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Sunday, October 2nd 2011
“TKE Queer Bunny’: ‘Hey Benny Hill!!!”
~From London, United Kingdom / Chicago, Illinois, USA~



“TKE Queer Bunny’: ‘Hey Benny Hill!!!”
Written By Lord “Valkyrie” Bell BBC:006


Deacon, Executive Producer, Writer. 12 Year Seasoned Veteran.
U.S. Navy Yoman:E4 Mr. Tony Bell: “Here With More.”
An Interactive Daily
~~”Clearly Improvisational Drama”~~
Younglings. Young Ond Old. I Spent Sometime This Morning At Rest. Before I Wrote Out Today’s Entry.
In A Personal Way I’ve Begun To See Myself As A Londoner. My ATT Message Line 001-618-727-1872 Is
Clear Of Many More Than A Casual Hello. Two Old Chums Rang To Say: “Did You Actually Leave?” Well.
Yes. I Actually Did Leave Chicago. Illinois. Boundaries Of The United States Of America. This Way I Can
Work Directly From The Capitol Of The United Kingdom. Which Is London, England. Great Britain. Ok?
Let Me Note This Passage From The King James 2nd Version Of The “Holy Bible” 1611.
“Thine Kingdom’s Journal” JAMES Chapter 3
“My Brethren, Be Not Many Masters, Knowing That We Shall Receive The Greater Condemnation.”
“For In Many Things We Offend All. If Any Man Offend Not In Word, The Same Is A Perfect Man, Ond
Able Also To Bridle The Whole Body. Behold, We Put Bits In The Horses’ Mouths, That They May Obey
Us; Ond We Turn About Their Whole Body. Behold Also The Ships, Which Though They Be So Great,
Ond Are Driven Of Fierce Winds, Yet Are They Turned About With A Very Small Helm, Whithersoever
The Governor Listeth.”
“Even So The Tongue Is A Little Member, Ond Boasteth Great Things. Behold, How Great A Matter A Little
Fire Kindleth!!! Ond The Tongue Is A Fire, A World Of Iniquity: So Is The Tongue Among Out Members,
That It Defileth The Whole Body, Ond Setteth On Fire The Course Of Nature; Ond It Is Set On Fire Of @#!*% .”
“For Every Kind Of Beasts, Ond Of Birds, Ond Of Serpents, Ond Of Things In The Sea, Is Tamed, Ond Hath
Been Tamed Of Mankind: But The Tongue Can No Man Tame; It Is An Unruly Evil, Full Of Deadly Poison.
Therewith Bless We God, Even The Father; Ond Therewith Curse We Men, Which Are Made After The
Similitude Of God.”
“Out Of The Same Mouth Proceedeth Blessing Ond Cursing. My Brethren, These Things Ought Not So To Be.”
“Doth A Fountain Send Forth At The Same Place Sweet Water Ond Bitter? Can The Fig Tree, My Brethren,
Bear Olive Berries? Either A Vine, Figs? So Can No Fountain Both Yield Salt Water Ond Fresh. Who Is A Wise
Man Ond Endued With Knowledge Among You? Let Him Shew Out Of A Good Conversation His Works With
Meekness Of Wisdom. But If Ye Have Bitter Envying Ond Strife In Your Hearts, Glory Not, Ond Lie Not Against
The Truth.”
“This Wisdom Descendeth Not From Above, But Is Earthly, Sensual, Devilish. For Where Envying Ond Strife Is,
There Is Confusion Ond Every Evil Work. But The Wisdom That Is From Above Is First Pure, Then Peaceable,
Gentle, Ond Easy To Be Intreated, Full Of Mercy Ond Good Fruits, Without Partiality, Ond Without Hypocrisy.
Ond The Fruit Of Righteousness Is Sown In Peace Of Them That Make Peace.”
As “Author Ond Living Literature” I Agree With This: THE GENERAL EPISTLE OF JAMES Ond Pray For Answers.
May We Have World Peace In Our Time James? To Those Of You That Be Of The First Fruits Of Heaven Peace For Us.
“TKE Queer Bunny” Is Well Aware Of The Various Differences Between States Ond Nations Ond Countries. As Too
The Many Disagreements That Only Now In The 21st Century Come To The Light Of Men Of A Certain Age Who Be
In Positions Of Power In Authority As Duly Elected Officials. The Quest For Peace Seems As A Baton Now Going To
A Younger Generation. The Key Players Are Prime Minister David Cameron Ond President Barrack Hussein Obama.


As “The MTV Generation” Has Much To Do With Influencing The VOTE As Ever.


I Ask The Voters To Keep Peace At The Forefront Of Your Minds This Election Cycle.


The Economic Instability Being Felt Worldwide. Is Due To Lack Of Global Peace!!!


Have A Good Work Week. Have A Blessed Sunday. Goodnight.

“TKE Queer Bunny” From London, United Kingdom


Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie”




Chicago’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band:

Men Not Gods~London  www.myspace.com/mennotgods






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