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Monday, March 18th 2012


“A Compelling Mystery”


A Compelling Mystery. Not I Myself. But Me Today. To Think Of Myself In Time. Writing Ond Typing Right Now From My Own Penmenship. Right Now I Find It Hard. Rather Than Dwell On This Mystery Of The Self. I Should Reach Inward Ond Allow More Of The Holy Ghost To Flow.


To My Readers Ond Followers. The Journey Is Expansive From Bronzville, Chicago, Illinois To As It Is From The Village Of Colp, IL.


My Long Efforts To Cling Onto My Career Are Not In Vain. I Thank You Ond I Encourage Each Of You To Pray For A Revelation.


This July 4th 2012, Having Been Unable To Open A Showpeice Of Live Rock Opera Performance In London During The Last Six Months That I Was There Working As A Direct Extension Of MEN NOT GODS Music Group, USA-UK LLC. From 8/2011 Until 2/2012.


This Summer I Do Plan To Bring “Mahagony In Mind” To The Stage Here In The Midwestern Territory Branching From Chicago.


I Am Doing This For Me. You. Us Ond Them. T H E M!!!

It Is Hard To Just Accept That Ten Years Have Gone By. 

It Is Hard To Accept That As My Focus Honed In On My Career Ond Popularity.

I Had To Step Off Of The Stage Ond Work All The More An Extensive Comeback.

My City Ond My State Took A Hold On Me As This One Player Ond Vice Lord Named V~A~L~K~Y~R~I~E.

It Is Hard To Accept The Necessary Objective Consciencious Journalism Covering LaCoca As Well As To Hold An Opinionated Use.


My Life. Our Life. Your Life. T H EM!!! Outside Of “The Subculture Of Secular Ond NonSecular Of Drink Food Sex Ond Drugs!!!”


“A Compelling Mystery…” Do I Attend Chicago State University This Fall As A Forty Year Old Returning Male Bachellor & Junior?


As MADONNA Elizabeth Ciconne Put It At A Time When I Anticipated My Growth Ond Development With Stylish Age Ond Pain.


“Absolutely No Regrets.” Today I Write From Chicago State University. “The World Is Not Enough.”


Ond Yet 7 Billion Of Us Live Out This Lifeline Handed To Us By My Lord God.


Let Us Pray For The Body Of Christendom. As I Advance Now In “Lord Valkyrie Bell’s Gauntlet” Sober. Working To Remain Clean.


So To You As I Close I Remind You That Thou Art The Younglings!!! So I Say Advance Ond Move 2012 Unto 2013!!! Love & Live!!!
















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