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“Erogenous Adonis” Absolute Radio
Sunday, October 16th 2011
Listening To Absolute Radio At 7:47am
I Found This Wonderful Station In London. On My Vodafone Mobile. It Got Me Up To Write.
Now At 4:30pm I Just Got Off The Phone With Cambridge Ond I Must Say That I Agree With
Mr.  Jacob Corn. There Is More Exploring To Do In London. 0207-434-1215 Is The Number To
Absolute Radio. They Just Played Prince “Purple Rain” Now Alanis Morissette “What It All Come Down To”
www.absoluteradio.co.uk Which By Vodaphone Allows Me Freebie Freebies.
There Is A Certain Openess That I Lobe About The Kingdom. With London Being The Capitol I Anticipate
A Wide Audience For “Erogenous Adonis.” The Show As A Live Music Act Will Be Starring
London’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band Men Not Gods Featuring Lord “Valkyrie”Bell.
There Is Work To Be Done As The Band Has Yet To Be Formed. But. The Music Is Written. November
Ond December Will See Auditions For Players As Well As The Location Of The Studio. I Have No Doubt That
Musicians Will Gravitate To This Project. The Idea Being For Now To Approach The Musical As A
Recital Where The Story Board Can Be Developed From The Score. Which Means I Am Working Now To
Draw Creative Partners To The Project To Work On The Music Book. Seeing As It Is Sunday. A Quick Read:
JOHAH Chapter 2
“Then Jonah Prayed Unto The LORD His God Out Of The Fish’s Belly, Ond Said, I Cried By Reason Of Mine
Affliction Unto The LORD, Ond He Heard Me; Out Of The Belly Of @#!*% Cried I, Ond Thou Heardest My Voice.”
“For Thou Hadst Cast Me Into The Deep, In The Midst Of The Seas; Ond The Floods Compassed Me About: All
Thy Billows Ond Thy Waves Passed Over Me. Then I Said, I Am Cast Out Of They Sight; Yet I Will Look Again
Toward Thy Holy Temple. The Waters Compassed Me About, Even To The Soul: The Depth Closed Me Round
About, The Weeds Were Wrapped About My Head.”
“I Went Down To The Bottoms Of The Mountains; The Earth With Her Bars Was About Me For Ever: Yet Hast
Thou Brought Up My Life From Corruption, O Lord My God. When My Soul Fainted Within Me I Remembered
The Lord: Ond My Prayer Came In Unto Thee, Into Thine Holy Temple. They That Observe Lying Vanities Forsake
Their Own Mercy. But I Will Sacrifice Unto Thee With The Voice Of Thanksgiving: I Will Pay That That I Have
Vowed. Salvation Is Of The Lord. Ond The Lord Spake Unto The Fish, Ond It Vomited Out Jonah Upon The Dry Land.”
Amen Hotep Ra II
In Ri
Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie” The 1st
Men Not Gods ~ Chicago’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band
Men Not Gods “Mahagony In Mind” Featuring “Valkyrie” 
Men Not Gods “Mahagony In Mind” On Napster!!!

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