stands For N.A.T.O Now Some Sixty-Eight  (68) Years.
Wow. Sweet For Chicago. NATO Never Meets Anywhere Near The Chicago River. Nor Our Own Lake Michigan.
So Allow Lord “Valkyrie” Bell. Being “An Urban Legend” Ond “Lord Vice Lord” To Lead With Good Advice.
NATO Delegates!!! This Twitter WordPress 85th Blog Entry Features Real News. Online. Offline. “With RealTalk.”
One Of Many Of Gotham City Chicago’s Choice Papers Is GAZETTE www.gazettechicago.com
An Independent Community Newspaper Since 1983. Covering The Windy City From:
The West Loop | South Loop | Bronzevile | ChinaTown | Bridgeport
Lord “Valkyrie” Bell Notes:
  • “CTA Discusses $50 Million Plan For Cermak GreenLine Station”
    • Ms. Lisa R. Jenkins Reports That Officials From The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) Informed Her.
    • The Community Has Been Informed That Design Work Begins In March.
    • Construction Begins By February 2013.
    • The New Station Should Be Completed By July 2014.


  • “Rush University Medical Center”
    • Rush University Medical Center’s New Tower Is Certified Gold.
    • Earning (Leadership In Engery Ond Environmental Design) LEED.
    • The U.S. Green Building Council Verified By The Green Building Certification Institute.


  • “The Chicago Office Of Tourism” www.explorechicago.org 
    • Tourism Is A Very Substantial Part Of Chicago’s Economy.
    • NATO Delegates Ond Mr. Tom Morello Of The Band ~Rage Against The Machine~
      •  You Ond Those Among You On Both Sides Of This International Discussion May Want To Log On.
      • Really. “For Real You…” “TKE Queer Bunny” Supports Chicagoland Tourism. Mr. Tom Morello!!!


  • Events That Have Just Past Mr. Tom Morello. As Well As Those Protestors. Eh? ~Occupy Numbness
    • The Cinco De Mayo Parade Was Held In The Pilsen Area This Past Sunday, May 6th 2012?
    • Rather Than Saturday The 5th Of May?
    • “TKE Queer Bunny” Suggests The NATO Delegates Mark Their Diaries Ond Desk Schedule For 2013.


  • This Years Illinois Tourism Day Was Held In Union Station On Thursday, May 17th 2012 Of Last Week.
  • Since 1818 Out Here On The Wide Midwest Praire. Illinois Attractions Have Been Worth Old Fashion Celebration. NATO Delegates Are More Than Welcome Here Year Round. “Chicago Is My Kind Of Town.”


  • The Chicago Kids Ond Kites Festival Was Family Fun For Many.
    • Saturday, May 19th 2012. NATO Delegates Who Missed This Year’s Events Might Fly A Kite In 2013.

Lord “Valkyrie” Bell Shares This Now: “TKE Queer Bunny ~ ForeThought”
In The Future. ~Occupy Numbness~ Mr. Tom Morello. Corporate Hate Squatters. Anti NATO Protestors. Republicans. Democrats. Vietnam War Veterans. Iraq War Veterans. Time For A RealTime Citizens Alert!!!
The Memorial Day Parade This “Year Of The Dragon” Begins With A Chance For Peace Ond Understanding.
Which Comes With An Adult Acceptance Of The Nature Of Life On Terra Firma. On Mother Earth.
The Global History Of Cultural Advancement Of Technology With Methods Of Trade Ond Barter. As Well As Multi-Lingual InterPersonal Communications. This Comes With Obvious Dangers. Since The Building Of The “Great Wall Of China” To The End Of “World War II”. At The End Of “The British Empire”Mahatma Ghandi Was Shot Dead.
Today India Is A Free Nation. A Former Colony. LifeCarriesOn. At Noon On Saturday, May 26th 2012:
The Chicago Memorial Day Parade Will Be Televised Going South On State Street Between Van Buren Ond Lake.
For More Information Do Dial Them On The Telephone. 312~742~1158
“TKE Queer Bunny” Says: Wear Those Military Medals On Your Chests Ond March. Civilian Ond Military. Together. March “At The Same Damn Time!!!” For NATO. For Chicago. The Alamo. “I Have Served As A Seasoned U.S. Navy Veteran For 13 Years. Since The U.S.S. Cole Frigette Was Attacked At Yemen.
Believe That Lord “Valkyrie” Bell Loves. Keep “Mahagony In Mind” For “The Good, The Bad Ond The Ugly.” This “Evil Social Network Effect” Now Has A $104 Billion Dollar NASDAQ Wind Fall. Are Any Of Those Of You Profiting From Molitov Coctails On Facebook? Are Any Of Those Of You On My Television. Who Are In Such Obvious Fanatical Protestation. Against Those Within The Establishment Of The Chicago Machine. Who Hold Invested Authority. Profiting “If Et. Al.” Around The World From Your Facebook Involved Lifestyle?
While A $104 Billion NASDAQ. A Wind Fall At $38 A Share Means Little To “TKE Queer Bunny” Hello? Like I’m Bi. “MEN NOT GODS Music Group, USA-UK LLC.” www.101Valkyrie101.wordpress.com Written Directly Yall.
Know That Yoman  Tony Bell Is BBC:006 U.S. Navy “Valkyrie” As I Swore An Oath At MEPS Very Near O’Hare.
Abiding The Law. “TKE Queer Bunny” While On Twitter, Inc. With Founder Mr. Biz Stone. Hailing Locale:
Um… Yall Check This Out. Golden Gate Park. San Francisco. California. Big Upps!!!
“At The Same Damn Time!!!” I Wouldn’t Risk Shit Of Mine On My Words Nor Deeds.
Deeds Nor Actions On Yall Weak Facebook FaceWall For My Own Proven VOGUE Style. Type: “Basic Instinct”
It Is “All About The Benjamins” Ond Mr. Mark Zuckerberg Ond Ms. Pricilla Chen Deserve Big Upps!!!
Just The Same. Harvard’s Greatest Twenty-Eight (28) Year Old Newly Wed Is In Fine Company In These Daring Times. NATO Delegates Enjoyed Fine Interaction With President Barack Hussein Obama.  
“At The Same Damn Time.” As I Do Simply Thus Just Type: “As Am I!!!”
The “TKE Queer Bunny” Does This Without Facebook. YouTube. Google. G~Mail. Not Even Somewhere On  
What Some Do Call… Craig’s List. “Most Repuzzling…” Younglings. “For Real You…”
The North American Treaty Organization Is Some 68 Years Old. Lord “Valkyrie” Bell A Now ~Prep Steady~ 40.
The President Of The United States Of America Is A Black Man. He’s Due For His Second Term In “The Oval Office.” He Is Now 50. Some Bitches Should Just Sit Down For Open Dialogue. As Opposed To Protests As I View.
Just Go Surfing. Catch Men Not Gods: Chicago’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band.

~Soon Resounding Om’s As They Wave… Live On Stage.

Lord “Valkyrie” Bell Now Notes: “My RedEye Rundown”

A Free Chicago Tribune Publication www.redeyechicago.com


  • “Homosexuals Ond Lesbians Occupy Our Collective Gall” Thursday, May 10th 2012
    • “TKE Queer Bunny” Is Bi. I Love Fags. I Prefer The Company Of Real Ladies Ond Gentlemen. Some Faggots Are Even On Television Right Now. Some Hetrosexuals On “The Down Lo” Might Rap With A Real Gay Arse Fag.
      • Type: “Not This Bi Gigaglo NC-17 Yahoo! Twitter, Inc. VOGUE.Rythem.Nation Chicago Dark Gothic 2012 Rock Opera Guy.  The Male Vocalist For Men Not Gods Is “TKE Queer Bunny!!!”


  • Civil Unions Are As Far As Any Sane Irish~Cherokee~AfricanAmerican Could Ever Sit To Write This.
  • Being A Conservative Totalitarian Centrist:
    • “Sole Proprietor” Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie”
    • Good Ole “Cousin Ant” Is A Deacon From That Tiny Village Of Colp, Illinois.
    • “TKE Queer Bunny” Thinks Yall Against God. Ond The Kingdom Of Heaven Above This Here Earth.
    • On ~Midgard~ We Exist Upon Terra Firma. The Nazarine Is. As You Dare To Go Beyond “Civil Unions.”
    • What? Am I To Approve. I Would Really Rather Not.


  • “Make It So Derrick Rose: Aww Shucks…” Friday, May 11th 2012
    • “TKE Queer Bunny” www.Twitter.com/101Valkyrie101 This Is Very Bullish!!!
      • Fall On Your Knees Ond Get Down On Your Floor Fans.
      • Push Ups. Sit Ups. Reps. Broken Ankles On Our Captain MVP.
      • Now Feel The Burn. Ankle Surgery. Not Me Ond Not Them. “For Real You…” Mr. Derrick Rose.
      • Chicago Bulls Are Not Outtie Outtie!!! Ond Those Big Time NBA PlayOffs Rage On. www.nba.com  


“Sol~Proprietor:Takes On:Captain America” Yo!!! Cap!!!


“TKE Queer Bunny” Is Risking Alot Telling You Ond Yours In California That You Do Border The Rio Grande.


  • “Zetas” Monday, May 14th 2012 www.redeyechicago.com “My RedEye Rundown” Continues. Read On…
    • The “Zetas” Gang’s Bloody History Is Not A FairyTale. Younglings. Open Your Minds. Read On…
      • Drug Dealing Gang Of Killers Dump Forty-Nine (49) Headless Bodies. On A Dark Ond Lonely Highway Near The Northern City Town Of Monterrey. Cadereyter Jimenez, Mexico.
      • Just As “Captain America: Avengers” Net $103.2 Million On Hollywood’s Marvel Entertainment Billion Dollar Books. www.marvel.com www.TheRealStanLee.com
    • The Nuevo Leom Government Spokesman For Public Security. Senior Jorge Domene is Quoted Saying:
      • “What’s Complicating The Identification Of All The People Was That They Were All Headless.”
      • Nuevo Leon Attorney General Adrian De La Garza Said The Bodies Of These 49 Headless Central American Tattooed Migrants. Were Most Likely Passing Through Mexico To The U.S.A.
        • Where Was “THOR” I Ask Mr. Chris Helmsworth Ond His $50 Million Dollar Film Salary? I Ask This As The ScreenWriter Ond LeadingMan Of “Sol~Proprietor:Takes On:Captain America” Yes.
        • Where Was ~MaceWindu~ I Ask As The ScreenWriter Ond Leading Man Of “Star Wars Adventure:101~The Midiclorian War Ends Now~101” Eh? Mr. Samuel L. Jackson? Why So Serious. Well…Here We Go. Mr. David Routh. Fly “Superman” With This: “Most Repuzzling!!!”
    •  Since President Felipe Calderon Of Mexico Sent In The Army. Shortly There After Taking Office December 2006. Ongoing Violence. Pain. Death. 50,000 Have Died. Good Ole Mexico. Yes… South Of The Rio Grande.


Lord “Valkyrie” Bell As “Author Ond Living Literature” Should Share:


“My RedEye Rundown” A Free Chicago Tribune Publication.

“Your Voice. Your Choice.” www.wgntv.com Thursday, May 17th 2012


  •  “Are You NATO Ready” From The “RedEye” www.redeyechicago.com
    • From The Gold Coast: Mr. Jim Snediker Age 29.
      • “I’m Probably Gonna Work From Home On Friday Ond Monday. But Other Than That. Things Should Not Be Too Different.”
    • From South Suburban Chicagoland Known As Markhm: Ms. Parisha Elbert Age 19.
      • “It Sounds Scary. I Plan On Being At Home Because They Are Shutting Down My School.”
    • Age 43. The Eldest Among This Group Of Younglings Interviewed For These Quotes Of Three Younglings:
      • “I’m Leaving Town. I Definitely Want To Avoid The Protestor.” Ms. Suzanne O’Leary Of River North.
  • “~Telling You About Yall Self~” “TKE Queer Bunny”
    • “2012 CrossTown Classic”
    • “Nuts On Clark”
    • “10 Off-The-Ivy Reasons Why It Deserves…”
    • “To Be The Madhouse On Addison”
    • “Friday, May 18th 2012”
    • “How To Navigate N.A.T.O. Like A Boss”


~ Twitter ~ WordPress ~ MySpace ~ LinkedIn ~ MSN SkyDrive ~


Thursday, May 24th 2012 “The 85th Blog Entry!!!”


As A Norm. “TKE Queer Bunny” Does Take Time To Think.


At McCormick Place Members Met On Tuesday, May 22nd 2012 At 7:15a.m. Chicago Standard Time. At The Hilton Chicago. “NATO After Chicago: The Alliance Ond Its Role In Global Security” Non-Members Paid Only A $20 Fee.


As I Am Taking In “The View” www.abc.com I See Another Black Male Face. Former Secretary Of State General Colin Powell. Regarding The 2012 November Presidential Election For The Office Of President Of The United States Of America. Lord “Valkyrie” Bell Does Quote Him As Saying:


“Superman Is Not Coming To Save The United States Of America. Saving Our America As We Know It. Takes Supermen. It Takes Superwomen.”


So As The Barracades Are Taken From The World Famous Chicago Parkway Of Lake Shore Drive.


As Tourism Blossoms Ond Opens To Bloom. “TKE Queer Bunny” Welcomes All Protestors To Hop Scotch Back To Their Own Life. Time To Take Their UnPatriotic Assholes!!! Onto Those Many Numerous Coach Buses. You Must Now Go. Go Now UnAmerican Assholes That You Have So Proven Yourselves. Go Ond Be Now Told…


“You Are Seriously Lacking Any Honour. Protestors.”


On Wednesday, May 23rd 2012 I Was Preparing A Portion Of “The 85th Blog Entry!!!”

Younglings. “ABC World News Now” www.abcnews.com @ 3:03 a.m. At Home ~Chicago Bronzeville Noir~


Now. The Topic Must Become Former Governor Mitt Romney. The Republican Candidate.


Type: “President Of The United States Of America Losing Female Vote For Term Two”


  • “TKE Queer Bunny” | Chicago, Illinois | London, United Kingdom
    • A. “The Former Governor Of Massachusetts”
      • 1. Don’t You Ladies Realize That The Former Governor Mitt Romney Has No Running Mate Yet.
      • 2. On Top Of That. He Is Mormon. Does The College Youth Vote Swing www.BarackObama.com As Solid Obama~Biden Support. As A Returning Student This Fall www.csu.edu Stumping My Own Long Proven Ability To Stand. Chicago State University Will Harness The Youth Vote Throughout This Arena. This Is The Great State Of Illinois. Many Shall Respond To The President’s Call. Do Lookout. My Lead.


Type: “President Barack Hussein Obama Is Living N.A.T.O. Planning Now”


  • “TKE Queer Bunny” | Chicago, Illinois | London, United Kingdom
  • www.Twitter.com/101Valkyrie101 Mr. Tony Bell:BBC:006 Yoman:E4 Says: Keep Up.
    • “Living. Planning Now. Prep Steady. ~London Capital~Chicago Vista~
    • B. “The Continuity Of Authority” www.whitehouse.gov  
      • 1. “This Is A Jubilee Focus.”
        • a. Our First Term President Has Dined With Her Majesty. Crown Of The Church Of England Ond The Angelican Communion.
        • b. Our First Term President Did Travel To Ireland. As Did Her Majesty. The Jubilee Queen. She Is The Daughter Of Queen Victoria Who Died In 1998. Her Name Is Queen Elizabeth The 2nd. She Does So As The Throne Of The United Kingdom.
        • c. Our First Term President Sat With The G8 Ond The G20 In Europe In 2011.
        • d. Our First Term President Works!!! President Barack Hussein Obama Saw Success With The United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Mr. David Cameron. www.number10.gov.uk
        • e. Our First Term President Runs “The Oval Office” So Give Him Your Votes. He’s A Good Person.
    • C. “Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord ‘Valkyrie” Notes: ~A Banner Presidential Year~
      • 1. True For The U.S.A. During This Presidential Year 2012…
        • a. N.A.T.O. Chicago 2012 Ended With A Signed Agreement For American Troops To Exit Afghanistan In The Year 2014.
        • b. The Chicago CrossTown Classic Welcomed Our Former First Lady Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton Home. As A Member Of The President Of The United States Of America’s Cabinet. Secretary Clinton Was Chosen For The Task Of Running Our State Department. www.state.gov/secretary The Fact Is This. She Personally Was In The War Room With President Barack Hussein Obama!!! There Along Side Our First Term President Among Others As NAVY Seal Team Six (6) Took Action!!! There They Were Personally Risking Themselves In Action. In Pakistan. In 2011 Only A Year Ago.
      • 2. “This Is A Jubilee Focus.”
        • a. As For The London Summer Olympic Games www.london2012.com 
          • i. These Games Are For The Bronze. The Silver. Ond The Gold Medals. International Sports.
        • b. So As True For The U.S.A. During Any Presidential Year.
          • i. “ABC News Desk” On “ABC World News Now” @ 4:04a.m. Wednesday, May 23rd 2012
            • ii. www.abcnews.com News Of The Legal Battles Within The Secret Service Does Little To Build New Trust. From This Group Seperated From A Larger Group Of Secret Service Members. Namely Those Which Handled N.A.T.O. Chicago 2012. Tip Top Work!!! Thanks.
            • iii. The Tehran, Iran Nuclear Reactor Was Sabotaged.
            • iv. The North Korean Missle Test Failed. As The Missle Broke Apart MidFlight.
          • ii. ABC7Chicago www.abc7chicago.com @ 4:34a.m. Wednesday, May 23rd 2012
            • i. Mr. Hosea Sanders Ond Judy Ms. Tsu Have Reported Just Now What I Did Anticipate. As “TKE Queer Bunny” 
            • ii. “The Evil Social Network Effect” 
              • a. Mr. Mark Zuckerberg Is Fastly Dropping Percentage Points I’m Hearing. Some $1.5 Billion Dollars Out Of Deep Pockets Like: “At The Same Damn Time!!!”
              • b. Facebook Stock Is Indeed Costing Many A Less Than Good Ole Boy ~NASDAQ~ WallStreet Savy “Sex Ond The City” NYC Type: “College Kid’s Cash Quits!!!”
              • The Securities Ond Exchange Ond The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Are In The Midst Of A Detailed Exam Of Facebook Ond Various Stockholders For Insider Trading. This Is ~Fresh~ On Facebook ~ Fresh~ News. Stick It On Your Facebook FaceWall. Their Bloated ~Social Network~ Stocks Fall Low. As Facebook Users Are Outrageously Being Blindsided. Catch This Hint… “Don’t Be Left Hanging To Dry.”



As A Norm. “TKE Queer Bunny” Does Take Time To Think. So… Take This Food For Thought Given Below. Ok?


Mr. Michael Neuroth Is Policy Advocate For International Issues

Witness For Justice

United Church Of Christ


700 Prospect Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44115-1110

Phone: 216-736-3700

Fax: 216-736-3703



In  “Witness For Justice #581 Written May 21st 2012 “Bigger Than Politics”


Mr. Michael Neuroth. While “TKE Queer Bunny” Is Frimly Against Your Platform As Being ~A Clear Danger To The Sanctity Of HOLY Matrimony. Under GOD The Father. Between A Man Ond A Woman.”


I Support Our President For Making A Stance. It Is My Intent To Vote For Obama-Biden This Election Cycle.

To Shake Hands With Mr. Michael Neuroth Wouldn’t Be Wrong. But This His Call For ~Celebration~ Is Just Silly.


Yet I Will Do This Much. Lord “Valkyrie” Bell Quote:


“I’ve Just Concluded That – For Me Personally, It Is Important For Me To Go Ahead And Affirm That – I Think Same-Sex Couples Should Be Able To Get Married.”~

Mr. Barack Hussein Obama. The President Of The United States Of America

In The ABC News Interview That I Also Watched On May 9th 2012 ~


United Church Of Christ www.ucc.org


Many Statements Do Come Both To Ond From Any Of The World’s Churches. On The United Church Of Christ Website They Say:

~”God Is Still Speaking.”

~”Same-Sex Couples Are Able To Live The Vocation Of Marriage As Well As Anyone Else.”

~”The United Church Of Christ Has A Long History of Affirming And Working For Equal Rights For Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender Persons. The Denomination Passed A Resolution Affirming Equal Marriage Rights For All Couples. Regardless Of Gender.”


Kenwood United Church Of Christ

4600-08 South Greenwood Avenue

Chicago, Illinois 60653

Office: 773-373-2861

Fax: 773-373-8291

Email: kenwooducc@sbcglobal.net


~Reverand Dr. Leroy Sanders, Senior Pastor~


This Is A Hot Button Topic. “TKE Queer Bunny” Is Clearly Bi. Abstinant. Single Ond Looking. Like Most Of Those Of You Who Have Been Quite Verbal Ond Openly Following My Twitter WordPress Blogs. Making Yourselves Known To Me Both Online Ond Offline. Like Most Of You. “TKE Queer Bunny” Is Mr. Tony Bell. A Real Person.


As Voters Go To The Polls For ~The Finals~ As Most Politically Minded Do. The Republican Position Is Sound. Yet…


As A Strong Minded Gentleman With An Even Stronger Willpower. I Can Not Vote For Mr. Mitt Romney. Beside The Well Know Fact That He Is A Morman. Mr. Mitt Romney Does Not Yet Have A Running Mate For Vice-President. If Their Is A Person Who Can Tweet “TKE Queer Bunny” Lord “Valkyrie” Bell On www.Twitter.com/101Valkyrie101


I Am Calling You Out As A Deancon!!! As A 13 Year Seasoned Veteran Of The United States NAVY!!! Yoman Bell.


We Must See To It That Our First Term President Wins This November Federal Elections. Taking His 2nd Term.






Why? Beside The Fact That Mr. Mitt Romney Does Not Have A Running Mate Yet For Vice-President? Beside It!!!  


Our President Mr. Barack Hussein Obama Does Have Vice~President Mr. Joe Biden Standing Beside Him Each Day.


Our President Mr. Barack Hussein Obama Does Have Secretary Of State Hillary Rodham Clinton Beside Him. Yes!!!


In Fact…

Beside Him Is History Standing Timeless.

President Barack Hussenin Obama Is The First African~American To Hold The Highest Office In All The Land Of The Free Ond The Home Of The Brave…


Beside Him Is History Standing Timeless.

President Jimmy Carter.

President George H.W. Bush.

President William Jefferson Clinton. “Big Bill” Himself Once A Governor Of The State Of Arkansas.

President George W. Bush.


Beside Him Is History Standing Timeless.

Vice~President Walter Mondale Stood Beside President Jimmy Carter. During The 70’s Oil Embargo. Remember…

Vice~President George H.W. Bush Followed President Ronald Reagan, A T.K.E. To Healm ~The Oval Office~ Yes.

Vice~President Al Gore Stood Beside President Clinton To Win “Bill’s” Second Term In ~The Oval Office~ Think!!!

Vice~President Dick Cheney Valiant. Beside President “W” Bush To Win George’s Election. Goal. ~The Oval Office~


Beside Him Is History Standing Timeless.

Women Who Still Stand Beside Our First Term President Barack Hussein Obama…

His Wife Ond First Lady Michelle LaVaughn Obama.

That Billionaire Ms. Oprah Winfrey www.oprah.com

That Millionaire Ms. Ellen DeGeneres www.ellen.warnerbros.com



Enough… “TKE Queer Bunny” Has Stated The News Worthy Facts. Ond Yes Mr. Tom Morello Does Play Guitar.


“Most Repuzzling…” www.MDNA.com “For Real You…” Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie” 

Standing Up For The Ladies Ond The Gentlemen. I Am Bi. Ok? Standing For Yours. 

~”Civil Unions”~






4625 South Langley, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. 60653
ATT Satellite Phone: 618-727-1872 Available For Interviews.
Politics. Business. Entertainment. Spiritual Ond Local News.

“TKE Queer Bunny”| Chicago, Illinois | London, United Kingdom
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Lord “Valkyrie” Bell
“TKE Queer Bunny”
Men Not Gods: The Illinois Rock Band
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Join The Campaign…ReElect President Obama
Chicagoland’s Best News Is ABC News WLS 7
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Janet Jackson – “Weight Watchers Spokeswoman.”


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