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Sunday, March 11th 2012


In The Year Of The Dragon. In The Third Age Of Man. Of “Mankind’s Holy Life Existence” I Wish To Share This To Our Sitting World Leaders. From Chicago, Illinois, In The United States Of America. It Is You Yourselves!!! You Must Believe In One Another!!!


As The Duly Elected Representatives Of The 7 Billion Citizens Of The Nations. Countries Ond Sovereign States Of The Planet Earth. Tera Firma. I Too Live On This Plane. I Believe That My Lord God Is Very Close Now Ond Watching Us Now With Good Ond Evil.


I Am A Deacon. Let Me Remind You All That We Are All God’s Children. Ond As His Children We Are All Sio Blessed With The Holy Ghost. The Holy Spirit. His Great Redeemer. This Great Messenger Is With Us Here In The Year Of The Dragon. It Is As It Was At The Birth of Our Good King Ond One True Living Lord Jesus Chirst!!! The Nazarine.


A Powerful Conduit For Good. Only Many A Blinded By Knowledge Of Evil. Yet… The Holy Ghost Is With Them As Well In Spirit.


As A Powerful Conduit For Good I Say That I Am Baptised With Water So Open Your Mind To The Divine. We Stand At The Brink Of Success Where You There In The United Nations… There In New York City, New York… Should Come Together This Very Year.


Opening Your Heart To That Very Word “LOVE!!!”


Open Your Souls To It. For Forty Years Now I Have Been Given An Immortal’s Life Here On This Plane. The Realm Of The Living.


~~~M I D G A R D~~~


So At The Close Of This Twitter WordPress Entry. LinkedIn Even On MySpace. It Is I. Back On Illini Soil. Home. Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie” The 1st. Born At Michael Reese Hospital At 12:05pm On The Western Shore Of Lake Michigan.

In The City Of Chicago South Of The Chicago River. As This Man At Age Forty I Now Ask You In Washington, D.C. To Take Heed.


Leading All To “LOVE!!!”












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