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“TKE Queer Bunny:’ ‘Hey Benny Hill!!!” ~ “Topics On Point: Progress You Hear”
Sunday, September 25, 2011
MEN NOT GODS Music Group, USA-UK LLC. www.cdbaby.com/mennotgods
~Socio-Political Thological Economic Multimedia Entertainment Journalism~
“Topics On Point: Progress You Hear”
~Writing Directly From London, England, United Kingdom. I From Chicago, Illinois, United States Of America~
“TKE Queer Bunny” Is Published Communication.
Written By Lord “Valkyrie” Bell:U.S. Navy Yoman:BBC:006
Deacon, Executive Producer, Writer. A 12 Year Veteran From A
Military Family Since The Vietnam War. My Father? Still With Me.
His Name Is Major Larry Eugene Bell. Mr. President. To All Of You.
“Welcome To The 21st Century. Gentlemen. Most Repuzzling. Good.”
Here With More…
MEN NOT GODS Music Group Media, USA-UK
An Interactive Internet Daily “Clearly Improvisational Drama”
“This Programme Is Created For The United Kingdom. This Day In London, England September 22nd 2011.
Good Younglings. Those Older Ond Younger. Hear. Progress. You May All Email TheLordValkyrieBell@hotmail.com
Then You Might Also Follow Us Onward. Asgard? Upword As Well.
With Yourselves Intact For The Good Of Everyone.”
Today In  MEN NOT GODS Music Group Media!!! (Copyright 2011)
I. “Ms Helen Mirren On ‘Why I Hate That Damn Bikini Photo!!!”
II. “Caged Children Fight As Adults Drink: Paying £25 As Spectator?”
III. “The Freedom Of Information Act: Information Commissioner’s Office Warns Ministers”
IV. “Metropolitan Police: ‘Rupert Murdock’ Executives Still Under ‘News Of The World’ Implications”
“DAILY MIRROR” www.dailymirror.co.uk  Real News… (Yep.) Real Entertainment… (Yes.)
“TKE Queer Bunny” Exams ‘Daily Mirror.’
Younglings… Typed, Pressed, Copied, Shard Print Is.
Mr. Tony Bell, “Valkyrie’s’ Source For Journalism.”
“Dane Helen Mirren Is, As London’s Finest Saw Classy. ‘Daily Mirror’ Simon Boyle Wrote That.
‘The Debt’ Stars The 66-Year Old Hollywood Leading Actress In A Spy Thriller. The Film Premier
Went On This Week Ond Is Ms. Mirren’s Second Thriller To Be In Competition With This Weekends
‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’ Ond ‘Friends With Benefits’ Opened Here As Well. Justin Tiberlake’s
Car Winning ‘The Indianapolis 500’ Ond Now ‘Fellow Gent’ Of That Younger Than Forty Set.
“TKE Queer Bunny” Rules Now!!! Those Under 40 Ond We Are Grateful To Have. Arrived At This.

On September 16th 2011. Additionally, Mr. Timberlake Has Bought MySpace On www.myspace.com/mennotgods
Ond Many Around The World If Et al. Thank Him. ‘RED’ Is The Other Flick Co-Starring Americans (he he ha).
The Lady Dane Mirren ,Me Sweet Her. One: Mr. Morgan Freeman Of ‘Glory’ With Mr. Denzel Washington. Brothers.
Plus: Mr. Morgan Freeman Of ‘Bruce Almighty’ Connects ‘Mr. Poppin’s Penquins’ To Tops, Hysterical. Mr. Jim Carrey.
At Once”TKE Queer Bunny” Shares This. ‘RED’ As Also Co-Stars Mr. John Malkovich Of Chicago Accord At The
Steepenwolf Theatre Company. They Are On North Avenue Ond Halsted Street. Get “Get OFF” on The Red Line There.
Big Ups To Virgin Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel And Former Mayor Richard Daley. Now Instructing Younglings.
Where? The University Of Chicago On  The South Side Of Illinois. Is There A Future President In The Midst Or Yes?
Chicago’s Alternative Q101 Big Ups From The United Kingdom www.q101.com Where We Are Thankfully V.I.P.
Further To Dane Mirren She Is Quoted Regarding ‘The Renound’ Bikini Photo:
“That Bitchin Photo Will Haunt Me For The Rest Of My Life.” Says Mirren: “Walking In These [Caovilla Shoes With A
Dress By Donna Karen] On This Cobbled Street Trying To Look Lady Like Is Far More Difficult Act.”
“Daily Mirror’ Cover Story ‘Cage Of Innocents’ Gives A Detailed Full Story From Stephen White.
Here On This Kingdom’s Soil Now. Child Welfare Experts Are Horrified. Shocked Experts Term These Cage Fights As
“Barbaric.” “Valkyire” Being “TKE Queer Bunny” View It As Sad Ond Pathetic Both!!! The £25 Ticketed Event Was Even
Video Recorded At A Preston Social Club. Alcohol Is Served Richly As Two Boys Aged 8 Ond 9 Slam Each Other Ond Slug
It Out. While ‘Pappy’ Ond The Other Child’s ‘Daddy’ Watch Them Cry Whilst Being Oddly Under Aged. ‘Scrappy’ But No Mt. Dew!!!
They Battle Bare Handed Without Protective Equipment. “Daily Mirror” Further Reports That The Spectators In The Crowd
Do Total Some 450!!! Who Do No Less But Get Pissed Ond Watch As The Youngsters Are Walked Out In Front Of An Adult
Drinking Audience. The Adults Do Also Benefit From The Girls Appearances Between Bouts. Some ‘Father’ Has Lost His ‘Lass!!!’
Some ‘Uncle’ Has Sent His ‘Niece’ Mom!!! Tell GrandMother’s In Preston To Speak This To An Immediate HALT.
The Girls Are In Skimpy Get Ups. Preston’s Local Vicar Timothy Lipscomb States:
“It Is Not The Way We Want Children To Be Brought Up. It Should Not Be A Public Spectacle To See Them Bashing,
‘The Living Day Lights’ Out Of Each Other.”
“TKE Queer Bunny” Feels My Own Ability To Take Two Stories.
From One Extreme To Another As A Benefit To My Readers. Again: “Daily Mirror” www.dailymirror.co.uk
MEN NOT GODS Music Group Media, USA-UK
“Topics On Point: Progress You Hear”
“TKE Queer Bunny” Fresh On The News.
September 22nd 2011 Leads Us Now On A Drive Deep Into:
“The Independent” www.independent.co.uk
“The Freedom Of Information Act: Information Commissioner’s Office Warns Ministers”
Prime Minister Of The United Kingdom, Tory Leader Mr. David Cameron Must Be Aware They Face Their Private Email Accounts
Being Opened In Search Of Sensitive Goverment Business Hidden. From The Civil Service. The Order To Look Into Personal Email
Accounts Of The Prime Minister. Senior Aides Ond Government Ministers To See If They Contain Messages. Downing Street States:
“This Government Agency Already Has A Reputation For Leaks Ond There Is A Suspicion That Some Of Them May Be Coming
From Labour – Supporting Officials.” “TKE Queer Bunny” Here In The Capitol Directly From Chicago, Illinois Really Does Love A
“Cloak Ond Dagger” Moment In A Staged Opera. Wonder If Tory Ond Labour Can’t Trust Themselves Being Far. I Feel Safer Here!!!
“THE NEW TEA PARTY ARE AS willing As To No Longer Teach Proper Pen Men Ship For Fore Father JOHN HANCOCK!!! Deceased.”
The New Tea Party Really Better “Total Recall” That Flick Among The Rest Of The United States Of America’s VOTERS!!! The Vote!!!
See Them Out Of Office Before The Winter Olympics 2014. Because They Are NOT AT ALL.
“TKE” Is Tau Kapp Epsilon!!! Absolute Vodka Is What? Vodka.
“The New Tea Party Says: ‘Fuck The Free World 313. Fuck The Wisdom Of Congress. Before Your Very Eyes… You’ll Never Fuck “Valkyire!!!”
“Topics On Point: Progress You Hear”
As “TKE Queer Bunny” Keeping True.
To My Twitter WordPress Career Path.
“Firsthand On The Ground” Mr. Tony Bell “Valkyrie”
At A Glance Out My Windows Upon This Civilization. “News Of The World” Implications Abound From Thursday 22nd 2011 To This Sunday.
Evanston. Illinois. America. Washington State University Is 150 Years Old Now. COOL “As We Knew” John Cusack et al. 
Read On James Cusick Ond Cahal Milmo In An Exclusive Front Page Story In A Exclusive Front Page Story In “The Independent” Publicly
Now Challenge When Ond How News International Executives First Became Aware Of The Extent Of The Phone Hacking Scandal That Metropolitan
Police Brought Evidence.”
Senior Figures Stated To Parliament That The Company Went Beyond “News Of The World” Royal Editor Clive Goodman. He Is Currently In Jail.
A Spokeswoman For The Metropolitan Police Said: “The New Evidence Provided By News International Continues To Be Considered Alongside
Material Already In The Metropolitan Police Service’s Possession. At The Same Time, All Actions Ond Decisions Taken By The Previous
Investigation Are Being Reviewed. It Would Be Inappropriate  To Discuss Any Further Details Regarding This Case At This Time.”
MEN NOT GODS Music Group Media
“Topics On Point: TKE Queer Bunny”
Sunday, September 22nd 2011 “Progress You Hear”
~London Victoria Station Noir ~ Vincent Ward
The Past Two Weeks. Have Certain Horizons Broaden Before The Winter’s Halloween. The Traditions I Hold Private. Personally I Wear.
Thanksgiving Ond Christmas. My Extended Family Thousands Of Miles At A Great Distance. The Atlantic Ocean Water Being Cold-Salty.
Hundreds Of Miles Deep-Dark. A Powerful Keeper Of Marine-Life. As Well As Devastating Hurricane Winds That Still Are The Bearer Of
Death. Damage. Destruction. Seen Up The Entire East Coast Of The United States Of America. An American Continent I’ve Departed For Now.
Two Months Ago Is Only Two Thirds Crossed Over. All Of  That Land. Sea Ond Atmospheric Area Between The City Of Chicago, Illinois, Riverdale.
2011 Is Mine As It Does Come To This Close. To Cherish This Halloween. Thanksgiving Ond Christmas In My Flat. If Not. Then A Hostel.
Where I’ll Have A Simple Single Room. My Extended Family I Shall Telephone From Here. The Capitol Of London, England, United Kingdom.
This October. Sharing:
“God Save The Queen!!! Elizabeth The Second. Crown Of The Church Of England. Sayeth I, The Herald Of Midgard. Today. Angelican Communion.”
“The Royal Dress Looks Perfect On The Buckingham Palace Tour.” “London Olympics 2012.”
“An Interactive Internet Daily…”
“Clearly Improvisational Drama”
~~~”My Business Is Private. I Offer A Hand To Shake. A Firm Chicagoan’s Illinoian Approach To London.
If It Seems I Have Ever Hidden Myself. Believe. From You Ond Those You Are Among. I Will Never Hide.
Londoners. Comprehend Your Language. Your Attitudes. At This Level of “Cloak Ond Dagger” I Comprehend You.”~~~
“Acrown: The Highlander”
~~~”Business Is So Private. It Is Personally Held. An Irish – Cherokee – African With Financial Assests.
My Finances Long Ago Arranged With Barclays Still Are True. My Monthly Income From The Capitol In Washington, D.C.
Federally Provided After Decades Of My Business Experience. Even Now As ‘The Gathering’ Draws Nearer To 2020.
“RAGNAROK” Then. I, Acrown, Will Be Fifty. Plainly. Today. As I Recount This.”~~~
~~~”Recollection Of My Maria. Paolo Father Ond His Widow. Sonja Mother. The Papas Father Benedicto 16th Upon The Seat Of Saint Peter.
He Formerly Cardianal Ratzinger Officiated ‘World Youth Day’ In Madrid The Capitol Of Spain. That Was Prior To Sonja Mother.
Becoming A Widow. Maria Losing Her Father. My Old Friend From Spain. Dead In London. Leaving A Photo, Of Me With Him. One, Quite Older.”~~~
“TKE Queer Bunny” Lord “Valkyrie” Bell
London, England “The Capitol Of London 2012.”
~~~London Capital ~ Los Angeles Vista~~~

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