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{“TKE Queer Bunny”} Thursday, October 21st 2011  {U.K. Updates}
“Earth Rock’: All Eyes On London, United Kingdom”
It Is Proving Possible To Find Private Accommodations In The Capitol City Of London, United Kingdom. It Will Be Less Costly Than The Last 15 Years Or So In Illinos. I Can Ond I Should Remain. So, I Shall.
With Men Not Gods? “The Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band”
So, To All Of You In The Kingdom. London Prepare!!!  
Destiny Arrives In The U.K. Ond Italy!!!
Lord “Valkyrie” Bell -Founder, Executive Producer, Vocalist, Composer, Arranger-
Danny Cannizzaro
[“Earth Rock”]
~~The Studio Demo With Both Lyrics Ond My Vocals Are In The Very Private Hands Of Mr. Danny Darko Fame!!! Look Out For “Earth Rock.”~~

Now… (~~~Poems By J.R.R. Tolkien~~~)

“Under The Mountain Dark Ond Tall The King Has Come Unto His Hall!!!

His Foe Is Dead, The Worm Of Dread, Ond Ever So His Foes Shall Fall.”

“The Sword Is Sharp, The Spear Is Long, The Arrow Swift, The Gate Is Strong;

The Heart Is Bold That Look On Gold; The Dwarves No More Shall Suffer Wrong.”

“The Dwarves Of Yore Made Mighty Spells, While Hammers Feel Like Ringing Bells

In Places Deep, Where Dark Things Sleep, In Hollow Halls Beneath The Fells.”

“On Silver Necklaces They String The Light Of Stars, On Crowns They Hung

The Dragon – Fire, From Twisted Wire The Melody Of Harps They Wrung.”

“The Mountain Throne Once More Is Freed!!! O!!! Wandering Folk, The Summons Heed!!!

Come Haste!!! Come Haste!!! Across The Waste!! The King Of Friend On Kin Has Need.”

“Now Call We Over Mountains Cold, ‘Come Back Unto The Caverns Old!!!’

Here At The Gates The King Awaits, His Hands Are Rich With Gems Ond Gold.”

“The King Is Come Unto His Hall Under The Mountain Dark Ond Tall.

The Worm Of Dread Is Slain Ond Dead, Ond Ever So Our Foes Shall Fall.”



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