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“TKE Queer Bunny” Mr. Tony Bell:BBC:006
 Chicago, Illinois | London, United Kingdom
Tuesday, January 31st 2012
“Men Not Gods: London Capital ~ Chicago Vista”
Reach Out. Find Your Ink Pens. “TKE Queer Bunny” Is Calling On General Principle Of London Capital!!!
Write TheLordValkyrieBell@hotmail.com Immediately So That While I Am Proceeding To Complete My Civic
State Duties Of Military Ond Church. These Values Now Move 101Valkyrie101 www.twitter.com/101Valkyrie101
To Reach Out To Those Damaged Youth. Both In The United States Of America Ond The United Kingdom As Well.
Send Me Your Emails Now Stating Your Personal Difficulties.
In This Modern Western 21st Century.
We Must Hear Your Woes.
Men Not Gods “Erogenous Adonis” Featuring Lord “Valkyrie” Bell ~ A New Musical ~ Shall Be Skillfully Developed
Around The 25 Songs Written On My Track List. Find These On www.101Valkyrie101.wordpress.com If You Will.
Men Not Gods: Chicago Is Due To Release New Music This Spring From “Erogenous Adonis” Ond I Can Hardly Wait.
Men Not Gods: Chicago Is The Only True Direction That I Can Take Being Valkyrie Himself. Heartfelt Designs
For Hiring Talent For The Men Not Gods “Erogenous Adonis” ~ Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band Compact Disk. This
Will Also Include A Long Planned 25 Scene Video “Musicology” With Intended Development Of The Casting – Direction
For The Illinois Based Company. “Dead Before Arrival” Are The Chances Of Building A Show In London Whilst Ye Fight!!!
Thus Leaving “TKE Queer Bunny” To Further ‘London Capital ~ Chicago Vista’ Ergo…
Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell Sends Now My Prayer. At At The Arts Ond Humanities Still In London Heading To Chicago.
Before I Return Among You. As Always. I Must End This Personal Interaction Joyfully. Seriously. I Arrive Quite Shortly.
From London, United Kingdom To Chicago, IL, U.S.A. This February. Where I Will Look Upon You Younglings Upon My Return.
MEN NOT GODS Music Group, USA-UK LLC. “Men Not Gods: London Capital ~ Chicago Vista” ~ “A Beginning Is Near.”
Soon Among The Scene…
Lord “Valkyrie” Bell
Executive Producer
“Global Entertainment Artist”
“TKE Queer Bunny” Mr. Tony Bell:BBC:006

Chicago, Illinois | London, United Kingdom
Socio-Political Theological Economic Multimedia Entertainment Journalism
~~ Crafting The Q & A Between The Candidates~~
“The Men Not Gods London Capital ~ Chicago Vista”

Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, “Valkyrie”

Founder Ond Pointman

“The Men Not Gods 21st Century Political Journal”

~~ Best Defined With One Man’s Precise Moniker, “Valkyrie” ~~


~~ President Obama. Representative Gingrich. ~~

Republicans Ond Democrats.

Good Timing.

Good Meetings.
Good Luck.
~~ The United States Of America Is 235 Years Old. On July 4th 2012.

Where Will The Great State Of Illinois Be? Ready To Discuss Leadership.
“The Men Not Gods London Capital – Chicago Vista.”
Talk To “Valkyrie” Regarding These Elections. Two Cadidates. One White House. ~~

“The Men Not Gods 21st Century Political Journal”

~~ A Short ‘Wish’ Listing Of Potential Writing Partners ~~

1. Ms. Donna Brazille ( PBS )

2. Mr. Wolf Blitzer ( CNN )

3. Ms. Diane Sawyer ( ABC )

4. Mr. David Muir ( ABC )

5. Ms. Cynthia McFadden ( ABC )

“Further Offers From Our ‘Men Not Gods: London Capital ~ Chicago Vista’ With A Proven Voice.”
As A Young Man. I Was Duly Elected Senator Of The Student Services Committee At Minnesota State University In 1990 – 91. I Am Pleased To Be Able To Open New Ground. To Offer A Connection Into The Professional Life Of A Political Journalist Ond An Elected Official.
~~ A Short List Of Student Leaders At The University Level ~~
1. Ms. Roderika Ballard, President (Chicago State University Student Goverment Association)
2. Mr. Ashton Valentine, Vice-President (Chicago State University Student Goverment Association)
3. Mr. Sean Patrick Vera, President (Loyola University Chicago Unified Student Government Association)
4. Stephanie A. Romero, Vice-President (Loyola University Chicago Unified Student Goverment Association)
As A Young Man. I Worked In Top Political Areas Of London Government. I Am A Two Time British University North American Counselour. (B.U.N.A.C.) As Executive Secretary Of The City Of Westminster Department Of Street Parking I Served A Hands On Role In Accounts Payable. I Also Campaigned For Sir Tony Blair Who Soon Became The Prime Minister Of The United Kingdom.
As A Young Man. I Worked For The State Of Illinois Ond The City Of Chicago. As Project Associate Of The Illinois Coalition. A State Non-Profit Organization Based In The James Thompson Center In Downtown Chicago. Under The Direction Of Mr. Laurence Masall In 1999. 
I Was Proud To Have Worked With Chicago City Hall Directly For The Mayor’s Council Of High Technology Advisors. Which I Helped To Organize. With The Guidance Of Then Mayor Richard M. Daley. I Salute The Former Mayor. I Look Ahead To Working With The City Of Chicago Again In Some Capacity Under The Direction Of Mayor Rahm Emanuel. I Think Now More Than Ever. Dreams Come True. Sir. 
This July “Men Not Gods: London Capital ~ Chicago Vista” Will Form As A Sole Proprietorship. A Sister Company To MEN NOT GODS Music Group, USA-UK. “The Men Not Gods 21st Century Political Journal” Will Be Written, Edited Ond Published By MEN NOT GODS Music Group As A Companion To “TKE Queer Bunny” Which Has Become Very Popular Online At Twitter Ond WordPress.
It Is Very Important That I Take Part In This Galvanizing Election. “Men Not Gods: London Capital ~ Chicago Vista” Will Form A Forum Ond Expend Funds. That Will Allow For University Level Students To Take Direct Action In Both Republican Ond Democratic Circles. In Addtion, It Is My Intent To Secure Paid Positions Within The Broadcast Media. This Is Why I Am Now Seeking To Solidify Contact With My Wish List Of Potential Writing Partners. Q101 Chicago Take Notice!!! Someone Has To Translate The Political Dogma. Might As Well Be Men Not Gods. I Do Believe That The Members Of Chicago’s Music Scene Disturbed Ond Smashing Pumpkins Are Far Too Busy Touring. Right?
~Crafting The Q & A Between The Candidates~ Means To Communicate With The Core Of The DNC Ond RNC. To Address The White House With This Twitter WordPress Entry. Ond By Logging Online. President Barack Hussein Obama Is Going To Have To Work Very Had To Retain Office. While I Am In Full Support Of A 2nd Term For President Obama. I Do Want Former Speaker Of The House Mr. Newt Gingrich (Representative GA) To Win The Republican Nomination. Now That Herman Cain Ond Governor Rick Perry Are Supporting Rep. Gingrich. We Should Too. The Idea Of The Former Speaker Rising To The Oval Office Is Built On Match Sticks. This Obama Drama Continues. The President Is Certain To Win A 2nd Term In The Executive Branch If He Is Successful With His “Blueprint” In The Short Term.
Please Email TheLordValkyrieBell@hotmail.com Today. Follow My Building Of A Career Path Directly On www.twitter.com/101Valkyrie101 Twitter. Keep Up With The Private Pangs Of “TKE Queer Bunny” From London. As A Patient At Gordon Hospital. Undergoing Professional Treatment For Bipolar Illness. Ond The Sickness That Is +HIV. From London To Chicago On www.101Valkyrie101.wordpress.com I Am Open To Any Questions From The Broadcast News Media. With Months To Prepare “Men Not Gods: London Capital ~ Chicago Vista” I Also Have Months To Observe. To Learn. To Interact. With These Serious Journalists Ond Elected Officials Who Guide The Status Quo.

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