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“London’s ‘Heart’ On My Vadafone: ‘Acrown”
London Victoria Station Noir ~ “Acrown: The Highlander”
Sonja Mother:
“I Too. I Remember Saying That I Would Do The Dinner.”
Daughter Maria:
“You Fell Asleep. I Did Too. He Loves!!!”
Acrown ~ The Highlander:
“Do I Have To Ask My GOD Why.”
London’s ‘Heart’ On My Vodafone 106.2 Is Jamming.
From Bon Jovi – “Living On A Prayer” Is Playing Just A Track After Madonna – “Papa Don’t Preach.”
I’ve Given It A Real Shot With Danny Darko!!! I Can Barely Sleep At 2:25am On This Saturday Morning Night.
George Michael Fades In. If There Is To Be A “Big Break” For Lord “Valkyrie” Bell It May As Well Be.
Right Now This Fall At The Age Of Forty.
London’s Heart On My Vodafone 106.2 Is Jamming. “Let’s Talk About Sex” “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now” At 1:01am On A Fine Sunday Which Is Spilling Over Saturday Night Fever On A 2:10pm. With Individuals Seeking Drug Money In Soho. The Metropolitan Police Were Obviously About As Afro-Caribbean  British Subjects Somehow Are A Thorn In Myside Ond That’s Because They’ve Proven In Soho To No Longer Be True To Their Word. 
Acrown ~ The Highlander:
“Sonja Mother Of My Being. Join Your Daughter Maria At The Table.  Enjoy Dinner. Father Paulo Is Gone. But Not Gone Forever Knight.”



Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie”

Executive Producer, Vocalist, Composer Arranger
Danny Darko “Earth Rock” Featuring Lord “Valkyrie” Bell
Done. I Know. You Will Be Pleased. Thanks For The Big Break.
This Is My “BIG Break” Right. Um… Hello Milan Anyone. Right? Bi.
Lord “Valkyrie” Bell
In The United Kingdom
The Connection At St. Martin’s
12 Adelaide Street.
London WC2 
Friday Night!!! October 21st 2011 This Is The Email You Want.
Contact Me About The Next Step. Way Cool Opportunity Here.
Men Not Gods “Mahagony In Mind” On Rhapsody!!!
Men Not Gods ~ London’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band

Lord Valkyrie Bell




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