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“Bringing Relief To My Forty Year Old Self: Again Sobriety Day 11”


Wednesday, January 25th 2012

I Feel A Melody Played On My Heartstrings. The Music Plays Through My Consciousness. My Mind Free Of All Intoxicants I Find Direction. The Countdown Has Begun. With Some Fourteen Days Until I Can Afford To Return To The United States. That’s A Bare Minimum Two Weeks Of Self Preparation. Reflections Of The Last Five Months Show Wasted Efforts. The Streets Of 21st Century London, England On The West End Revealed Sin Throughout It. As I Write This Twitter WordPress Blog Entry Out Bi Longhand Cursive Writing. I Can See The Thoughts Of A Mature Adult Forty Year Old Black American National.

As “Author Ond Living Literature” I Welcome All Of My Followers Ond Readers To Travel Along With Me.

“Thine Kingdom’s Journal: Origins” Ond “Thine Kingdom’s Journal” Return Us To The Gospel With Fortitude Ond Salvation. While I Am Sore From My Recent Trials Ond Tribulations. Where The God Natured Man That Is Deacon Anthony Lawrence Bell Became Embattled Within The Drug Culture Here In London. I Kept My Feet On The Ground. I Wore The Armour Of God Ond My Thoughts Are Still Focused On Heaven. The Unclean Temptations Of These Streets Have No Aura Of Virtue. Those People I Encountered Would Do Far Better To Think Goodness Upon The Queen Elizabeth The 2nd. The System On This Side Of The Pond In Truth Is Operated By A Healthy Society Which Rules Over The Daily Activities Of All Those Of Us In The United Kingdom. Tired Now Of Walking A Fine Line Of Internationalism Between The Metropolitan Police Ond The Druggers Ond The Tourists. I’m Posted. 

Yes. I Am A Vice Lord Of Thirty Years. Yes I Am From The City Of Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

While I Close This Chapter In Life Successful. I’ve Maintained My Clout As Well As Kept My Heart On Home. So My Love Of America Ond England Has Seen Me Though As God Is My Witness. While I Bent The Law. I Did Not Break The Law. I Did Not Default. Rather, I’ve Kept My Spirit Clean Throughout This Ordeal. Now. As Surely As Texas Governor Rick Perry Has Pulled Out Of The Republican Nomination For The White House. I Have Work To Do,

“TKE Queer Bunny” | Chicago, Illinois | London, United Kingdom

I Am Forever Grateful To The NHS For Mapping My Activity On This Side Of The Pond. I Have Acted With In The Grounds Of Polite Society Ond Can See My Was Clear To Work On Journalistic Efforts From Here Abroad:

Vincent Ward, Gordon Hospital, 8 Bloomburg Street, London SW1V 2RH  Tel: 020-3315-5659

I Shall Firmly Be Focused On Making Marked Self Improvements From This Location Until I Depart For The United States Of America In February.

Allow No The Word To Ring True Yet Again. The Year 2012. 
To You Younglings: Ephesians Chapter 4

“I Therefore, The Prisoner Of The Lord, Beseech You That Ye Walk Worthy Of The Vocation Wherewith Ye Are Called, With All Lowliness Ond Meekness, With Longsuffering, Forbearing One Another In Love; Endeavouring To Keep The Unity Of The Spirit In The Bond Of Peace. There Is One Body, Ond One Spirit, Even As Ye Are Called In One Hope Of Your Calling; One Lord, Ond Faith, One Baptism, One God Ond Father Of All, Who Is Above All, Ond Through All, Ond In You All. But Unto Every One Of Us Is Given Grace According To The Measure Of The Gift Of Christ. Wherefore He Saith, When He Ascended Up On High, He Led Captivity Captive, Ond Gave Gifts Unto Men.”

“(Now That He Ascended, What Is It But That He Also Descended First Into The Lower Parts Of The Earth? He That Descended Is The Same Also That Ascended Up Far Above All Heavens, That He Might Fill All Things.) Ond He Gave Some, Apostles; Ond Some, Prophets; Ond Some, Evangelists; Ond Some, Pastors Ond Teachers; For The Perfecting Of The Saints, For The Work Of The Ministry, For The Edifying Of The Body Of Christ: Til We All Come In The Unity Of The Faith, Ond Of The Knowledge Of The Son Of God, Unto A Perfect Man, Unto The Measure Of Stature Of The Fulness Of Christ: That We Henceforth Be No More Children, Tossed To Ond Fro, Ond Carried About With Every Wind Of Doctrine, By Sleight Lie In Wait To Deceive;”

“But Speaking The Truth In Love, May Now Grow Up Into Him In All Things, Which Is The Head, Even Christ: From Whom The Whole Body Fitly Joined Together Ond Compacted By That Which Every Joint Supplieth, According To The Effectual Working In The Measure Of Every Part, Maketh Increase Of The Body Unto The Edifying Of Itself In Love. This Is Say Therefore, Ond Testify In The Lord, That Ye Henceforth Walk Not As Other Gentiles Walk, In The Vanity Of Their Mind, Having The Understanding Darkened, Being Alienated From The Life Of God Through The Ignorance That Is In Them, Because Of The Blindness Of Their Heart: Who Being Past Feeling Have Given Themselves Over Unto Lasciviousness, To Work All Uncleaness With Greediness.”

“But Ye Have Not So Learned Christ; If So Be That Ye Have Heard Him, Ond Have Been Taught By Him, As The Truth Is In Jesus: That Ye Put Off Concerning The Former Conversation The Old Man, Which Is Corrupt According To The Deceitful Lusts; Ond Be Renewed In The Spirit Of Your Mind; Ond That Ye Put On The New Man; Which After God Is Created In Righteousness On True Holiness. Wherefore Putting Away Lying, Speak Every Man Truth With His Neighbour: For We Are Members One Of Another. Be Ye Angry, Ond Sin Not: Let Not The Sun Go Down Upon Your Wrath: Neither Give Place To The Devil. Let Him Labour, Working With His Hands The Thing Which Is Good To The Use Of Edifying, That It Hearers.”

“Ond Grieve Not The Holy Spirit Of God, Whereby Ye Are Sealed Unto The Day Of Redemption. Let All Bitterness, Ond Wrath Ond Anger, Ond Clamour, Ond Evil Speaking, Be Put Away From You, With All Malice: Ond Be Ye Kind One To Another, Tenderhearted, Forgiving One Another, Even As God For Christ’s Sake Hath Forgiven You.”

From Here Let Me Share This. MEN NOT GODS Music Group, USA-UK Of Which I Am Sole Proprietor Ond A Minority Business Owner. Does Now Stand On Behalf Of The ReElection Of Barack Hussein Obama To The Presidency Of The United States Of America. His Best Work Is Still Ahead Of Him. The Voters Are Sure To See Him Justified In Seeking A Second Term. More Than Anything:

“The Continuity Of Authority: Obama Campaign 2012” Means Keeping Consistant.

If Nothing Else Is True. We Can Still Accept That This One Man Is Our President Today. It Is Vital That He Be Chosen To Continue In The Oval Office. To Continue In That Seat Of Authority. So That His Election To A 2nd Term Will Open New Avenues Of Discussion Over The Next Four Years. 

These Discussions During A Sitting President’s 2nd Term Solidify Him As A 1st Class World Leader. Have No Doubt That President Barack Hussein Obama Will Be Able To Steer The Congress To Solve This Debt Crisis That The Entire World Is Mired In. We Need You Mr. President. Yes I Am Direct Enough To Say It Here. Ond I Am Sober Enough To Mean Every Word That I’ve Written.

The Doors To The Halls Of Leadership Will Fling Open For Our Newly ReElected President. The Free World Will Look Here In The United Kingdom For Leadership Ond Direction As Well. But. Come November On Election Night. I Wish To Hear Obama Has Again Won.

Here At Gordon Hospital My Mind Free Of Intoxicants I Have To Plan Ahead For My Return To The United States Of America. My Five Months Of Wasted Efforts In The West End Of London Mean That I Have To Catch Hold Of A More Wholesome Flight Home. With Senator Joe Biden As Our Country’s Vice President There Have Been Some Distinct Changes To America. As Far As What Has Been Reported In The News To Me. “TKE Queer Bunny” Will Definitely Have To Carve A New Niche For Ourself In Our Homeland. I Think I Will Make The Most Out Of My Remaining Time Here In London. There Is No Need For Me To Do More Then Read, Write Ond Rest Myself.

“Bringing Relief To My Forty Year Old Self: Again Sobriety Day 11”

My My How Time Reveals A Need  For All Of Us To Prepare For The Times Ahead We Shall Face This Spring.
Winter’s Naked Trees Bare Of Leaves Tell Us Via Nature The Times Dates Ond Changing Seasons Set Forth By Our Lord. Our God. My Hope Is That Goodness Befalls Us All In 2012. Prepare For The Greatness Of All Things To Come. 

“Thine Kingdom’s Journal: Origins” Ond “Thine Kingdom’s Journal”

Until My Next Entry. Be Well. Be Safe. Be Love. Believe… God Is Overstanding Universal.

Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie”


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