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Thursday, September 29th 2011

“TKE Queer Bunny’: ‘Hey Benny Hill!!!”

~Socio~Political Theological Economic Multimedia Entertainment Journalism~

“TKE Queer Bunny’: ‘Hey Benny Hill!!!”
~From London, United Kingdom / Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
Lord “Valkyrie” Bell http://www.Twitter.com/101Valkyrie101

“TKE Queer Bunny” Is Published Communication.
Written By Lord “Valkyrie” Bell: BBC: 006
Deacon, Executive Producer, Writer. 12 Year Seasoned Veteran.
U.S. Navy Yoman: E4: Mr. Tony Bell: “Here With More.”

MEN NOT GODS Music Group Media, USA-UK

An Interactive Internet Daily
“Clearly Improvisational Drama”


“Alright God ~ Ok Younglings Those Older Ond Younger. Finally We’ve Arrived On This
September 29th 2011. A Thursday That We May All Obviously Hear Progress. Feel Free
To Email TheLordValkyrieBell@hotmail.com Ond Follow Twitter, Inc. Along With Us On
http://Twitter.com/101Valkyrie101 Onward Thus Upward With Nary A Worpress Beyond


Today In MEN NOT GODS Music Group Media:

I. “Wednesday, September 28th 2011 In ‘METRO’ http://metro.co.uk
‘Doctor Conrad Murray’s £95,000 A Month Salary”

II. “Miner Dies In Second Fatal Coal Mine”

III. “Housing Minister Grant Shapps On ‘Something For Nothing Culture’ End In The
‘London Evening Standard’ http://standard.co.uk

IV. “London Mayor Boris Johnson £17 Million Ultimatum’ Also To In Yesterday’s
‘London Evening Standard’ Best For The 2012 Olympics.

“TKE Queer Bunny’ On ‘METRO’ Ond ‘Evening Standard.’
Younglings… Pressed, Copied, Typed, Shared Print Is
Mr. Tony Bell, “Valkyrie’s’ Source For Journalism.”

I. “Deputy District Attorney David Walgren For The Prosecution. Said Of Dr. Conrad Murray That,
‘He Did Not Work For His Patient’s Best Interests.’ He Is Accused Of Waiting 20 Minutes Before
Calling For An Ambulance, When He Realised The 50 Year Old Michael Jackson Needed Treatment.
One Onlooker’s Sign In The Attached Photo: ‘Justice Is Overdue  For Michael Can U Feel It? Stand Up.”

II. “The ‘METRO’ Describes It As ‘The Largest Remaining Deep Mine In Yorkshire.’ ‘U.K. Coal Can
Confirm A Fall Of The Roof Occurred At 4:35pm Which Tapped Two Of Our Colleagues,’ Said Gareth
Williams, Managing Director.

He Continued Saying, ‘No Names Are Going To Be Released At The Moment. U.K. Coal Regrets To
Confirm That The Second Colleague Was Confirmed Dead By Our Own Team, Despite Out Best Efforts.”

III. “Housing Minister Grant Shapps Told The London Evening Standard http://standard.co.uk
‘Hardworking Families Instinctively Know That The ‘Something For Nothing’ Culture Has To End Ond So
Its Right That Councils Are Able To Reflect Local Priorities In Their Housing Policay.”

Westminster Is Prioritising Those With Jobs As It Bids To Bring Down Its Housing Benefit Bill. With Do
Concern For Many We Personally, Ourselves, Have Done Some ‘Rough Sleeping’ Within 2011 Summer.
As For The Few Bandmates Ond Co-Workers From 1994 – 96/97 Who Like Me, Are Among Adults Who
Have Been Working. If You Have Been Working For Two Years – Or Actively Seeking A Job ~ You Will
Soon Leep Frog Those On The Dole!!! There Are Too Many Looters. While Others Amongst You Need
Priority Assistance Thoughout The Kingdom.

IV. “A £17 Million Pound Ultimatum!!! London Mayor Boris Johnson Told Yesterday The Premier League
Tottenham Hotspur As He Urged The Team To Accept The Cash For Its White Hart Lane Regeneration
Scheme. As Well As To Drop Their Bid To Gain Control Of The Olympic Stadium Which Has Been Awarded
To The West Ham Team.”

MEN NOT GODS Music Group Media, USA-UK


This Is “TKE Queer Bunny’: ‘Hey Benny Hill!!!” Hoping You Enjoy The End To Your September Month.


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