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Friday, May 18th 2012 ~~ “The 84th ‘TKE Queer Bunny’ Blog Entry!!!”
 “The Global Crossroads”



“Author Ond Living Literature’ ~ ‘Deacon’ Anthony Lawrence Bell, ‘Valkyrie”


It Is As “Author Ond Living Literature” That I Greet Now President Barack Hussein Obama. Via This Blog Only. Yet Now Just As Directly As Before.


Is Is As ‘Deacon’ Anthony Lawrence Bell. That I Greet The NATO Delegation.

As British University North American Counsel Member (B.U.N.A.C.) 1994 – ’96 To ’97 London, United Kingdom.

Mr. Tony Bell:BBC:006. Cheers. Hello Ond Welcome To The The City Of Chicago, Illinois. The Land Of My Birth.


Big Upps!!! Kenwood United Church Of Chirst’s Reverand Saunders Serves A Fine Sermon Each Sunday Twice. God Keep The Pastor Ond Our Delagates.


They Called For Lord “Valkyrie” Bell ~~ This Is Midgard. My Path Is Dios Ond Christ.

Today: Younglings!!! So Doeth Ond Read Now…


HOSEA Chapter Five (5)




“HEAR Ye This, O Priests; Ond Hearken, Ye House Of Israel; Ond Give Ye Ear, O House Of The King; For Judgement Is Toward You, Because Ye Have Been A Snare On Mizpah, Ond A Net Spread Upon Tabor. Ond The Revolters Are Profound To Make Slaughter, Though I Have Been A Rebuker Of Them All. I Know Ephraim, Ond Israel Is Not Hid From Me: For Now, O Ephraim, Thou Committest Whoredom, Ond Israel Is Defiled.”


“They Will Not Frame Their Doings To Turn Unto Their God: For The Spirit Of Whoredoms Is In The Midst Of Them, Ond They Have Not Known The Lord. Ond The Pride Of Isreal Doth Testify To His Face: Therefore Shall Israel Ond Ephraim Fall In Their Iniquity; Judah Also Shall Fall With Them. They Shall Go With Their Flocks Ond With Their Herds To Seek The Lord; But They Shall Not Find Him, He Hath Withdrawn Himself From Them.”


“They Have Dealt Treacherously Against The Lord: For They Have Begotten Strange Children: Now Shall A Month Devour Them With Their Portions.”


“Blow Ye The Cornet In Gibeah, Ond The Trumpet In Ramah: Cry Aloud At Bethaven, After Thee, O Benjamin. Ephraim Shall Be Desolate In The Day Of Rebuke: Among The Tribes Of Israel Have I Made Known That Which Shall Surely Be. The Princes Of Judah Were Like Them That Remove The Bound: Therefore I Will Pour Out My Wrath Upon Them Like Water. Ephraim Is Oppressed Ond Broken In Judgement, Because He Willingly Walked After The Commandment.”


“Therefore Will I Be Unto Ephraim As A Moth, Ond To The House Of Judah As Rottenness.”


“When Ephraim Saw His Sickness, Ond Judah Saw His Wound, Then Went Ephraim To The Assyrian, Ond Sent To King Jareb: Yet Could He Not Heal You, Nor Cure You Of Your Wound. For I Will Be Unto Ephraim As A Lion, Ond As A Young Lion To The House Of Judah: I, Even I, Will Tear Ond Go Away; I Will Take Away, Ond None Shall Rescue Him. I Will Go Ond Return To My Place, Till They Acknowledge Their Offence, Ond Seek My Face: In Their Affliction They Will Seek Me Early.”




While Others March Upon Gotham City Chicago Wearing Masks In Protest Of NATO. NATO Remembers President Assad’s Syria Ond Sister Israel.


Good Keep Our Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Our Governor Pat Quinn. The Pope. The Queen Ond The President. Have A Great Weekend In Our Chicago!!!


Lord “Valkyrie” Bell 


4625 South Langley, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. 60653
ATT Satellite Phone: 618-727-1872 Available For Interviews.
Politics. Business. Entertainment. Spiritual Ond Local News.

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