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Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell (Tony) Business Resume – CV

Vincent Ward, Bloomburg Street, London, SW1V 2RH

001-618-727-1872 ATT Voicemail U.S.A.


Thank You To Everyone Taking Time To Look Over My

Credentials Here On LinkedIn. Having Relocated To The

Capitol Of London, England, United Kingdom. For The 

Remainder Of 2011 I Will Be Seeking Opportunity For 

Gainful Employment Through The End Of 2012. With My 

Eyes On Continued Work Beyond. I Am Sure You Will

Find That Over The Decades I Have Developed A Talent

For Serving A Wide Variety Of Employers. In Various

Fields. In Multiple Capacities. In Many Location. With 

Great Results In All Of My Posts. Below You Will Find

My Skills As Well As The Experience I Have Earned With

Fine Business. Just Like The One You Are Considering Me

For At This Moment. An Entertainment Performance CV

Resume Is Also Attached To My LinkedIn Profile Beneath.

Thank You Again For Your Attention. I Really Do Appreciate You Time.


Kelly Services Inc. From 1994 Until 2004

55 West Monroe Street #1900 

Chicago, IL 60603


Executive Assistant. Customer Assistant. Reception. Administrative Assistant.

* 60 WPM – Internet Research – Transcription – Dictation – Phone Bank

* Windows Vista – Windows 2000 – Windows Office Suite

* Microsoft Access – Power Point – Excel – Microsoft Word – Word Perfect

* Accounts Payable – Accounts Receivable – Basic Accounting – Payroll

* Email – Private Email – Personnel Time Tables – Scheduling – Meetings

My Career With Kelly Services Inc. Began With Kelly Temporary Services In The City Of Westminster

In Olde London Towne Near Barclys Bank. I Was On Work Studying Abroad. Held Position In 1994

With The Guardian, British Telecom, Ond The City Of Westminster In The Division Of Street Parking.


In Chicago 1997 I Worked At The Ambassador West Hotel In The Executive Office. For The State

Of Illinois & The City Of Chicago At The Illinois Coalition In The James Thompson Center Located

In The Loop In 1999.


Positions In The 21st Century Include Kraft Foods Corporate Offices In Skokie, Illinois.

Rush Presbyterian St. Luke Medical Center In The Old Rush Cancer Institute As Well As C.N.A. 

In Chicago. 


“THE CV~Resume.” Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord Valkyrie



Men Not Gods “Mahagony In Mind” 

Featuring Lord “Valkyrie” Bell


Men Not Gods “Mahagony In Mind” On Napster!!!


Men Not Gods “Mahagony In Mind” Features Myself Lord “Valkyrie” Bell From (2001).

I’ve Been Looking For Fresh 21st Century Opportunities To Heighten My Standing As A

“Global Entertainment Artist” On LinkedIn Now That I’ve Relocated To The Capitol. London.

In Addition To A Voicemail Number Which I Still Use In The U.S.A. I’ve Included A Detailed

CV – Resume At Your Request. I Am Sure Many Of You Here On LinkedIn Will Be Excited.

Just As I Am Excited About This Social Networking. Here We Have A Chance To Blend Our

Mutual Talents. 

“Erogenous Adonis” By Men Not Gods Featuring Lord “Valkyrie” Bell 


Is The Planned 2012 Follow Up For The 10th Anniversary Of “Mahagony In Mind” Ond The

25 Song Album Is Ready For Studio Production. With The CDs Planned Running Time At 2 1/2 Hour.


(See The “Erogenous Adonis” Track List Below. I’m Sure You Will Find The Song Titles Engaging.)


It Is My Desire For A Production Deal Ond Artist Development. 


I’m Looking Ahead Toward Our Future Collaboration In The Music Industry. The Sooner The Better!!!



“Valkyrie” (Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Tony)

Executive Producer, Composer, Arranger, Vocalist

Lead Singer – Frontman 


Men Not Gods: Chicago’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band!!!

“Men Not Gods: ‘Erogenous Adonis’ Track List”

1. “Wide Open Soldier” ~ Protect With Your Love

2. “Liberation” ~ Why Must All My People Suffer

3. “You Want War” ~ I Listened To All You Have To Say

4. “Aftermath Of War” ~ Laughter Shall Be Found

5. “Why Not Believe In Who You Are” ~ How Do You Feel

6. “Rock Ond Roll Is Power” ~ Music Changes Lives

7. “Fish From Water” ~ The Hands Of Time Keep On Turning

8. “Deep Inside The Mud” ~ Don’t Change A Thing For Me

9. “Answer My Questions” ~ Why Not Consider This Testimony

10. “Thought” ~ A Servant Of God I Am

11. “Go Ahead Ond Go” ~ Us Is This The End

12. “Erogenous Adonis” ~ Time Passes As Time Can

13. “Know Me Now” ~ Finally Waking Next To You

14. “Comatose: Used Anger” ~ You Didn’t Make It Any Easier

15. “My Trust In You: Used Anger” ~ What Do You Think I See

16. “The Knight Comes: Shyne” ~ Realise That Nothing Lasts Forever

17. “I Don’t Know Why: Shyne” ~ Am I The Problem We Always Fight 

18. “Shine: Shyne” ~ No Long So I Clouds Hanging Over Me

19. “Time Goes By In A Dream: Millennia” ~ I See The Stars

20. “Lunacy: Millennia” ~ I Think I Need You Next To Me

21. “Robots: Millennia” ~ Ond So They Meet Their End

22. “Vacuum: Used Anger” ~ Unconcerned With This World

23. “Dream On Dreamer: Millennia” ~ A Little Hope A Little Glory

24. “Save Me My Saviour” ~ Men Not Gods Is Known

25. “To God I Say” ~ Take All Your Sorrow

 “Men Not Gods: ‘Erogenous Adonis’ Track List”


R E S U M E  Ond A Brief History That Implores You There To

Search Out Lord Valkyrie Bell Now.


–Singer-Actor-Writer- Executive Producer-Model–T.K.E.–


Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord ”Valkyrie”


ATT Voicemail U.S.A. 001-618-727-1872


1994: The International Modeling Ond Talent Association – IMTA

  Winter Fashion Weeks:New York City Hilton Ond Towers

1994: Black Womens Expo At McCormick Place In Chicago

1994: John Robert Powers – Yennifer Yih, Management

1994: United Colours Of Bennetton & Structure On Runway

1994: “Hedda Gabler” Dr. Eilert Loveburg: Loyola University

1994: “Makeda-The Queen Of Sheba” Courtier 2

   The New Regal Theater In Chicago 

1995: “Alien War” Colonial Marine M.D.

   London, England, United Kingdom

   Trocadero Square, Piccadilly Circus 

   Debut!!! With Ms. Sigourney Weaver From Hollywood


Here Is A Brief History Of Lord Valkyrie Bell – Singer Performer…

When thinking of one word…

one word only which best describes the sound of this voice… it would be Gothic!!!

This guy’s goal is to evoke so much emotion through music… to create such vivid

characters during live performances… that nothing is lost in a show production or in recording.

Now 40 years old, he hails from Chicago. His first time on the stage was at the very young

age of 5. In Kindergarten!!! In Roman Catholic School, attending Holy Cross on South

Drexal Avenue near 63rd Street. There. Lord Valkyrie Bell portrayed the lead character of Rudolph!!!


This stage play is so deeply loved ond Santa’s Sleigh Leader “Rudolph – The Red Nosed Reindeer”

went down fondly into the lap of his adoring ond still loving supportive Mother. Ms. Nancy Karen Bell.

With her own Mother Mrs. Roberta Thompson. They both smiled ond hugged the young stage actor. 

Master Anthony Lawrence Bell. Who was indeed shedding rather large tears. Right until they

removed the red foam nose. 


Years more were to give Lord Valkyrie Bell training, exposure ond many forms of experience.

A Performer with talents that bless a lifetime of teachers ond audience members alike. In both

professional theatre ond at several major Universities, he found himself in New York City

on his way to Europe as a Runway Model. During a 1994 stop in the United Kingdom he made a new

love come forth. Music. He found that years of singing on the stage had made him ready for live shows.


Over 17 years, Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie” has developed a voice as a Frontman with a

Theatrical ond commanding style unique in this industry. As a Black Male from Chicago. He has honed

his skills with his past bands: Soho Sex Whale,U.K. – Shyne, U.K. – Millennia, CA – Used Anger, CA – Mister Fister, IL.

Valkyrie is now Founder of Men Not Gods: Chicago’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band!!!

Working as Executive Producer. Composing ond Arranging his own shows with original material. Drawing from his Muse, lifelong travels ond experiences. A Rock Ond Roller? Who can actually sing? Well? Yes!!!

In addition Lord Valkyrie Bell is a truly gifted songwriter. His lyrics are pure in thought and come across with intellectual accuracy. When he is on the stage singing. You hear what is being said. Accepting what you will…


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