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Friday, September 23rd 2011
“Thine Kingdom’s Journal: Origins”
Lord “Valkyrie” Bell Quotes:
“The Unexamined Life Is Not Worth Living.”
This Day Has Led Me To A Direct Read Of My 400 Year Old King James II Version.
Which He Had Published In 1611. So… With Wisdom Ancient From Words Truthfully,
Thousands Of Years Old I Invite The Reader Into My Opening Mindset… Just Now…
Today, Written With Black Bic Ball Point Ink On Ruled Black Composition Book Paper.
{Thursday. September 22nd 2011} With Biblical Passage Being Transcribed For My Own
Company’s MEN NOT GODS Music Group, USK-UK LLC. From The Capitol Of London. 
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Entry Here. Prior To That Which Follows.
“Beyond The Status Quo” According To
“Our Daily Bread” We Have
JOHN Chapter Five: Verses 25 – 47
“Verily, Verily, I Say Unto You, The Hour Is Coming,
Ond Now Is, When The Dead Shall Hear The Voice
Of The Son Of God: Ond They That Hear Shall Live.”
“For As The Father Hath Life In Himself; So Hath He
Given To The Son  To Have Life In Himself; Ond Hath
Given Him Authority To Execute Judgement Also,
Because He Is The Son Of Man.”
“Marvel, Not At This: For The Hour Is Coming, In The
Which All That Are In The Graves Shall Hear His Voice,
Ond Shall Come Forth; They That Have Done Good, Unto
The Resurrection Of Life; Ond They That Have Done Evil,
Unto The Resurrection Of Damnation.”
“I Can Of Mine Own Self Do Nothing: As I Hear, I Judge:
Ond My Judgement Is Just; Because I Seek Not Mine Own
Will, But The Will Of The Father Which Hath Sent Me. If I
Bear Witness Of Myself, My Witness Is Not True. There Is
Another That Beareth Witness Of Me; Ond I Know That
The Witness Which He Witnesseth Of Me Is True. Ye Sent
Unto John, Ond He Bare Witness Unto The Truth.”
“But I Receive Not Testimony From Man: But These Things
I Say, That Ye Might Be Saved. He Was A Burning Ond
Shining Light: Ond Ye Were Willing For A Season To Rejoice
In His Light. But I Have Greater Witness Then That Of John:
For The Works Which The Father Hath Given Me To Finish,
The Same Works That I Do, Bear Witness Of Me, That The
Father Hath Sent Me.”
“Ond The Father Himself, Which Hath Sent Me, Hath Borne
Witness Of Me. Ye Have Neither Heard His Voice At Any Time,
Nor Seen His Shape. Ond Ye Have Not His Word Abiding In You:
For Whom He Hath Sent, Him Ye Believe Not. Search The Scriptures;
For In Them Ye Think Ye Have Enternal Life: Ond They Are They
Which Testify Of Me. Ond Ye Will Not Come To Me, That Ye Might
Have Life. I Receive Not Honour From Men. But I Know You,
That Ye Have Not The Love Of God In You.”
“I Am Come In My Father’s Name, Ond Ye Receive Me Not:
If Another Shall Come In His Own Name, Him Ye Will Receive.”
“How Can Ye Believe, Which Receive Honour One Of Another,
Ond Seek Not The Honour That Cometh From God Only? Do Not
Think That I Will Accuse You To The Father: There Is One That
Accuseth You, Even Moses, In Whom Ye Trust.”
“For Had Ye Believed Moses, Ye Would Have Believed Me:
For He Wrote Of Me. But If Ye Believe Not His Writings,
How Shall Ye Believe My Words?”
Thusly, So He Did. Saint JOHN Gave
The Gospel According To
~~Chapter One Verse One Through Two~~
“In The Beginning Was The Word, Ond The Word Was With God,
Ond The Word Was God. The Same Was In The Beginning With God.”
101:202:303:404:505:”~Acceptable DATA~”:505:404:303:202:101


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