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“TKE Queer Bunny” | Chicago, Illinois | London, United Kingdom
9900 South Yale, Chicago, Illinois 60628 ATT Voicemail: 618-727-1872
Vincent Ward
Gordon Hospital
8 Bloomburg Street
London SW1V 2RH
Directly: 020-3315-5659
“Erogenous Adonis’ A 25 Song Biography: Ten Years In The Life Of Lord ‘Valkyrie’ Bell”
Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie”

Executive Producer, Vocalist Ond Label Owner

Men Not Gods “Mahagony In Mind” On Rhapsody!!!
I Have Hand Picked Mr. Ricky Rozay To Join My Short List Of Possible Angel Investors. While Searching Twitter, LinkedIn As Well As My Yahoo! Ond MSN Windows Live Contacts. I Am Selecting Just Those Of You Who Are Now On This Email. Yet, I Also Am Placing This Twitter WordPress Blog Entry In To The Cyber Realm To Be Considered By Any Serious Angel Investor Who Just Might See Fit To Contact Myelf. Mr. Tony Bell:BBC:006 U.S. Navy Veteran Of Twelve Years aka “TKE Queer Bunny” Lord Valkyrie Bell.
The Studio Production Of This Album Along With Band Development Will Pave The Road For An Actual Staged Musical.
“Men Not Gods: ‘Erogenous Adonis’ Track List” 

Act One
Scene One

1. “Wide Open Soldier” ~ Protect With Your Love
{2001 ~ Men Not Gods Tribute To Mahatma Ghandi “Mahagony In Mind” Debuts In Chicago At Subterranean In Bucktown.}


2. “Liberation” ~ Why Must All My People Suffer
{2001 ~ Lord “Valkyrie” Bell Relocates To New York City Performing At The Baggot It Ond CBGD Then Learns He Is +HIV.}


3. “You Want War” ~ I Listened To All You Have To Say
{2001 ~ Lord “Valkyrie” Bell Relocates To Atlanta, Georgia To Showcase For LaFace Record But The September 11th Attacks Occur Ond The DeKalb County Authorities Lock Mr. Tony Bell Up As A Vice Lord Into Maximum Security In The DeKalb County Jail.}




4. “Aftermath Of War” ~ Laughter Shall Be Found 
{2001 ~ After 40 Days Ond 40 Night In Jail Lord “Valkyrie” Bell Leaves With The “MEN NOT GODS University” Written In Ink.}
5. “Why Not Believe In Who You Are” ~ How Do You Feel
{2004 ~ Yoman:E4 Mr. Tony Bell:BBC:006 Opens Dialogue With Then President Bush The 2nd Paving The Way For MEN NOT GODS Music Group, USA-UK To Become A “Faith Based Community Initiative” Ond Campaigns Bipartisan For Bush As Well As Obama.}
6. “Rock Ond Roll Is Power” ~ Music Changes Lives
{2004 ~ Valkyrie Scores A Third Place Win In Seattle, WA As A Contestant For The Yahoo! Yodeling Contest.}


7. “Fish From Water” ~ The Hands Of Time Keep On Turning
{2004 ~ Being A Minority In The Contest MenNotGods.com Grows In Popularity On The Street Ond In The Hood By Mouth.}


8. “Deep Inside The Mud” ~ Don’t Change A Thing For Me
{2004 ~ On September 16th In Seattle Due To Public Statements Made Regarding Being A Vice Lord On MenNotGods.com Members Of U2’s Entourage Fly To Seattle From Chicago Ond Offers $750 Worth Of YeYo (Cocaine) To Inhale. As A Firsttime Choice I Did.}


9. “Answer My Questions” ~ Why Not Consider This Testimony
{2004 ~ For The Next Two Months Valkyrie Goes Clean To Montana Ond Lives With The Medicine Crow Indian Tribe.}


10. “Thought” ~ A Servant Of God I Am 
{2004 ~ While Maintaining An Online Stature In Billings Ond Lodgegrass Montana He Befriends Doctor Medicine Crow Ond Family.}
11. “Go Ahead Ond Go” ~ Us Is This The End
{2004 ~ On Thanksgiving Back Home In Chicago Lord “Valkyrie” Bell’s Urban Legend Has Grown Due To Top Ten ESPN Exposure.}


12. “Erogenous Adonis” ~ Time Passes As Time Can
{2004 ~ The Urban Legend Of “Valkyrie” Grows Deeper Into The Underbelly Of Chicago As Many Within The Circle Of YeYo Open Up To Yoman Tony Bell As BBC:006 As Ronald Reagan Dies It Seems So Does Nancy Reagan’s “Say No” Campaign As Moes Rise.} 


13. “Know Me Now” ~ Finally Waking Next To You
{2005 ~ Lord “Valkyrie” Bell Can Barely Move In The State Of Illinois Without Someone Else Moving Cocaine In His Direction!!!}


14. “Comatose: Used Anger” ~ You Didn’t Make It Any Easier
{2005 ~ As The MOES Reveal Themselves As Former Crack Babies Many Begin To Plan The Final Fall Of Cabrini Green, Robert Taylor Home Ond The Ickies. As Project Buildings Close So The Power Of Mayor Daley Becomes A Constant.}


15. “My Trust In You: Used Anger” ~ What Do You Think I See
{2006 ~ Senator Obama Rises To Power With In The U.S. Senate. Osama Rhymes With Obama. The Streets Of Chicago Notice.}


16. “The Knight Comes: Shyne” ~ Realise That Nothing Lasts Forever
{2008 ~ The 2nd Bush Administration Gives Way To The Obama Administration. The Streets Of Chicago Took Notice.}


17. “I Don’t Know Why: Shyne” ~ Am I The Problem We Always Fight 
{2009 ~ “The President Is Black” Said Jeezy Ond Every Hood That Knew It Got Into It From Mexico, To Kingston Jamaica.}


18. “Shine: Shyne” ~ No Long So I Clouds Hanging Over Me
{2010 ~ “The President Is Black” Ond The Drug Cartels Expanded Their Power To Take On The Mexican Ond Jamaican Governments. President Obama Excercises Homeland Security Ond Increases The US Border Patrol.}
19. “Time Goes By In A Dream: Millennia” ~ I See The Stars
{2011 ~ The Last Of The Project Buildings Fall In Chicago Ond As Mayor Daley Leaves Office “Valkyrie” Heads To London.}


20. “Lunacy: Millennia” ~ I Think I Need You Next To Me
{2011 ~ “Erogenous Adonis” Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie” Is Seen As “Useful” By The Metropolitan Police In London. Unable To Maintain Clean Sobriety From The Past May. Tony Bell:BBC:006 Personally Investigates The Soho Druggers.}


21. “Robots: Millennia” ~ Ond So They Meet Their End
{2011 ~ Going By The Handle “Chicago” Many Of The Druggers Defy Law Ond Order Ond Were Sent Back To Prison.}


22. “Vacuum: Used Anger” ~ Unconcerned With This World
{2012 ~ Safely Housed. Clean Ond Sober. Lord “Valkyrie” Bell Returns With His Written Exploits On Twitter Ond WordPress.}


23. “Dream On Dreamer: Millennia” ~ A Little Hope A Little Glory
{2012 ~ With The Help Of The NHS. Lord “Valkryie” Bell Develops His Clout As A Favor Toward Internationalism Ond Intel.} 


24. “Save Me My Saviour” ~ Men Not Gods Is Known
{2012 ~ Safely Housed. Clean Ond Sober. Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie” The 1st Prepares To Unleash “Erogenous Adonis” Upon His Return To The City Of Chicago In February 2012. How? He Is The “Erogenous Adonis” Himself. Prepared.}


25. “To God I Say” ~ Take All Your Sorrow 
(2012 ~ “Erogenous Adonis” Debuts In Chicago With The Urban Legend Live!!! Steady. Secure. Sexy. Fronting Men Not Gods.}


 Um…This Concludes One Very Accurate Version Of My Story. Wild Huh? It Just Needs Cash Money. Lights Ond A Microphone…

“Men Not Gods: ‘Erogenous Adonis’ Track List”
R E S U M E  Ond A Brief History That Implores You There To
Search Out Lord Valkyrie Bell Now.
–Singer-Actor-Writer- Executive Producer-Model–T.K.E.–
Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord ”Valkyrie”
ATT Voicemail U.S.A. 001-618-727-1872
1994: The International Modeling Ond Talent Association – IMTA
  Winter Fashion Weeks:New York City Hilton Ond Towers
1994: Black Womens Expo At McCormick Place In Chicago
1994: John Robert Powers – Yennifer Yih, Management
1994: United Colours Of Bennetton & Structure On Runway
1994: “Hedda Gabler” Dr. Eilert Loveburg: Loyola University
1994: “Makeda-The Queen Of Sheba” Courtier 2
   The New Regal Theater In Chicago 
1995: “Alien War” Colonial Marine M.D.
   London, England, United Kingdom
   Trocadero Square, Piccadilly Circus 
   Debut!!! With Ms. Sigourney Weaver From Hollywood
Here Is A Brief History Of Lord Valkyrie Bell – Singer Performer…
When thinking of one word…
one word only which best describes the sound of this voice… it would be Gothic!!!
This guy’s goal is to evoke so much emotion through music… to create such vivid
characters during live performances… that nothing is lost in a show production or in recording.
Now 40 years old, he hails from Chicago. His first time on the stage was at the very young
age of 5. In Kindergarten!!! In Roman Catholic School, attending Holy Cross on South
Drexal Avenue near 63rd Street. There. Lord Valkyrie Bell portrayed the lead character of Rudolph!!!
This stage play is so deeply loved ond Santa’s Sleigh Leader “Rudolph – The Red Nosed Reindeer”
went down fondly into the lap of his adoring ond still loving supportive Mother. Ms. Nancy Karen Bell.
With her own Mother Mrs. Roberta Thompson. They both smiled ond hugged the young stage actor. 
Master Anthony Lawrence Bell. Who was indeed shedding rather large tears. Right until they
removed the red foam nose. 
Years more were to give Lord Valkyrie Bell training, exposure ond many forms of experience.
A Performer with talents that bless a lifetime of teachers ond audience members alike. In both
professional theatre ond at several major Universities, he found himself in New York City
on his way to Europe as a Runway Model. During a 1994 stop in the United Kingdom he made a new
love come forth. Music. He found that years of singing on the stage had made him ready for live shows.
Over 17 years, Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie” has developed a voice as a Frontman with a
Theatrical ond commanding style unique in this industry. As a Black Male from Chicago. He has honed
his skills with his past bands: Soho Sex Whale,U.K. – Shyne, U.K. – Millennia, CA – Used Anger, CA – Mister Fister, IL.
Valkyrie is now Founder of Men Not Gods: Chicago’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band!!!
Working as Executive Producer. Composing ond Arranging his own shows with original material. Drawing from his Muse, lifelong travels ond experiences. A Rock Ond Roller? Who can actually sing? Well? Yes!!!
In addition Lord Valkyrie Bell is a truly gifted songwriter. His lyrics are pure in thought and come across with intellectual accuracy. When he is on the stage singing. You hear what is being said. Accepting what you will…



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