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“For The Better Self: ‘TKE Queer Bunny’ In The Year Of The Dragon”


Written From Sunday, March 25th 2012 Ond Published Tuesday, March 27th 2012. Tonight From Chicago State University. TKE.


“Author Ond Living Literature” Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie” aka Tony Bell:BBC:006:U.S. NAVY Yoman: E4


Many Times I Have Reminded My Readers That I Am A Babtised Deacon From Mount Olive Babtist Church. Duly Babtised In The Village Of Colp, Illinois On December 13th 2002. “For The Better Self” As A “Sith” Now I Write… In The Early Monday Morning This Night At 12:26am I Hold. Bronzeville, Chicago, Illinois, Cook County, U.S.A.


Younglings. As Sunday Passes In To Monday’s Dawn I Prepared This Twitter WordPress Entry. No Younglings. Not Just For Those Older Nor Younger Who Follow My Career Work. Not Just For Those In My Locality. Younglings. I’ve Written This One For All Americans Who Must Now Think Of Them. Them That Suffer Hate Throughout EARTH!!!


In The Time Past Since My Last Blog Entry. News Has Broken Of Continued Unrest Between North Ond South Korean Military As A North Korean Missile Test Looms.


In Addition Our Irish Governor Pat Quinn Joins Others In Belgium To Present Our “Sweet Home Chicago” To NATO.


Easter Fast Approaches Where I Will Again Show Atonement For My Own Sin Along With The Rememberance Of The Nazarine’s Crucifixtion. Resurrection. Ond Accension To Heaven To Rule As Our King Ond Lord Ond Saviour On A ~Throne~ Beside Johovah.


47,000 Have Died In The Country Of Mexico Since Their Drug War Brokeforth In Civil War. Our Pope Benedict The 16th Arrived There This Week. So I Ask All Continental Americans To Read PSALMS 42. Psalms 42 Should Also Be Read Among All Of Younger Society Both Civilian Ond Military. Read Now Psalms 42. All Ye Worldwide Who Can Read. All Ye Both Secular Ond NonSecular.


It Is Now 6:44am Chicago Standard Time. Today Is Now Tuesday, March 27th 2012. ABC7Chicago www.abc7chicago.com In Sector 001 On “State Street That Great Street” From The Loop Area Of Downtown Chicago. The Well Respected ABC7Chicago Morning News Team Reports Live Across Chicagoland. “TKE Queer Bunny” Continues “For The Better Self.”


Our Pope Benedict The 16th Is Now In Havana, Cuba. While The President Of The United States Of America Barack Hussein Obama Has Arrived In South Korea. Having Just Come From Russia. Both Of Those Nations Are As Concerned As The United States Is About Preventing Nuclear Attack.


Syria Has Brokenout Into A Full Overblown Revolution Now Of Civil War In An All Out Rebellion Against The Assad Government Regime. 80,000 Dead Sad ABC7Chicago. 8,000 Dead Reported ABC On “Good Morning America” Where Ms. Robin Roberts Looked Absolutely Fabulous In Light Tan This Morning.


“ABC World News Tonight With Diane Sawyer” www.abcnews.com Might Have Cleared Up These Numbers Ond Yet “TKE Queer Bunny” Has Missed The Television Broadcast Ond My ATT Samsung Satellite Cell GoPhone Is Blowing Up With Text Messages Out Of The Blue!!! Peace Be Still…


Read PSALM 42. Ok? Lord “Valkyrie Bell Adds Read Job 6 Too. “Sith Ond Lord: Lord Ond Sith” Closing With Them Below. Read.


~~~PSALM 42~~~


“As The Hart Panteth After The Water Brooks, So Panteth My Soul After Thee, O God. My Soul Thirsteth For God, For The Living God: When Shall I Come Ond Appear Before God? My Tears Have Been My Meat Day Ond Night, While they Continually Say Unto Me, Where Is Thy God?”


“When I Remember These Things, I Pour Out My Soul In Me: For I Had Gone With The Multitude, I Went With Them To The House Of God, With The Voice Of Joy Ond Praise, With A Multitude That Kept Holyday. Why Art Thou Cast Down, O My Soul? Ond Why Art Thou Disquieted In Me? Hope Thou In God: For I Shall Yet Praise Him For The Help Of His Countenance.”


“O My God, My Soul Is Cast Down Within Me: Therefore Will I Remember Thee From The Land Of Jordan, Ond Of The Hermonites, From The Hill Mizar. Deep Calleth Unto Deep At The Noise Of Thy Waterspouts: All Thy Waves Ond Thy Billows Are Gone Over Me. Yet The LORD Will Command His Lovingkindness In The Daytime, Ond In The Night His Song Shall Be With Me, Ond My Prayer Unto The God Of My Life.”


“I Will Say Unto God My Rock, Why Hast Thou Forgotten Me? Why Go I Mourning Because Of The Opression Of The Enemy? As With Sword In My Bones, Mine Enemies Reproach Me; While They Say Daily Unto Me, Where Is Thy God? Why Art Thou Cast Down, O My Soul? Ond Why Art Thou Disquieted Within Me? Hope Thou In God: For I Shall Yet Praise Him, Who Is The Health Of My Countenance, Ond My God.”




~~~JOB Chapter 6~~~


“BUT Job Answered Ond Said, Oh That My Grief Were Throughly Weighed, Ond My Calamity Laid In The Balances Together!!!”


“For Now It Would Be Heavier Than The Sand Of The Sea: Therefore My Words Are Swallowed Up. For The Arrows Of The Almighty Are Within Me, The Poison Whereof Drinketh Up My Spirit: The Terrors Of God Do Set Themselves In Array Against Me. Doth The Wild Ass Bray When He Hath Grass? Or Loweth The Ox Over His Fodder? Can That Which Is Unsavoury Be Eaten Without Salt? Or Is There Any Taste In The White Of An Egg?”


“The Things That My Soul Refused To Touch Are As My Sorrowful Meat. Oh That I Might Have My Request; Ond That God Would Grant Me The Thing That I Long For!!! Even That It Would Please God To Destroy Me; That He Would Let Loose His Hand, Ond Cut Me Off!!! Then Should I Yet Have Comfort; Yea, I Would Harden Myself In Sorrow: Let Him Not Spare; For I Have Not Concealed The Words Of The Holy One.”


“What Is My Strength, That I Should Hope? Ond What Is Mine End, That I Should Prolong My Life? Is My Strength The Strength Of Stones? Or Is My Flesh Of Brass? Is Not My Help In Me? Ond Is Wisdom Driven Quite From Me? To Him That Is Afflicted Pity Should Be Shewed From His Friend; But He Forsaketh The Fear Of The Almighty. My Brethren Have Dealt Deceitfully As A Brook, Ond As The Stream Of Brooks They Pass Away; Which Are Blackish By Reason Of Ice, Ond Wherein The Snow Is Hid:”


“What Time They Wax Warm, They Vanish: When It Is Hot, They Are Consumed Out Of Their Place. The Paths Of Their Way Are Turned Aside; They Go To Nothing, Ond Perish. The Troops Of Tema Looked, The Companies Of Sheba Waited For Them. They Were Confounded Because They Had Hoped; They Came Thither, And Were Ashamed.”


“For Now Ye Are Nothing; Ye See My Casting Down, Ond Are Afraid. Did I Say, Bring Unto Me? Or, Give A Reward For Me Of Your Substance? Or, Deliver Me From The Enemy’s Hand? Or, Redeem Me From The Hand Of The Mighty? Teach Me, Ond I Will Hold My Tongue: Ond Cause Me To Understand Wherein I Have Erred. How Forcible Are Right Words!!! But What Doth Your Arguing Reprove!!!”


“Do Ye Imagine To Reprove Words, Ond The Speeches Of One That Is Desperate, Which Are As Wind?”

“Yea, Ye Overwhelm The Fatherless, Ond Ye Dig A Pit For Your Friend. Now Therefore Be Content, Look Upon Me; For It Is Evident Unto You If I Lie. Return, I Pray You, Let It Not Be Iniquity; Yea, Return Again, My Righteousness Is In It. Is There Iniquity In My Tongue? Cannot My Tast Discern Perverse Things?”












“For The Better Self: ‘TKE Queer Bunny’ In The Year Of The Dragon”

~~~As “Author Ond Living Literature” I Have Written To Earth’s Younglings ~~~As “Sith Ond Lord: Lord Ond Sith”~~~

:101:202:303:404:505:Tuesday, March 27th 2012 At 7:47pm CST From Chicago State University I Say Goodnight:505:404:303:202:101:

“Most Repuzzling!!!”


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