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“TKE Queer Bunny” Mr. Tony Bell:BBC:006 “Valkyrie”
Chicago, Illinois
London, United Kingdom
U.S. NAVY Yoman Bell:E4

“The President Ond The Senator: With An Aura Of A Past War.”
April 14th 2012
Facinating. The 151st Anniversay Of The Confederate Victory At Fort Sumter In South Carolina. This At The Sametime As A Union Army Civil War Veteran Is Laid To Rest. His Ashes Now Buried Portland, Oregon. The Death Of Peter Jones Knapp Was 1924.
Quite A Bridge Covering A Timescape That Clearly Informs Me Of The Reality Of High Technology Ond Just What Our Future In
The 21st Century Is Built Of. This Is Midgard. I Am Lord “Valkyrie” Bell.
The Obvious Connectivity Leaves An Aura Of A Past War. Where, While Many Died In America’s Civil War, Modern Society Bares Witness To The Experience. As Well As Who Was Lost On Both Sides Of That Oldest Of Battles For Old Glory. Indeed.
It Falls To Me As Deacon Bell From Mount Olive Babtist Church. Baptised On December 13th 2002 In The Village Of Colp, Illinois. I Pray That Those Of Us Who Continue To Do Good Service As Trained Experienced, Seasoned Veterans.
Those Of You Like My Father. Major Larry Eugene Bell. He Who Served As A Stryker Pilot Flying During The Realtime Dangers Of The Vietnam War In The Airforce. I Myself Enlisted Into The Military Following My Father’s Proven Directional Path.
The Year Was 1999. The U.S.S. Cole Frigette Was Bombed While Going Into Port In Yemen. That Was The Second Major Terriost Attack Under Then President William Jefferson Clinton. I Remind The Reader That The World Trade Center Was Bombed In 1997.
So, At Age 28 I Joined The United States Navy. The Aura Of Past Warfare Can Inspire Mankind On Both Sides Of The Fight. This Aura Is An Obvious Connectivity To The Direct Threats That The United States Of America Must Open Civilian Minds To Right Now.
The Adversary Is Evil.
The Enemy Is Cunning. Since I Was Only 19 I Knew I Was More Aware Than Many. Serving In Public Office As Senator Bell. Chairman Of The Student Services Committee At Minnessota State University In Winona. The 1st Iraq War Broke Forth In 1990 When Then President Saddam Hussein Attacked Them. Kuwait.
President Barack Hussein Obama Ond I Were On The Phone Together Back Then. We Realized Who We Are Today Way Back Then. We Knew As Two Young African American Guys That Somehow. He As Editor Of The Harvard Law Review Completing His Masters Degree. While I Sitting As A Freshman. At My Own Desk With A Computer Ond A Telephone. Plus The Keys To Multiple Areas Of The Student Center Including The Offices Of The Winona Student Senate.
There Are Reasons Behind Most Of The Facts Seen.
Even Back In 1924 Peter Jones Knapp Must Have Known The New Deal. As A Veteran Of The Civil War He Must Have Watched As We Did The Charlston. As The Stockmarket Collapsed. He Had Seen World War I. Believe This All Of You. He Must Have Known On His Deathbed.
The Citizens Of The United States Of America “Will” Mind You – I Am Positive He Could See This: Have To Constantly Pledge Our Alligence To The Flag Of This Country. The Star Spangled Banner. Symbol? Icon? Representative Message Past On From Decade To Decade Connecting Us To The Here Ond Now? 2012.
Like Us Stateside. Them. The Adversary. The Real Enemy Ond Existing Terrorist That Have Vowed To Attack The U.S.A. Again. They Too Have Textbooks On The History Of Global Warfare Over The Centuries Here On Midgard. Terra Firma. Mother Earth.
Today I Am 40. Younglings. Thank You For Reading.
Your Attentiveness Will Serve You Well Into The Future. Into The Light Of God The Father, The Son Ond The Holy Ghost. His Light Is Glorious Ond So I Do So Love, Fear Ond Revere My Lord God. Yet…
My Own Darkness I Do So Keep. In Good Service. Bi.


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