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“The Soul Train Ond Gun Rights”


By Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkryie”

Executive Producer, Publisher Ond Vocalist



9900 South Yale, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. 60628

Att Voicemail: 001-618-727-1872


Vincent Ward, Gordon Hospital

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Thursday, February 2nd 2012


The Thing I Like Most About Mr. Don Cornelius’ Passing Away Is The Deeply 70’s Legacy That He Leaves Behind Him Here. On Black History Month, This Far Into The 21st Century. “The Soul Train” Takes This Giant Of A Man Into The Hereafter The Old Fashion Way. Old Age.


Meanwhile Our First Lady Michelle LaVaughn Obama Was Just A Guest On “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” A Day Or So Back. She Talked About Healthy Eating Ond Her Husbands Good Singing Voice. She Came Across As A Lovely Woman Ond A Leader Of The Black Community.


The 44th President Of The United States Of America Is Another Giant Of A Man. Who I Am Happy To Say Is Very Much Alive.


President Barack Hussein Obama Is Truthfully In As Much Danger Of Losing The White House As Representative Newton Gingrich Is Of Losing The Republican Nomination. (Prime Minister David Cameron Take Note.) As “VALKYRIE” I Concede That Mr. Mitt Romney, Mormon Or Not, Has Won Florida As Well As The Iowa Caucus. Hands Down. Mr. Mitt Romney Is Looking Very Presidential. More So Than Me At Least.


It Is My Hope That All Of My Readers Ond Followers On This My Twitter WordPress Blog Will Welcome “The Soul Train” Into Your Life. Too Many Violent Undertakings Have Griped All Of The Middle East. The Idea That These Revolutions Are Forming Democratic Republics Is To Lie!!!


“The Daily Telegraph” Middle East Correspondent Mr. Adrian Blomfield Wrote In Monday’s Paper That Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Has Launched A Major Offensive In An Attempt To Regain Full Control Of The Capitol Of Damascus. Good For The President Of Syria. Good For “The Presidency.” Why Are So Many In A Hurry This Past Year 2011 To Back These Numerous “Tyranical Revolutions” As A Deed Of Horrible Failed Posture. Which Replaced President Mubarak Ond Colonel Qudafi With Obscene Violent Citizens Out Of Control. On My Television. In The Bloody Public Thru Ways!!! Is There No Way Out? No Egres? No Exit For Us?


Is This What “The Presidency” Wants For The Executive Office. Is This What Our President Wants For Syria. So Near The Taking By “Unstable Revolutionaries” Suddenly Trying To Run A County!!! Into The Ground Like “The News Of The World” By Illegal Acts. I Remind You To Get On “The Soul Train” Back To The 1970’s When Life Was Not As Modern. Where “The Vietnam War” Now Makes Logical Sense As Compared To Tunisia Ond Those Stuck At The Refugee Camps On That Nation’s Borders.


Mr. Don Cornelius’ “The Soul Train” Was About Unification Of A Black Culture Ond Heritage In Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. In Dance.


So “The Daily Telegraph” Also Reported In A Piece By Laura Thompson Who Witnessed Principal Ballet Dancer Sergei Polunin Dance That Of A “Revolting Revolution” Of His Own. As If Making High Society In “Men In Motion” By Giving A Sudden Resignation A Swansong In Movement. I’d Rather He’d Just Been Fired Ond Replaced. Next!!! Ond Introducing Who?


When I Say “The Soul Train” I Also Mean Obituaries!!! Since This Is Not Unlike “The American Revolution” Where Many Did Die At The Hand Of A British Attack In Attempt To ReClaim The Colonies. It Was Valour Ond Honourable On Behalf Of Both Sides. True.


“The Daily Telegraph” Reported On Monday That The Chairman Of The Scott Trust, Mr. Ricard Scott, Has Also Passed Away. He Died At The Age Of 97. The Scott Turst Own’s “The Guardian” Ond It Was He Who Prevented You, “The Guardian,” From A 1966 Merger With “The Times” By Backing The Editors. That Was Modern. That Is What I Strive For. That Was The 20th Century. Really.


Well Then. Here Is To “The Soul Train!!!” Where “The Daily Telegraph” Also Reports That Greece Faces “The Spectre Of Bankruptcy Ond All The Dire Consequences That Entails.” James Kirkup Further Reports The U.K. Work Ond Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith Suggested That The German Plan Was A Threat To European Democracy. Saying, “If You Fiddle Around With Democracy Because You Don’t Like Quite What It Does, Then You Open The Door To Those Who Say, ‘Why Democracy At All?'” Indeed. In Action Ond Deed Both!!! I’ll Celebrate America’s Black History From Here In London. I Encourage You To Begin Making A Way Clear For The Future.


MEN NOT GODS Music, USA-UK LLC | “Men Not Gods: London Capital ~ Chicago Vista” | “TKE Queer Bunny” Mr. Tony Bell.


Now Once Again A Poem. By J.R.R. Tolkien From The Hobbit…




“Under The Mountain Dark Ond Tall The King Has Come Unto His Hall!!!

His Foe Is Dead, The Worm Of Dread, Ond Ever So His Foes Shall Fall.”


“The Sword Is Sharp, The Spear Is Long, The Arrow Swift, The Gate Is Strong;

The Heart Is Bold That Looks On Gold;

The Dwarves No More Shall Suffer Wrong.”


“The Dwarves Of Yore Made Mighty Spells, While Hammers Fell Like Ringing Bells

In Places Deep, Where Dark Things Sleep, In Hollow Halls Beneath The Fells.”


“On Silver Necklaces They Strung The Light Of Stars, On Crowns They Hung

The Dragon – Fire From Twisted Wire The Melody Of Harps They Wrung.”


“The Mountain Throne Once More Is Freed!!! O!!! Wandering Folk,

The Summons Heed!!! Come Haste!!! Come Haste!!! Across The Waste!!!

The King Of Friend Ond Kin Has Need.”


“Now Call We Over Mountains Cold, ‘Come Back Unto The Caverns Old!!!’

Here At The Gates The King Awaits, His Hands Are Rich With Gems Ond Gold.”


“The King Is Come Unto His Hall Under The Mountain Dark Ond Tall.

The Worm Of Dread Is Slain Ond Dead, Ond Ever So Our Foes Shall Fall.”




Mr. Jeff Randall’s Comment In “The Daily Telegraph” On Monday Page 18 Reads:

“What Kind Of People Have We Become. Churchill Would Be Dismayed By Modern Britain’s Capitulation To Jackboot Egalitarians.” I Personally Enjoy Being An Egalitarian But Then I Am Not Jackboot. It Does Seem That 70 Years Ago.

In An Event On December 26th 1941 Winston Churchill Spoke Before Congress In The United States. The Prime Minister

Visited Washingto, D.C. Three Weeks After Japan Attacked Pearl Harbor.


In Order To Excoriate The Axis Powers Churchill Used Simple Questions That I Review Thus. Here On The Morning Of Thursday, February 2nd 2012 Now 10 Years After The September 11th 2001 Attacks. The Prime Minister In His Own Time Did Ask:


Lord “Valkyrie” Bell Quotes: “What Kind Of People Do You Think We Are? Of What Are We Made?”


MEN NOT GODS Music Group, USA-UK LLC | “Men Not Gods: London Capital ~ Chicago Vista” | “TKE Queer Bunny” Reminds All Of You. Might Makes Right!!! Find Your Religion On This “Black History Month” Ond Join “The Soul Train” I Implore You All In Chicago!!! Illinois!!! All The United States Of America!!! Read On As I Close…


“Gun Rights!!!”


Sound The Alarm Against Mr. Mitt Romney All Ye Republicans. Representative Newton Gingrich Deserves The Republican Nomination Because He Is A Former Speaker Of The House. Simple As That. Dude!!! To President Barack Hussein Obama I Say To You Sir In Order To Best Prepare For Your 2nd Term. I’m “Crafting The Q & A Between The Candidates” Here With This…


“Who Will Pledge His Alligence To The Flag Of The United States Of America? Who Quotes The King James Version To Syria?”





“Ond Saul, Yet Breathing Out Threatenings Ond Slaughter Against The Disciples Of The Lord, Went Unto The High Priest,

Ond Desired Of Him Letters To Damascus To The Synagogues, That If He Found Any Of This Way, Whether They Were Men Or Women, He Might Bring Them Bound Unto Jerusalem.”


“Ond As He Journeyed, He Came Near Damascus: Ond Suddenly There Shined Round About Him A Light From Heaven:


Ond He Fell To The Earth, Ond Heard A Voice Saying Unto Him, Saul, Saul, Why Persecutest Thou Me?”


“Ond He Said, Who Art Thou, Lord? Ond The Lord Said, I Am Jesus Whom Thou Persecutest: It Is Hard For Thee To Kick Against The Pricks. Ond He Trembling Ond Astonished Said, Lord, What Wilt Thou Have Me To Do? Od The Lord Said Unto Him, Arise, Ond Go Into The City, Ond It Shall Be Told Thee What Thou Must Do.”


“Ond The Men Which Journeyed With Him Stood Speechless, Hearing A Voice, But Seeing No Man.”


“Ond Saul Arose From The Earth; Ond When His Eyes Were Opened, He Saw No Man: But They Led Him By The Hand, Ond Brought Him Into Damascus. Ond He Was Three Days Without Sight, Ond Neither Did Eat Nor Drink. Ond There Was A Certain Disciple At Damascus, Named Ananias; Ond To Him Said The Lord In A Vision, Ananias. Ond He Said, Behold, I Am Here, Lord.


“Ond The Lord Said Unto Him, Arise, Ond Go Into The Street Which Is Called Straight, Ond Inquire In The House Of Judas For One Called Saul Of Tarsus: For, Behold, He Prayeth. Ond Hath Seen In A Vision A Man Named Ananias Coming In, Ond Putting His Hand On Him, That He Might Receive His Sight.”


“Then Ananias Answered, Lord, I Have Heard By Many Of This Man, How Chief Priests To Bind All That Call On Thy Name. But The Lord Said Unto Him, Go Thy Way: For He Is A Chosen Vesel Unto Me, To Bear My Name Before The Gentiles, Ond Kings, Ond The Children Of Israel:”


“For I Will Shew Him How Great Things He Must Suffer For My Name’s Sake. Ond Ananias Went His Way, Ond Entered Into The House; Ond Putting His Hands On Him Said, Brother Saul, The Lord, Even Jesus, That Appeared Unto Thee In The Way As Thou Camest, Hath Sent Me, That Thou Mightest Receive Thy Sight, Ond Be Filled With The Holy Ghost.”


“Ond Immediately There Fell From His Eyes As It Had Been Scales: Ond He Receivd Sight Forthwith, Ond Arose, Ond Was Baptized. Ond When He Had Received Meat, He Was Strenghtened. Then Was Saul Certain Days With The Disciples Which Were At Damascus. Ond Straightway He Preached Christ In The Synagogues, That He Is The Son Of God. But All That Heard Him Were Amazed, Ond Said; Is Not This He That Destroyed Them Which Called On This Name In Jerusalem, Ond Came Hither For That Intent, That He Might Bring Them Bound Unto The Chief Priests?”


“But Saul Increased The More In Strength, Ond Confounded The Jews Which Dwelt At Damascus, Proving That This Is Very Christ.”


“Ond After That Many Days Were Fulfilled, The Jews Took Counsel To Kill Him: But Their Laying Await Was Known O Saul. Ond They Watched The Gates Day Ond Night To Kill Him. Then The Disciples Took Him By Night, Ond Let Him Down By The Wall In A Basket. Ond When Saul Was Come To Jerusalem, He Assayed To Join Himself To The Disciples: But They Were All Afraid Of Him, Ond Believed Not That He Was A Disciple.”


“But Barnabas Took Him, Ond Brought Him To The Apostles, Ond Declared Unto Them How He Had Seen The Lord In The Way, Ond That He Had Spoken To Him, Ond How He Had Preached Boldly At Damascus In The Name Of Jesus. Ond He Was With Them Coming In Ond Going Out At Jerusalem. Ond He Spake Boldly In The Name Of The Lord Jesus, Ond Disputed Against The Grecians: But They Went About To Slay Him.”


“Which When The Brethren Knew, They Brought Him Down To Cesarea, Ond Sent Him Forth To Tarsus. Then Had The Churches Rest Throughout All Judea Ond Galilee Ond Samaria, Ond Were Edified; Ond Walking In The Fear Of The Lord, Ond In The Comfort Of The Holy Ghost, Were Multiplied. Ond It Came To Pass, As Peter Passed Throughout All Quarters, He Came Down Also To The Saints Which Dwelt At Lydda. Ond There He Found A Certain Man Named Eneas, Which Had Kept His Bed Eight Years, Ond Was Sick Of The Palsy.”


“Ond Peter Said Unto Him, Eneas, Jesus Christ Maketh Thee Whole: Arise, Ond Make Thy Bed. Ond He Arose Immediately. Ond All That Dwelt At Lydda Ond Saron Saw Him, Ond Turned To The Lord. Now There Was At Joppa A Certain Disciple Named Tabitha, Which By Interpretation Is Called Dorcas: This Woman Was Full Of Good Works Ond Almsdeeds Which She Did. Ond It Came To Pass In Those Days, That She Was Sick, Ond Died: Whom When They Had Washed, They Laid Her In An Upper Chamber.”


“Ond Forasmuch As Lydda Was Nigh To Joppa, Ond The Disciples Had Heard That Peter Was There, They Sent Unto Him Two Men, Desiring Him That He Would Not Delay To Come To Them. Then Peter Arose Ond Went With Them. When He Was Come, They Brought Him Into The Upper Chamber: Ond All The Widows Stood By Him Weeping, Ond Shewing The Coats Ond Garments Which Dorcas Made, While She Was With Them.”


“But Peter Put Them All Forth, Ond Kneeled Down, Ond Prayed; Ond Turning Him To The Body Said, Tabitha, Arise. Ond She Opened Her Eyes: Ond When She Saw Peter, She Sat Up. Ond He Gave Her His Hand, Ond Lifted Her Up, Ond When He Had Called The Saints Ond Widows, Presented Her Alive. Ond It Was Known Throughout All Joppa; Ond Many Believed In The LORD. Ond It Came To Pass, That He Tarried Many Days In Joppa With One Simon A Tanner.”




“Men Not Gods: London Capital ~ Chicago Vista”



“TKE Queer Bunny” Mr. Tony Bell:BBC:006

U.S. Navy Veteran Yoman Bell: “Valkyrie”



“The Soul Train Ond Gun Rights”


By Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkryie”

Executive Producer, Publisher Ond Vocalist



9900 South Yale, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. 60628

Att Voicemail: 001-618-727-1872


Vincent Ward, Gordon Hospital

8 Bloomburg Street, London SW1V 2RH

Directly 001-020-3315-5659





Thursday, February 2nd 2012


Be Well. Be Safe. Be Love. Believe…God Is Overstanding You.


















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