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“TKE Queer Bunny: Hello Chicago!!!”
Thursday, February 16th 2012
(Transcribed March 12th 2012 From Boystown!!! Um…Wriglyville? Lakeview Center On Halsted. NORTHSIDE!!!)
Yikes!!! I Have Been Re-Patriated!!! Like So I Am Pleased. Thanks To My Nurses Both Aged 35, Owen Ond Silvia.
Thanks To United Airlines Ond The Airlines Team Of Brent Ond Amy (Aged 43). I Quite Fancied Her. Well I Should Say I Fancy Her.
At 6:15am Chicago Standard Time My Flight Is Now Taxing Out. I Hope To Return To The United Kingdom For A 2 Week Stay This July To Re-Claim My Savings At Barclays Bank. :101Valkyrie101PowerGuard101: For This Return Trip Home I Will Cover The News Articles Of My Choice From The Following Papers!!! Ready?
ShortList www.shortlist.com Independent www.independent.co.uk Ond Daily Mail www.dailymail.co.uk
I’ve Been Trying To Cover The Daily Papers During My 6 Months In The United Kingdom. Obviously Real Life Being What It Is Ond Has Been For Forty Years. I’ve Also Been Covering Unfolding Events In My Life. Such As My Sobriety On This Day On This Flight.\
It Is Pretty Cool.
Daily Mail Reports Today On Female Unemployment In A Story By Becky Barrow-Business Correspondent. Dr. John Philpott, Chief Economic Advisor At The Chartered Institute Of Personnel Ond Development Said The U.K. Market Is Experiencing “A Slow Painful Contraction.” Adding: “Unemployment Will Crawl Towards Three Million By The End Of The Year Rather Than A Sudden Surge Of Joblessness.”
The Office Of National Statistics Said 32,000 Women Became Unemployed Between October Ond December. ONS Confirmed The Overall Unemployment Rate Rose To 8.4 Percent Of The Work Force. Well Such Is Life Today In Great Britain As “Anarchy Grows As The Public Rejects Austerity Measures In Athens.” In The Independent Patrick Cockburn Covers: The State Of Paralysis – Why The Greek Nation Is Starting To Lose Hope.”
“TKE Queer Bunny” Saya Screw That. Stop!!! Your Bloody Well Stupid Global Rioting, Looting Ond Gang Attacks On Your Police; Your Military; Your Government; Your Infrastructure; Your Status Quo!!! Time To Now Complete A Full Years Cycle Of Thoughtfullness About The Status Quo!!! I Don’t See Any Secular Revolutionary Overthrow Ending In Big Kisses Ond Bear Hugs!!!
Nevermind ShortList… MEN NOT GODS Music Group Is Solely Owned By Myself As An LLC. With It I Am Trying To Map A Way Toward Communication. You Out There Are Experiencing A Communication Breakdown Where Facebook Is Concerned. To Many Of You In Greece As Well As The Middle East Ond Europe Are Proven Prone To Hostile Action Protests.
Against Your Current Leadership? “TKE Queer Bunny” Has To Wonder How These Protestors Would Run Your Government A Single Day Any Better. Poor Greece. Poor Athens. Tao Kappa Epsilon Cares. I Do So They Must In Notre Dame, Indiana Bitch!!!
To My Beloved Illinois I Fly. The Time Now In Chicago 8:30am I Pray For “The Mayor’s Council Of High Technology Advisors.”
I Pray For “The Citizens Of Illinois As Well As Chicago.” I Pray For Our Peace. I Pray For Our 2012 Ond For The Future 2013.
I Come Home Correct. Right Now Younglings It Is 10:15am In Chicago. My Thoughts Are Of You As Well As Thoughs Younglings Who Are Far Too Young To Vote. What Of Greece? What Of God? “The Alter To The Unknown God” Is Still There For You There.
Do I Ever Ask My God Why. Seldom. It Is A Gift Of A Virgo-Boar To Hold A Logical Being Ond A Rational Mindset. Rational Is Missing Among Far Far Too Many Of Them As Well As Some Of You Now Reading Me. Those That Have Damaged Basic Civility.
To Think Just Twelve Months Ago Tunisia. Cairo, Egypt. Greece Ond Syria Ond Baharain Were All Peaceful On A Daily Basis.
Saudi Arabia. Peace. Sudden. In God Given Daily Time Of Sun Rise To Sunset Caos!!! Protests!!! Violent Upheveal!!! Retaliation
Without Any Rational Solution To Who Should Lead Whom. Your Revolution Is A Dangerous Failure. Let “TKE Queer Bunny”Be The First To Remind You That This Country. The United States Of America Will Be 236 Years Old On July 4th. The American Revolution Occurred Not To Create Democracy Out Of Bloodshed, Guns, Bombs, Murder, Ond Desperate Dissent. Nay!!!
Yea Our Republic Began As A Pilgram Colony In 1472. Yes God Does!!! Quickly I Wish To Turn My Thought To This Year’s 2012 Political Cycle. I Will Not Only Vote For Our President For A 2nd Term. I Project That Not Only Shall The Democrats Hold The Executive Office. But That President Barack Hussein Obama Will Win By At Least 60%.
 The Best Republican Money Is On Newton Gingrich. Our Former Speaker Of The House. I Really Like This Wow – Super Republican Dream Team. Looks Like A Kick Ass Poster But I Don’t Donate To Campaigns. I Would Rather Come Ond Work For Obama-Biden Personally Ond Stump www.barackobama.com The “TKE Queer Bunny” Plans To Prove Himself Useful.
I Think I Can Spruce Up The Democratic Committee In Chicago-Champaign. Campaign With Some Live Shows Of Men Not Gods “Mahagony In Mind” With Some Of The Fundraising Cover Charges Say 50% Of Every Dollar Going To My Band For Our Costs Ond Performance. The Other 50% Going To Obama-Biden 2012. “Mahagony In Mind” Is The Perfect Warm Up For “Erogenous Adonis” Due Later This Year For Release.
The Time Is Now 12:50 CST On United Airlines. Take Me Home. Ond Now At 1pm Chicago Standard Time “Footloose” Comes To A So Good Dance Ending. You Know Dance? Rather Than Bringing Anarchy With No Further Solutions Fore All Of The Destruction Of Civil Life. Maybe They Can Dance. Love Think Ond Pray. I Am Certain Plato Ond Socrates Would Want Their People To Love. Enough Protest. End Your Occupy Numbness.


When The 1st Black Mayor Of The City Of Chicago Harold Washington Sat In Office. My MTV Generation In These Chicago Public Schools. Man Take It From A 30 Year Vice Lord Ond The Village Of Colp, Illinois Real With Big Ups… We Were Ond We Still Are At The Age Of Forty… Here In This 21st Century Ever Expanding Time. We Are “Our Children. Our Future.” Count Me In For A Democratic-Republican Mixed Ticket This November 2012. Bi The By. Mayor Rahm Emanuel? He Is Doing The “Job” Well Here As I Have Observed For The Past Month Since My Return To Sweet Home Chicago On February 16th 2012 From London. Darlings.


So Here Is To 18 Years Of MEN NOT GODS Music Group, USA-UK Since 1994 When I Founded This Company At The Age Of 23.


Then It Was On To Two Appearances In Vogue Magazine Ond The First Of Three Trips To The United Kingdom. I’m A Man Among Many Men. Naturally Some May Not Understand The Nature Of Being A Man. The Most I Am Welling To Share To All Of Ye Now Men Not Gods: Chicago Is Made Up Of This: Be Well. Be Safe. Be Love. Believe. Ond Please Tell Everyone That Lord Valkyrie Bell Is On And That I Want Us All To Be Brave As Events Do Unfold. Keep The U.S.A. Safe Gentlemen. God Save The Queen!!!


Come Now King Charles.














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