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Wednesday, January 26th 2012
“As We Leave The Year Of The Rabbit For The Dragon” I Have Selected The Three Of You As LinkedIn Connections That As A Party With Men Not Gods, We Might All Benefit.
1. Derek Sivers: We Have Been Associated With Each Other Since CHAT.com Where We Met In 2001. Derek Was The Central Speaker At A CHAT Meeting Held At The Club Subterranean In Chicago, Illinois In 2001. We’ve Managed To Stay In Contact Since Then Through His Selling Of CDBABY.com To Disk Makers But Not Before Securing An Online Distribution Deal For Me With His Then Company.
2. Janice Chapel: You Have Been Keeping Me Up To Date With All Of Your Creative Ideas Via LinkedIn From The St. Louis Area For The Better Part Of 2011. As A Fellow African American Working In The Field Of Music, I Felt It Intuitive To Include You In This Message On This Day. As I Am Still Living Ond Working From The United Kingdom. I Have Decided Now Singlehanded To Open Ond Share These Professional Channels.
3. Jacob Corn: At The Very First Instance We Met In London I’ve Felt There Must Be Away That Your Incredible Design Talents Can Receive More Exposure www.jacobcorn.com. This LinkedIn Message Is A First Step In My Efforts Being Undertaken Here In 2012 To Actually Organize A Creative Team To Aide Ond Oversee The MEN NOT GODS Music Group Development Of A Spring 2012 Release Of The CD Video Project “Erogenous Adonis” For The United States Ond The United Kingdom.
4. Peter Grant: With This Business Target In Mind. I Welcome Gold Record Recording Artist Mr. Peter Grant Into This Inner Circle Of Professional Ond Creative Minds. In Keeping With Our Earlier Arrangement. I Am Now In A Position Here At Gordon Hospital As A Voluntary Patient Where My Circumstances Will Be As Such Upon My Return To  Chicago. I Will Be Better Able To Work On The Over All Production Of “Erogenous Adonis” As The Executive Producer Ond Vocalist.
This Is A Keen Opportunity For Me. Woking With Dr. Taylor Ond The National Heath Service Of The United Kingdom. When I Return To Chicago My Hands Will Be Untied Ond I Will Be More Secure In My New Found Freedom To Focus As A Professional Vocal Talent All Of My Effort In Making “Erogenous Adonis” A Significant Piece Of Artistic Work. Free Of The Cost Of Living. With The Help Of Doctoral Services In Chicago. I Will Be In A Unique Position Of Having Professional Assistance As An Artist In Private Residence At Home In Chicago. Allowing Me To Put Forth My Best Creative Work. While At The Sametime I Begin To Open Up Ond Go Public With My Medical Ond Psychological Barriers Which I Am Now Ready To Overcome With The Aide Of The NHS Here At Gordon Hospital In The United Kingdom.
Where Being Bipolar Has Proven To Be A Substantial Stumbling Block Since My Diagnosis As A Thirteen (13) Year Old Boy. The Discovery That I Am HIV Positive Has Been A Traumatic Permanent Set Of Circumstances Since 2001. That I At The Age Of Forty (40) Am Only Now Mature Enough To Tackle Ond Manage These Obstacles To My Every Artistic Undertaking Viable In 2012.
I Will End My LinkedIn Message Here. I Will Continue Via An Email From Hotmail.
Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie”
Executive Producer Ond Vocalist
Men Not Gods “Mahagony In Mind” On Rhapsody!!!
“As We Leave The Year Of The Rabbit For The Dragon”
Of The Four Of You Listed Above Only Mr. Peter Grant Is Not Yet On The LinkedIn Social Site.
Peter Grant Meet Derek Sivers. Derek, I’m Counting On Your Savy For Knowing How To CHAT…
Jacob Corn. Janice Chapel Ond To All At www.hostbaby.com Meet Mr. Peter Grant www.petergrantmusic.com
As For Those Of You Who Follow Me Professionally On Twitter. I’ve Again Filled This WordPress Entry With Huge Amounts Of Personal Information. I Have Always Seen Myself As Useful. At This Time It My Belief That I Can Only Grow Bi Being Open About The Challenges That I Have Been Facing. Since The 20th Century Has Passed Us By I Can Only Assume That My Use Of These Various Means Of Social Networking Will Not Only Engage A Work Etiquette Between Jacob, Janice, Derek Peter Ond I But That Among The Hundreds Of Readers Ond Followers With Serious Professional Standing. Some Good Has To Come Of My Efforts.
This Is Me At My Most Sincere. Gordon Hospital Is Organizing My Return To Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
The Team Here Understands The Seriousness Of My Career Undertaking Ond Has Given Me Every Tool Freely To Continue To Map Out My Path. When I Return To America In The Coming Month I Hope My Networking Skills Will Benefit Not Only Me But Those Who Support Me As I Work To Rise To That Next Level. No One Makes It In The Entertainment Industry With Out A Team Of Individuals Working Together. Building Upon What They Have Ond Reaching Out With Support Of New Talent With New Ideas.
Below Find “Erogenous Adonis” Ond Once Again My Entertainment Resume. Thanks Everybody. More To Come.
“Men Not Gods: ‘Erogenous Adonis’ Track List”


1. “Wide Open Soldier” ~ Protect With Your Love


2. “Liberation” ~ Why Must All My People Suffer


3. “You Want War” ~ I Listened To All You Have To Say


4. “Aftermath Of War” ~ Laughter Shall Be Found


5. “Why Not Believe In Who You Are” ~ How Do You Feel


6. “Rock Ond Roll Is Power” ~ Music Changes Lives


7. “Fish From Water” ~ The Hands Of Time Keep On Turning


8. “Deep Inside The Mud” ~ Don’t Change A Thing For Me


9. “Answer My Questions” ~ Why Not Consider This Testimony


10. “Thought” ~ A Servant Of God I Am


11. “Go Ahead Ond Go” ~ Us Is This The End


12. “Erogenous Adonis” ~ Time Passes As Time Can


13. “Know Me Now” ~ Finally Waking Next To You


14. “Comatose: Used Anger” ~ You Didn’t Make It Any Easier


15. “My Trust In You: Used Anger” ~ What Do You Think I See


16. “The Knight Comes: Shyne” ~ Realise That Nothing Lasts Forever


17. “I Don’t Know Why: Shyne” ~ Am I The Problem We Always Fight 


18. “Shine: Shyne” ~ No Long So I Clouds Hanging Over Me


19. “Time Goes By In A Dream: Millennia” ~ I See The Stars


20. “Lunacy: Millennia” ~ I Think I Need You Next To Me


21. “Robots: Millennia” ~ Ond So They Meet Their End


22. “Vacuum: Used Anger” ~ Unconcerned With This World


23. “Dream On Dreamer: Millennia” ~ A Little Hope A Little Glory


24. “Save Me My Saviour” ~ Men Not Gods Is Known


25. “To God I Say” ~ Take All Your Sorrow


 “Men Not Gods: ‘Erogenous Adonis’ Track List”


R E S U M E  Ond A Brief History That Implores You There To

Search Out Lord Valkyrie Bell Now.


–Singer-Actor-Writer- Executive Producer-Model–T.K.E.–


Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord ”Valkyrie”


ATT Voicemail U.S.A. 001-618-727-1872


1994: The International Modeling Ond Talent Association – IMTA

  Winter Fashion Weeks:New York City Hilton Ond Towers


1994: Black Womens Expo At McCormick Place In Chicago


1994: John Robert Powers – Yennifer Yih, Management


1994: United Colours Of Bennetton & Structure On Runway


1994: “Hedda Gabler” Dr. Eilert Loveburg: Loyola University


1994: “Makeda-The Queen Of Sheba” Courtier 2

   The New Regal Theater In Chicago 


1995: “Alien War” Colonial Marine M.D.

   London, England, United Kingdom

   Trocadero Square, Piccadilly Circus 

   Debut!!! With Ms. Sigourney Weaver From Hollywood


Here Is A Brief History Of Lord Valkyrie Bell – Singer Performer…


When thinking of one word…

one word only which best describes the sound of this voice… it would be Gothic!!!

This guy’s goal is to evoke so much emotion through music… to create such vivid

characters during live performances… that nothing is lost in a show production or in recording.

Now 40 years old, he hails from Chicago. His first time on the stage was at the very young

age of 5. In Kindergarten!!! In Roman Catholic School, attending Holy Cross on South

Drexal Avenue near 63rd Street. There. Lord Valkyrie Bell portrayed the lead character of Rudolph!!!


This stage play is so deeply loved ond Santa’s Sleigh Leader “Rudolph – The Red Nosed Reindeer”

went down fondly into the lap of his adoring ond still loving supportive Mother. Ms. Nancy Karen Bell.

With her own Mother Mrs. Roberta Thompson. They both smiled ond hugged the young stage actor. 

Master Anthony Lawrence Bell. Who was indeed shedding rather large tears. Right until they

removed the red foam nose. 


Years more were to give Lord Valkyrie Bell training, exposure ond many forms of experience.

A Performer with talents that bless a lifetime of teachers ond audience members alike. In both

professional theatre ond at several major Universities, he found himself in New York City

on his way to Europe as a Runway Model. During a 1994 stop in the United Kingdom he made a new

love come forth. Music. He found that years of singing on the stage had made him ready for live shows.


Over 17 years, Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie” has developed a voice as a Frontman with a

Theatrical ond commanding style unique in this industry. As a Black Male from Chicago. He has honed

his skills with his past bands: Soho Sex Whale,U.K. – Shyne, U.K. – Millennia, CA – Used Anger, CA – Mister Fister, IL.

Valkyrie is now Founder of Men Not Gods: Chicago’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band!!!

Working as Executive Producer. Composing ond Arranging his own shows with original material. Drawing from his Muse, lifelong travels ond experiences. A Rock Ond Roller? Who can actually sing? Well? Yes!!!

In addition Lord Valkyrie Bell is a truly gifted songwriter. His lyrics are pure in thought and come across with intellectual accuracy. When he is on the stage singing. You hear what is being said. Accepting what you will…


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