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“Erogenous Adonis” The Musical Story Of Men Not Gods Featuring Lord “Valkyrie” Bell


Wednesday, September 28th 2011 Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie”

“TKE Queer Bunny” My WordPress – Twitter, Inc. www.Twitter.com/101Valkyrie101

~~A Chicago ~ London ~ Cambridge, United Kingdom Musical Path. That, In Someway.
Shared By Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell Only Now May Bring The Many Into The Right Here.
“The 21st Century.”~~
As “Author Ond Living Literature” Among Those Surrounding The Story. As Well As Within
The Music Ond The Movements. It Is Only Now At Forty (40) That I Can Command The
Stage Presense Needed To Carry Ond Thus Establish A Staged Show. With The Backstory
Expanding. Quite “Cloak Ond Dagger” Really. This Is Not To Be A Violent Staging!!!
Exciting? Yes!!!
By Virtue Of The Truth, The Way Ond The Life. We All Share As We Go On Living Ongoing.
Even So… Well? “As We Do.” It Might Surprise All Involved That The Staged Musical That Is
To Be “Erogenous Adonis” This Spring 2012. Has The Story Of Senator Tony Bell At Age 19.
Attending Minnesota State University Of Winona.
As I’ve Written Ond Thus Shared To Only “The Enlightment Laboratory!!!” ~~
~~Our “Leaders Must Read The Words To Hear Those Words While They Are Being Spoken.”~~


It Is Not Enough To Wage The 1st Iraq War. It Did Unfortunately Carry Into The Necessity Of

The Second Iraq War. That Was Me. As Chairman Of The Student Services Committee. In 1990.

With A $350,000 Budget To Manage. I Like Many Of You Saw A Possible Here Ond Now. Well…


I Am Very Happy To Inform My Readers Ond Receivers At That.

This Is Wednesday, September 28th 2011. Really. Just Read On Further.


~Poems Taken From “The Hobbit”~

Volume II By J.R.R. Tolkien


“The King Beneath The Mountains, The King Of Carven Stone,

The Lord Of Silver Fountains Shall Come Into His Own!!!”


“His Crown Shall Be Upholden, His Harp Shall Be Restrung,

His Halls Shall Echo Golden To Songs Of Yore Re-Sung.”


“The Words Shall Wave On Mountains Ond Grass Beneath The Sun;

His Wealth Shall Flow In Fountains Ond The Rivers Golden Run.”


“The Streams Shall Run In Gladness, The Lakes Shall Shine Ond Burn,

All Sorrow Fail Ond Sadness At The Mountain ~ King’s Return!!!”


Moving Into The Future Can Mean Digging Up The Past. How Do We?

“We” All Go Ahead!!! While Those Who Are In ‘The Cue’ Now Waiting

For ‘The Vote’ Begin To Be Left Further Behind. Yes. The Distance

Between The Have Ond The Have Nots Is Even Wider Now Than Before

I Arrived Here. In The United Kingdom. They Prepare ‘The Vote’ As Well.


I Pray For The Voters Here. I Pray For The Full Safety Ond Support Of

The Voters In Moscow. I Pray For The Security Of The November Elections.

I Pray For The Safety Of “The London 2012 Summer Olympic Games.” 


That All The Players Keep Safe. With God’s Blessings We Will See A New Year.

The New Year 2012. With Due Time. Unfolding Many Varied An Event. On Earth.


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