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“TKE Queer Bunny”

Mr. Tony Bell:BBC:006 “Valkyrie”

Chicago, Illinois

London, United Kingdom

 Thursday, February 9th 2012

 “Clean Ond Sober At Forty: The 26 Day Gain”


To My Readers Ond My Followers. Some Of You I Expect You To Hold Me In Your Prayers. Because You Understand The Serious Nature Of What It Means To Bring About A Singular Change In One Man’s Life. The Man Whose Life Needs Changing Is Me.


My Life Has Been Good Up Until Now. It Is Now That As Deacon Bell. Baptised December 13th 2002 At Mount Olive Baptist Church. I Am Being Touched By The Holy Ghost Within To Open My Mind To A Life In Need Of Change. This Church Is The Body Of Christ Ond The Bride Groom Cometh.


I Cherish You. My Readers Ond Followers Include Many Who Are Involved In Today’s Current Affairs. Many Of You Will Recognize The Strength Ond Fortitude That It Has Taken Me To Come Back Again From The Underbelly Of Society. With A Clean Mind, Free From All Intoxicants. I Find Here At Gordon Hospital In London That My Path Is Sure, Pure, Clean Ond Certain. As I Prepare To Return To The United States Of America. To The State Of Illinois. To The City Of Chicago. I Have A Gain. A Glimpse Of My Future. Ond Yes The Future Is Good. Although I Will Arrive Home Embattled. I Will Arrive Stateside Ready To Claim A New Life. This Is In Truth An Easy Goal To Attain.


It Takes Self Belief. It Takes Dedication Also. Constant Reflection On The Past Reveals A Different Person. The Person Who Writes This At Four O’Clock In The Morning Is Increasing His Up Hill Momentum. From London I See How Years Of Drug Use Was A Neccessary Evil. I Also Now See My Past Behaviour As Incompatabile With My Immediate Future Plans. My Future Is Definatively Of The Type Of Plans That Everyone, Drug User Or Political Statesman Has To Agree Is Proper.


This Fall 2012 I Am Returning To School. My School Of Choice Is Chicago State University. Trust Me When I Say My Mind Is Still Young. All Of My Talents Ond Skill Ond Craftmanship Has Not Even Been Tapped. By July All Of My Cards Will Come Whole Together To Make One Fine Deck. Time Well Spent In The Hospital In Chicago From February To July. I Shall Have Been Properly Treated For HIV+ As A Dual Diagnosis Of Drug Use Ond Mental Illness. One Fine Deck Of Cards Ready For The Shuffle. I Will Then Deal My Hand.




A Poem By J.R.R. Tolkien From “The Hobbit”


“The Dragon Is Withered, His Bones Are Now Crumbled;

His Armour Is Shivered, His Splendour Is Humbled!!!”


“Though Sword Shall Be Rusted, Ond Throne Ond Crown Perish

With Strength That Men Trusted Ond Wealth That They Cherish,

Here Grass Is Still Growing, Ond Leaves Are Yet Swinging,

The White Water Flowing, Ond Elves Are Yet Singing

Come!!! Tra – la – la – Lally!!! Come Back To The Valley.”


“The Stars Are Far Brighter Than Gems Without Measure,

The Moon Is Far Whiter Than Silver In Treasure:

The Fire Is More Shining On Hearth In The Gloaming

Than Gold Won By Mining, So Why Go A ~ Roaming?”


“O Tra – la – la – Lally Come Back To The Valley.”


“O!!! Where Are You Going. So Late In Returning?

The River Is Flowing, That Stars Are All Burning!!!”


“O!!! Whither So Laden, So Sad Ond So Dreary?

Here Elf Ond Elf-Maiden Now Welcome The Weary

With Tra – la – la Lally Come Back To The Valley,

Tra – la – la Lally Fa – la – la Lally Fa – la!!!”




Rediscovery Of Who I Am Is Of The Utmost Importance. It Is Vital That The Best Follow Up Care Be Found. I Have To Dare To Say No To Drugs. My Immediate Future Depends On It. Immediately Today I Claim That I Am Clean Ond Sober As I Write This. Right Now I Have To Mark Off A Good Clear Path To The Future. I Can Imagine It Now. As Surely As I Use To Use Drugs. I Can Picture Myself Today Without Any Artificial Stimulation. I Actually Like This Person I Am Right Now. I Am Thinking A Straight Line. I Am Not Out Tonight Trying To Purchase Illicit Drugs.


I Understand The Danger Of Going Jail Ond Constantly Being In The Circumstance Where One Might Go To Jail For Drugs.


I Must Object To Allowing Myself Any Further Appearance In The Underbelly Of Society. We All Know That This Is A Very Important Election. I Intend To Present My Best Self By The Way Of Compaigning For President Barack Hussein Obama. I Will March Head Along This Mature Adult Path To Success. A Clean Mind Makes For Healthy Ideas. What Better Idea Is There Than Being Sober Ond Clean? At A Time When I Could Get Lost I Will Find My Heart Again. Ond My Direction Is Headlong Going To Take Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie” Back To School. When I Unveil “Erogenous Adonis” We Will All Be Ready.


Yours In Keeping,


Lord “Valkyrie” Bell










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