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Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie”


Monday, January 30th 2012 
The Information Ond Intel I Send Tonight Has Been Brought Together With Years Of Hands On Living Ond Direct Internet Research…
“Erogenous Adonis’ The City, The State, The Vice Lords, The Illness, The Sickness Ond The Holy Bible”

I Am Reaching Out From Gordon Hospital Where I Am Currently Housed Through International Efforts Of My Own. As I Prepare To Return To Chicago, My Hometown. I Again Am Using My Twitter WordPress Blog To Express My Desire To Congratulate Mayor Rahm Emanuel For His Win In The 2011 Mayoral Election. But Also To Finally Share My Background.


From London. Via WGN 9 News. ABC 7 Chicago News. As Well As Through Reports From The Chicago Tribune Ond The Chicago Sun-Times. I Am Knowledgeable Of Reports Of An Outbreak Of Violence In The Streets Of Chicago. There Have Been Gun Related Deaths Contributed To Actions By The Chicago Police. As Well As Among The Youth. Youths. Teens Who Are Living In Our Neighbourhoods, Ond Are Directly Affected By This Violent Struggle With Chicago’s Gang Land Culture.


As A Vice Lord Of 30 Years. I Was Plugged By Mr. Jeff Fort Himself When I Was Just 10 Years Old. At A Birthday Dinner.


I Remember The Dinner Meeting As If It Were Yesterday. Mayor Jane Burne Had Just Been Elected. Recruiting Of Gang Members Was Common Place In The Early Eighties Among The Vice Lords, The Gangster Disciples Ond The Many Others.


At Ms. Glady’s Luncheonette On 43rd Ond Indiana Avenue In Chatham On The Southside Of Chicago I Was An Above Average Extremely Fortunate Ond Itelligent Boy Of Ten Who Attended Mollison Grammer School In The Fifth Grade.


My Grand-Mother. My Great-Aunt. Ms. Hale, Mother Of The Chef At Glady’s Luncheonette, Mr. John Hale Ond Ms. Glady’s Were All At The Dinner Table With Me. Most Noticable To That Ten Year Old Fifth Grader Was Mr. Larry Hoover Ond Mr. Jeff Fort At The Upper Table On The Upper Stoop Of The Restaurant. Prominent To The Entire Establishment. The Two Of Them Were Very Much Obviously Aware Of The Background Of The Little Intel Filled Black Child I Was Back Then. His Name Today: Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie.” 


I Was Directly Instructed By My Grand-Mother. With The Full Support Of The Other Woman At My Birthday Table, As Well As By Mr. John Hale; To Formerly Introduce Myself To This Larger Than Life Two Black Men Seated Together. All Eye Fell On Us As I Stood There Willingly. Knowingly. This Where Mr. Fort Asked:


“If Given The Chance To Choose… Ond You Obviously Realize You Are Being Offered Your Choice Right Now. What At Your Young Age? Yet With Your Mature Mind. What Would You Decide To Chose To Become? A Vice Lord Or A Gangster Disciple?” 


Obviously. Even As I Write Tonight. As “Author Ond Living Literature” 30 Years Ago On The Southside Of City Of Chicago I Made The Decision To Stand As A Young Vice Lord With The Overstanding Of The Six. From Here In London Tonight. I Have Compiled Information That Will Benefit Not Just A Young Mature Mind. But Will Also Ferry On Its Way Around The World if et al The Knowledge That Some Of Us Really Have Managed To Survive These Streets In The Neighbourhoods Of The City Of Chicago. I Am Singular In My Actions To This Very Day!!! Even As I Stood At The Table Of Mr. Jeff Fort Ond With Mr. Larry Hoover With An Mr. Larry Cooper Who Walked Up To Table Just As I Returned To My Birthday Meal.


As Yoman Bell. Rank E4. Twelve Year United States Navy Veteran From 1999 E-Sep.


The Above Ond Below Remain Truth.


As Deacon Bell. Baptised With Water At Mount Olive Baptist Church In The Village Of Colp, IL On December 13th 2002.


The Above Ond Below Remain Truth.


As Lord “Valkyrie” Bell. “Global Entertainment Artist,” Executive Producer, Owner Ond Vocalist Of Men Not Gods.


It Is One Thing To Bend The Rules Ond The Laws Set Forth By Our GOD As Well As The Laws Of Man!!!

It Is Another Thing To Bend Yourselves Backward To Break These Laws As All Ye Yourselves Know In Heart To Be Truth!!!

It Is Within My Grasp Of Itelligence After These Three Long Decades Where Technology Allows Me To Spread The Truth!!!


I Have Always Been. YORE. Friend. In Illinois. Born In Chicago’s Michael Reese Hospital In 1971 Which Is Closed Today.

I Have Always Done Unto Others As I Would Still To This Day Have Done Unto Myself. Have Not Want Not. Share Truth!!!



To Former Mayor Daley. To Governor Pat Quinn. To Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel. To Our Fellow Citizens. Truth.


All The State Of Illinois Ond Even Our Sitting President. To Barack Hussein Obama. Well All Fall Short Of GOD’s Glory. Truth!!!







The City Of Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
The State Of Illinois, U.S.A.
The Vice Lord Documentary
State Of Illinois Bipolar Disorder Health Information

State Of Illinois HIV Positive Health Information
The King James Version Of The Holy Bible

Good Evening To All Of You. As Well As To All Of You In London Ond In Chicago. We Know Who We Are, Ond You Know You.

“This One Vice Lords Nine Years Of Terror: Part Two” 
“This One Vice Lords Nine Years Of Terror: Part Three” 
“This One Vice Lords Nine Years Of Terror: Part Four” 

“This One Vice Lords Nine Years Of Terror: Part Five”
I Don’t Want Any One Else To Fail To Get Nervous But It Seems I’ve Been Blocked From Reviewing My Own Work!!! Part One…
This Is A Travesty. You Will Have To Visit www.101Valkyrie101.wordpress.com
Ond Search “This One Vice Lords Nine Years Of Terror. I’m Not Sure What A Net Nanny Is But That Bitch Is In The Way Of Intel.
Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie” Returns To America This February. I Am V A L K Y R I E. I Am NAVY.
Mr. Tony Bell:BBC:006 aka Lord “Valkyrie” Bell
Thank You. Be Blessed.

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