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“Joy. Strength Ond Fortitude. Governor Rick Perry.”

“TKE Queer Bunny” Chicago, Illinois | London, United Kingdom

Mr. Tony Bell: “Lord Valkyrie” BBC:006 U.S. Navy Yoman:E4


Box 204 Doctor Springs Road, Colp, IL 62921
9900 South Yale, Chicago, IL 60628


To President Barack Hussein Obama Ond To The Entire First Family As Well As To The White House.


Joy. Strength Ond Fortitude. Governor Rick Perry.


I Wish For A Much Stronger Governments To Be Formed In Both The United States Of America Ond The United Kingdom. This Christmas I’m In London.  Prime Minister David Cameron Is In For The Same Election Battle That You Are In For Mr. President.


The Two Of You Are Locked Into This. Desk To Desk. Downing Street To Washington, D.C. Do Not Be Foolish In Thinking That Governor Rick Perry Is Not Capable. A Republican Take Over Is Timely.


Ond Yet This Christmas. Myself? I’m In London. Sick. Mentally. Spiritually. Physically Tasked Today. Unlike Other Voters Who Have A Line To The Oval Office Ond Are Small Business Owners.

I Am Black.


Whilst I Am In Some Amount Of Pain Do To My Need For Better Immediate Care For My HIV+ Symptons Returning. I Also Fight With The Bank Barclays To Release My Savings From The 1997 Back To My Control. The Financial Ombudsman Is Too Slow.


Unlike Other Voters In The U.K. Ond The U.S.A. I Do Not Blame The Current Governments I Blame Voters. The Reality You Face Barack. I Face As Tony. I Am The Same Senator Tony Bell From Winona State University 1990 Who Chaired The Student Services Committee As The 1st Iraq War Broke Out. When The Oil Fields In Kuwait Were A Blaze On TV. Back Then Barack Had Not Even Met Michelle Yet.


You As “The Black Man” At Harvard Who Spoke By Phone With Me Then. My Senator’s Desk To The Editors Desk Of “The Harvard Law Review” In 1990.


So I Remind The President Of The United States Of America. One Mr. Barack Hussein Obama That You Must Search Out The Facts. Every Scrutiny Will Be Undertaken To Discover The Background Of The Presidential Candidate Who Once Was A Voter. He Who Once Was A Student Editor At Harvard. Who Did Meet A Greet Ond Shake Hands Ond Speak To Me. A Fellow Black Man!!! Mr. Tony Bell, Project Associate At The Illinois Coalition In The James Thompson Center In 1999!!!


I Am Your Friend!!! Sir. With That I Expect Some One To Follow Up With Me.


Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord Valkyrie
In Care Of…

The Passage 1980 – 2010
Helping Homeless People For 30 Years
St. Vincent’s Centre
Carlisle Place
London SW1P 1NL

Tel: 020-7592-1850
Fax. 020-7592-1870
Registered Charity
Number 1079764


My Personality Is As Sound As My Mind. I Feel Good.
I Am Happy To Offer My Talent Ond My Skills Now.


“Let Us Work Together To Keep Us All Alive.”
Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class Yoman E4 Tony Bell
United States NAVY Veteran Officer Of 12 Years.


Finally. Merry Christmas Ond Happy Holidays To All.
Have A Happy New Year. I Await You In London. Do Not Fail To Make Haste As The Republicans Are Now Aware That You Deserve A Second Term. Bi.


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