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“Erogenous Adonis” By Men Not Gods~Chicago Featuring Lord “Valkyrie” Bell

Thursday, October 6th 2011

All Eyes On:

“Erogenous Adonis” By
Men Not Gods ~ Chicago
Featuring Lord “Valkyrie” Bell!!!

A Challenge Is To Be Met With The Executive Production Behind This “Erogenous Adonis” It Seems.

To Be Sure I Will Have To Pull Away From Not Just London, United Kingdom. But My Last Tweet
Had My Sights Focused On Pheonix, Arizona. Instead. I Leave The U.K. Next Week. I Will Be Back
In Chicago, Illinois To Face The Music. A Few Facts Will Need To Be Sorted, Yeah? Let Me Sort Them
Right Here.

For The Record…

1. Men Not Gods “Mahagony In Mind” Does Exist. www.cdbaby.com/mennotgods

2. Anthony Lawrence Bell Is The Executive Producer Of That Album.

3. Men Not Gods Is Chicago’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band www.myspace.com/mennotgods

I Did It Before. So Now From Chicago I Will Do It Again. I In No Way Wish To Turn My Back On

Fledgling Opportunities Here In London. Which Make Returning To Chicago A Move All The More Needed.

Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. I Love You!!!

As The Urban Legend Has Grown To Include Professional Sports Circles With “TKE Queer Bunny” Do Count
Lord “Valkyrie” Bell In On Seats For A Couple Hands Full Of The Chicago Bulls Home Games. I Don’t Plan
On Missing The Call To Action. Nor The Charge I’m Placing On The Future Men Not Gods ~ Chicago Members
To Seize The Moment I Bring To Our Q101.com www.q101.com Community!!!

This Is Really TheLordValkyrieBell@hotmail.com Coming In To ReGroup The Band Top To Bottom All In.

I Feel This 25 Song:

“Erogenous Adonis”
Men Not Gods ~ Chicago
Lord “Valkyrie” Bell

Let This Become That Which Debuts This Spring 2012.

Yours In Truth

Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie”

From London, U.K. Flying Back To Chicago, U.S.A.
~~Next Week~~


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