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Written Easter Sunday, April 8th 2012
~~ Typed Today Sunday, April 15th 2012 ~~
From Chicago State University!!! No, Really.
Now Know!!!
“TKE Queer Bunny” In The Year Of The Dragon…
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. | London, United Kingdom
4625 South Langley, Garden Flat, Chicago, Illinois 60653
~~Coming Soon: “Chicago Bronzeville Noir”~~
“Author Ond Living Literature” Mr. Tony Bell:BBC:006
U.S. NAVY Yoman Bell:E4 Lord “Valkyrie” Bell
ATT Satellite Phone: 618-727-1872 Single Ond Looking.
~~Safer Sex Is Vital Ond No Really Means No. Bi.~~
“Deeds. Words. Commandments Ond Communication.”
In The Beginning There Was Nothing. A Darkness Long Before God Spoke:
“Let There Be Light.” It Took Him One Day Out Of His Goodness To Create The Light. Ond He Said That It Was Good.
The Enemy Is Cunning. My Fellow Americans. I Warn You Ond Implore You To Prepare Yourselves. Steady Yourselves Ond Ready Yourselves. Pray To God Ond Hold Fast Believing We Shall Win. Yes. We Together Can Win Over Our Enemy Through Diplomacy.
We Can End This Global Battle. We Can End This Constant Self-Destructive Unnessary Civil Unrest Ond Dangerous Ongoing Internal Fighting. Most Repuzzling.
Given The High Technology Now Available. Which Can Be Used For Subversive Communication Ond Hostile Verbal Attacks Used For Cohersion.  I Must Admit At This Inking That The “TKE Queer Bunny” Has Been Monitoring The Outgoing Situation Since 1999. The Field Is Dangerous Ond The Advancement Of The Internet Has Led To A Great Organized Effort Of Planned Proliferation Of Shared Information. My Intentions Are For The Greater Good. Make No Mistake About It Gentlemen.
Protect Yourselves As One Should. Knowledge Is A Powerful Tool. Knowledge Of Good Ond Of Evil. As We Move Into The Year 2013. Here In The Year Of The Dragon. It Will Strengthen All Of God’s Children On Midgard To Open One’s Mind To Immediate Personal Study Of The Self. Building Self Confidence. Clarify Your Needs. Your Wants. Think Through Your Actions Ond Picture Them. If You Allow Yourselves To Gain Inner Knowledge. In Truth. The Truth Within Will Set You Free To Build Upon That Knowledge.
This Developes One’s Self Confidence. The Inner Knowledge You Will Find Within The Self May Frighten You. Younglings. Be Brave.
Make Ready. The World Is Evolving. These Tools I Have Just Provided Will Assist All Of You Reading From Falling Behind Evolution. Change Has Only Just Come. Life Has Much More In Store. Yes. In This World That Does Exist.

“TKE Queer Bunny”
Bullet ~~~ Notes

  • 1st Topic: Ms. Hillary Rosun. Democratic Strategist Or ‘Wired’ Well Paid Broadcast TV Political Pundit? “TKE Queer Bunny” Is Certain Her Behind The Scene Clout Filled Connections Must Include Several Newly Elected “New Tea Party” Members Now In Office Throughout Our Country’s Multi-Tired Local, State Ond Federal Government. They Themselves With No Working Clue As To A Notion Of Experience With “Robert’s Rules Of Order.” Note To Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin – Get That Gal On Your Speed Dial ASAP. Give Her A Gigantic Up In Salary Ond Call Her Your Best Friend!!! The Worst Is Still Yet To Come. This Topic Went Around The Dial On My TV’s HD Channels. Is Ms. Hillary Rosun On The Democratic Payroll While Secretly Anti-Obama Adding Horrible Press Along With Those Secret Service Guys At That Hotel In Columbia With The Whores? Call Me Ok? “The West Wing Report” May Want To Look Further Into Both Of These Reports. Those Behind The Scene Details That I Ond The Below Average American Citizen Have Not Been Informed Of Just Yet. Thanks. Bi. 
  • 2nd Topic: The Official Republican Presidential Candidate In 2012 Is Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. Looking Into The Past. Back Say, Just Four Years. “TKE Queer Bunny” Still Admires Ond Supports Senator John McCain (R-Arizona).
    •  Mitt Romney? United States NAVY Senator John McCain!!!
    • Today: A Former Governor Of Massachusetts Now Eyes The Whitehouse?
    • Then: A Declarated United States Armed Forces Veteran. He, A Past Resident Of The Hanoi Hilton During “The War Of The South Pacific” Is Now Our Sitting Elder In The United States Senate In Washington, D.C. This Senator Is Still A Powerhouse. He Is Also A Former Republican Candidate In 2008 Against Our Sitting President Barack Hussein Obama.
  • 3rd Topic: Mrs. Ann Romney. Mr. Tony Bell:BBC:006 “Valkyrie” Being The “TKE Queer Bunny” I Wish Only The Best Loving Support. The Road To The Whitehouse Is Fast Paced. My Own Mother, Nancy Worked To Support Me. My Own Father, Larry Is A Vietnam Veteran Stryker Pilot. A Major In The U.S. Airforce. To You Mrs. Romney. From Me As A Black American Male. I Want To Reinforce The Love You Have Coming To You Right Here. Mine. Ok. In Chicago, Illinois Or Former Mayor Richard M. Daley Lost His Wife Maggie To Cancer. His Brother William Daley Is The President Chief Of Staff. At One Time I Was Gainfully Employed At The Rush Cancer Institute Working For Doctor Priseler. He Died Of Cancer. Looking For A Cure. I Must Note The Quality Of There Care In This Region Is First Hand Proven From Me. Even As A Patient For Metal Health Ond HIV. Now Just You Remember This Mrs. Romney. You Are Not Alone In Your Illness. The Romance Between You Ond Your Former Governor Husband Mitt. A Mormon. Now “The” Republican Candidate. From What I Have Seen Reported On Television It Does Not Pale To Many. Not Even Most. It Pales Only Below The First Family. The Chicago Obama’s. In The Whitehouse Today.
  • 4th Topic: “The Silver Fox” Ond First Lady. President George H.W. Bush Loves Mrs. Barbara Bush As Does Here Son President George W. Bush. This Nation’s First Lady During Great Crisis At That Time Was Mrs. Laura Bush. My First Lady As Well As Yours Mrs. Ann Romney. Yours As Well As Each Ond Every Citizen In The U.S.A. Rest Easy. www.barackobama.com
  • 5th Topic: President Barack Hussein Obama. www.whitehouse.gov I Quote The President This Week:
    • That Is Mother Was “A Single Mom Raising Two Kid?” Stop!!! What The Mabach Music!!! Does Our Pres. Have A Sister?
  • 6th Topic: Secretary Of State. Senator. A First Lady. The 2008 Democratic Presidential Candidate Who Did Win Puerto Rico!!!
    • “TKE Queer Bunny ” Quotes The Secretary Of State When She Said That: “The Special Envoy To Syria Is Center Of The Cease Fire.” As I Tweeted Ond Retweeted To Senator John McCain Regarding President Assad Holding A Journalist. A Journalist Who Apparently Is Being Tortured As Well? Such A Thing Must Not Go Unreported. It Reached My Computer.
    • Madame Secretary. The State Department Envoy Has His Hands Full In Damacus. President Assad Is In Office Right Now.
    • At The Core Of All Of This Internal Fighting Is Secular Thinking. That Is Directly Linked With A Great Organized Effort Of Planned Proliferation Of Shared Information. Often On FACEBOOK!!! No Sooner Than Given Advanced Technology. They Have Destroyed Government Buildings. Staged “Violent Protest” On Live TV. Throughout The Entire Globe I Hear, Read, Ond Have Watched This Civic Unrest Growing. Which Began With Baharain. The Dominoes Fell. One After The Other. Never Toppling The Flag Of Any State. Nor Redefining The Borders Of Any Of These Countries.
    • Think. This Is A Panic Filled Desire Of The Private Citizen Around The World Who Have Not. They Clearly Have Proven They Want What They Still Clearly Do Not Posess. Power. They Have Not Found Power Within Themselves. Including GREECE!!! Where Else Has This Hostile Intent To Undermine Civilian Government Ond Undermind Military Authority Appeared? Um, Point Of Order Yall. “TKE Queer Bunny” Clearly Needs To Point Out The 47,000 Deaths In Good Ole Mexico. Just South Of The Rio Grande.
    • Italy Ond France May Be Next. This Onslaught Of “Protests” Are Always Hate Filled. A Total “Poor Me” Syndrome From “The Celestine Prophesy.” Revenge. Hate. Public Outcrys Of How Bad Life Is For Them. One After Another. One Sitting World Leader After The Other Has Fallen. In Direct Succession. I Am 40. Since The 5th Grade I Have Studied Journalism.
    • “TKE Queer Bunny” Warns You Younglings. Think For Yourselves. At No Time Should You Simple Join A Mass Mob Just To Stop Moving Traffic Moving Over The River Nile. This Is Exactly What Happened In Cario, Egypt. Tourism Is An Important Economic Reality Within Every Nation On Earth. In All Of This Country’s Tourists Have Had To Be Evacuated. The Citizens Of Each Country Are Now Without Medical Care. Schools Are Closed. Food Is Now A Burden In Some Of These Regions. While There Covering These Sudden Televised Events. American Journalist Have Been Attacked.

While “TKE Queer Bunny” Lord “Valkyrie” Bell Has A Moment. I Want To Remind You Broadcast Journalists Of That Which Many Now Anticipate. Former Secretary Of State Ms. Madeline Albright Showed That She Took Extra Effort. She Shared Her Obvious Strength. Rising To The Front To Speak To Chicago Public School Students Generations Younger Than Herself.
Chicago Public School Students Younger Than You News Anchors On TV. In May McCormick Place Will Be The Setting For Chicago’s NATO Summit. Younglings Read Now Proverbs Chapter Seven. My Best To You All. It Follows Below…
Proverbs Chapter 7
“My Son, Keep My Words, Ond Lay Up My Commandments With Thee. Keep My Commandments, Ond Live; Ond My Law As The Apple Of Thine Eye. Bind Them Upon Thy Fingers, Write Them Upon The Table Of Thine Heart. Say Unto Wisdom, Thou Art My Sister; Ond Call Understanding Thy Kinswoman:”
“That They May Keep Thee From The Strange Woman, From The Stranger Which Flattereth With Her Words. For At The Window Of My House I Looked Through My Casement, Ond Beheld Among The Simple Ones, I Discerned Among The Youths, A Young Man Void Of Understanding, Passing Through The Street Near Her Corner; Ond He Went The Way To Her House, In The Twilight, In The Evening, In The Black Ond Dark Night:”
“Ond, Behold, There Met Him A Woman With The Attire Of An Harlot, Ond Subtil Of Heart. (She Is Loud Ond Stubborn; Her Feet Abide Not In Her House: Now Is She Without, Now In The Streets, Ond Lieth In Wait At Every Corner.) So She Caught Him, Ond Kissed Him, Ond With An Impudent Face Said Unto Him, I Have Peace Offerings With Me; This Day Have I Payed My Vows.”
“Therefore Came I Forth To Meet Thee, Diligently To Seek Thy Face, Ond I Have Found Thee. I Have Decked My Bed With Coverings Of Tapestry, With Carved Works, With Fine Linen Of Egypt. I Have Perfumed My Bed With Myrrh, Aloes, Ond Cinnamon.”
“Come, Let Us Take Our Fill Of Love Until The Morning: Let Us Solace Ourselves With Loves. For The Goodman Is Not At Home, He Is Gone A Long Journey: He Hath Taken A Bag Of Money With Him, Ond Will Come Home At The Day Appointed. With Her Much Fair Speech She Caused Him To Yield, With The Flattering Of Her Lips She Forced Him.”
“He Goeth After Her Straightway, As An Ox Goeth To The Slaughter, Or As A Fool To The Correction Of The Stocks; Till A Dart Strike Through His Liver; As A Bird Hasteth To The Snare, Ond Knoweth Not That It is For His Life. Hearken Unto Me Now Therefore, O Ye Children, Ond Attend To The Words Of My Mouth.”
“Let Not Thine Heart Decline To Her Ways, Go Not Astray In Her Paths. For She Hath Cast Down Many Wounded: Yea, Many Strong Men Have Been Slain By Her. Her House Is The Way To Hell, Going Down To The Chambers Of Death.”
As An Cherokee – Irish – African. Two Generations Past Have Now Gone Before Mine Own Mind Eye In Which Time I Still See I Am.
“Our Children. Our Future.” Timeless. The Class Of 1989 Rides Onward Together As Tens Of Millions With Others From “The MTV Generation.” Video Killed The Radio Star. “Rock The Vote: 2012” Where Is Ms. Tabbath Soren? Where Is Mr. Kurt Loder Today?
As I Close Out This Hand Inked To Be Typed.
As A Twitter www.twitter.com/101Valkyrie101
WordPress www.101Valkyrie101.wordpress.com
Blog Entry. The Non-Secular Being That I Am.
“U.S.A. For Africa” Revealed Them As The Irish Rock Band U2.
Mr. Adam Clayton. Mr. Larry Mullen. Bono Ond “The Edge” Man.
Younglings. Read On Now: Romans Chapter 9.
“As We Knew!!!” To Me Now…
Romans Chapter 9
“I Say The Truth In Christ, I Lie Not, My Conscience Also Bearing Me Witness In The Holy Ghost, That I Have Great Heaviness Ond Continual Sorrow In My Heart. For I Could Wish That Myself Were Accursed From Christ For My Brethren, My Kinsmen According To The Flesh:”
“Who Are Israelites; To Whom Pertaineth The Adoption, Ond The Glory, Ond The Covenants, Ond The Giving Of The Law, Ond The Service Of God, Ond The Promises; Whose Are The Fathers, Ond Of Whom As Concerning The Flesh Christ Came, Who Is Over All, God Blessed For Ever. Amen.”
“Not As Though The Word Of God Hath Taken None Effect. For They Are Not All Israel, Which Are Of Israel:”
“Neither, Because They Are The Seed Of Abraham, Are They All Children: But, In Isaac Shall Thy Seed Be Called. That Is, They Which Are The Children Of The Flesh, These Are Not The Children Of God: But The Children Of The Promise Are Counted For The Seed.”
“For This Is The Word Of Promise, At This Time Will I Come, Ond Sarah Shall Have A Son. Ond Not Only This; But When Rebecca Also Had Conceived By One, Even By Our Father Isaac; (For The Children Being Not Yet Born, Neither Having Done Any Good Or Evil, That The Purpose Of God According To Election Might Stand, Not Of Works, But Of  Him That Calleth;)
“It Was Said Unto Her, The Elder Shall Serve The Younger. As It Is Written, Jacob Have I Loved, But Esau Have I Hated.”
“What Shall We Say Then? Is There Unrighteousness With God? God Forbid. For He Saith To Moses, I Will Have Mercy On Whom I Will Have Mercy, Ond I Will Have Compassion On Whom I Will Have Compassion. So Then It Is Not Of Him That Willeth, Nor Of Him That Runneth, But Of God That Sheweth Mercy.”
“For The Scripture Saith Unto Pharaoh, Even For This Same Purpose Have I Raised Thee Up, That I Might Shew My Power In Thee, Ond That My Name Might Be Declared Throughout All The Earth. Therefore Hath He Mercy On Whom He Will Have Mercy, Ond Whom He Will He Hardeneth. Thou Wilt Say Then Unto Me, Why Doth He Yet Find Fault? For Who Hath Resisted His Will?”
“Nay, But, O Man, Who Art Thou That Repliest Against God? Shall The Thing Formed Say To Him That Formed It, Why Hast Thou Made Me Thus? Hath Not The Potter Power Over The Clay, Of The Same Lump To Make One Vessel Unto Honour, Ond Another Unto Dishonour?”
“What If God, Willing To Shew His Wrath, Ond To Make His Power Known, Endured With Much Longsuffering The Vessels Of Wrath Fitted To Destruction: Ond That He Might Make Known The Riches Of His Glory On The Vessels Of Mercy, Which He Had Afore Prepared Unto Glory, Even Us, Whom He Hath Called, Not Of The Jews Only, But Also Of The Gentiles?”
“As He Saith Also In O’see, I Will Call Them My People, Which Were Not My People; Ond Her Beloved Which Was Not Beloved.”
“Ond It Shall Come To Pass, That In The Place Where It Was Said Unto Them, Ye Are Not My People; There Shall They Be Called The Children Of The Living God. Esaias Also Crieth Concerning Israel, Though The Number Of The Children Of Israel Be As The Sand Of The Sea, A Remnant Shall Be Saved:”
“For He Will Finish The Work, Ond Cut It Short In Righteousness: Because A Short Work Will The Lord Make Upon The Earth.”
“Ond As Esaias Said Before, Except The Lord Of Sabaoth Had Left Us A Seed, We Had Been As Sodoma, Ond Been Made Like Unto Gomorrha. What Shall We Say Then? That The Gentiles, Which Followed Not After Righteousness, Have Attained To Righteousness, Even The Righteousness Which Is Of Faith.”
“But Israel, Which Followed After The Law Of Righteousness, Hath Not Attained To The Law Of Righteousness. Wherefore? Because They Sought It Not By Faith, But As It Were By The Works Of The Law. For They Stumbled At That Stumblingstone; As It Is Written, Behold, I Lay In Sion A Stumblingstone Ond Rock Of Offence: Ond Whosoever Believeth On Him Shall Not Be Ashamed.”
In The Truth. The Way. Ond The Life. I Pray Thee Well.
Older Or Younger Than I Myself At 40. Younglings To Christ.
Therefore Younglings In The Mind Eye Of Lord “Valkyrie” Bell.
I Am. I Was. I Always Will Be. YORE. Friend.
~~Coming Soon: “Chicago Bronzeville Noir”~~
“As We Knew!!!”


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