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| “TKE Queer Bunny” |
| Chicago, Illinois |
| London, United Kingdom |

9900 South Yale, Chicago, Illinois 60628
ATT Voicemail: 618-727-1872  

Vincent Ward
Gordon Hospital
8 Bloomburg Street
London SW1V 2RH
Directly: 020-3315-5659


To Whom It May Concern Working With Mr. Johnson…
Ond To My Readership Ond Twitter WordPress Followers.

My Name Is Anthony Lawrence Bell, Tony. I Am An Executive Producer, Vocalist Ond Indie Label Owner.

At This Level In My Music Career I Am In The Final Stages Of Development Of A Live Studio Album For My Band Men Not Gods: Chicago. Which Will Also Be The Core For The Musical Production Of “Erogenous Adonis” As A 25 Song Biography Of My Life With HIV Over The Last 10 Years. Along With The Difficulty Of Mental Illness.

Ten Years Ago My Vision Of Men Not Gods: Chicago’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band Came Into Existence Ond Became A Solid Material Album Titled “Mahagony In Mind” Which Was A Salute To Mahatma Ghandi.

Being Successful In Opening Doors Throughout The Music Industry Quickly Led To The Discovery That I’d Contracted HIV In 2001. The News Broke Me Emotionally While In New York City On Tour With Men Not Gods Performing.

I Managed To Pull It Together Enough To Continue On To Atlanta When The September 11th Attack Occured. As An HIV Positive Man With Bipolar Mood Disorder I Was Shaken. As A U.S. Navy Veteran I Was Broken. As A Vice Lord From The City Of Chicago I Was Hurt Ond Angry.

Now From London, United Kingdom I Find I’m Ready To Step Back On Stage With Men Not Gods: Chicago!!!

So I’ve Got A Picture In My Mind For “Erogenous Adonis” But I May Not Have The Stamina As An HIV+ Man Nor The Income To Make This Ten Year Anniversary Of “Mahagony In Mind” Break Into Something Big Time!!

I’m 40 Now. Osama Bin Laden Is Dead. The United States Of America Has Pulled Out Of Iraq Ond I Am Sick. Weary If You Will With HIV Ond Mental Illness.

Currently I Am Receiving Good Care In London. But My Heart Tells Me To Believe… To Believe That God Knows I Deserve More. Another Shot At The Big Time In Music.

Hence I Am Writing You Magic. Will You Become An Angel Investor. Details Of “Erogenous Adonis” Including The Track List Ond The Biography’s Background Are Clearly Written At www.101Valkyrie101.wordpress.com

I Invite You To Contact Me If You Are Up For An Assist. I’ve Taken Notice Of Your Play “Magic Bird” Ond I Feel The “Erogenous Adonis” Will Only Aide In Lifting Your Brand. I Am Sickly But I Can Still Make This Happen!!!

At Least That Is How I Feel. That Is What I Tell Myself.

The Studio Production Of “Mahagony In Mind” Comes With Great Reviews www.cdbaby.com/mennotgods Ond Has Carried Men Not Gods: Chicago Ond Lord “Valkyrie” Bell Ten Entire Years. I Am Ready To Tackle The Big Time. Please Join With Me. Become An Angel Investor.

Thank You Very Much For Your Attention. Contact Me.

Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie”


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