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 “Thine Kingdom’s Journal” Sunday, September 18th 2011


Written As A Member Of The Body Of Chirst…


“Author Ond Living Literature” A Believer In One True God.

Deacon Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie” U.S. Navy Yoman

Mount Olive Babtist Church, Village Of Colp, Illinois

Duly Babtised With Water Wednesday, December 13th 2002



Seeing London, England Is As A Surety To Me Now.


Once Again I Am ivnig Amongst The United Kingdom.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The 2nd Is The Crown Of

The Church Of England, The Angelican Communion.


“Erogenous Adonis’: A Chicago ~ London ~ Cambridge Musical Path”


This Is A Third Chapter In My Life Unfolds As A True To Life Tale Of

Dedication To My Career Goals Set Long Term. An Emmersion Into The

Craft. The Fall Has Brought With It The Cooling Winds Of The Season.

The Very Fact That I Held To My Private Design On My Own Future Plan

To Return Here To The United Kingdom Ond Abroad. Places This One

Chicagoan In A Unique Perspective As I Also Witness Changes In My Own

Country. The United States Of America Undergoes A Transformation. Which

Does Shuffle The Scales Of Power.


“Erogenous Adonis” By Men Not Gods Featuring Lord “Valkyrie” Bell


There Is No Turning Back As The 21st Century Unwraps Ond Continues

To Expand Into Broader Wider Circles Of Particular Circumstances. Nearing

One Month Since My Arrival Here On Virgin Atlantic. I Can Tell You Now

That My Business Affairs Will Take More Hands On Engagement. The BBA,

Being The British Banking Association. Has Indeed Removed My Seventeen

Years Worth Of Personal Income That I Saved In Barclays. Placing It Into

The Lost Account Scheme For Dormant Accounts Directed Toward Charity.


My Finances Mired In Thick Red Tape. I Do Have My Monthly Benefits To

Carry Me Until My Investment Opens Up For Me Ond Is Returned To Me For

Use In Acting As Executive Producer Of “Erogenous Adonis.” I Have My

National Insurance Number. So, I Can Earn  Competent Living As A Performer

Ond “Global Entertainment Artist” Here In London. I Do Forsee Working As A

Singer ~ Actor ~ Writer ~ Model. Flying Between Europe, The U.S.A. Ond The U.K.

Should Be Manageble For Me.


The Challenges Ahead Lay In The Ability To Believe. To Believe Ond To Be Thankful

That I’ve Been Given The Strength To Continue To Lead By Example. To Carry My

Weight. The Weight Of My “Works” On My Shoulders. To Find It East To Shakehands.

Communicating The Legitimacy Of My Business Method Ond Personal Attributes.


“Erogenous Adonis’: A Chicago ~ London ~ Cambridge Musical Path”


The Holy Bible King James II Version Is Now 400 Years Old…


~~The Second Epistle Of Paul The Apostle To The CORINTHIANS Chapter Two~~


“But I Determined This With Myself, That I Would Not Come Again To You In Heaviness.

For If I Make You Sorry, Who Is He Then That Maketh Me Glad, But The Same Which Is

Made Sorry By Me?”


“Ond I Wrote This Same Unto You, Lest, When I Came, I Should Have Sorrow From Them

Of Whom I Ought To Rejoice; Having Confidence In You All, That My Joy Is The Joy Of

You All. For Out Of Much Affliction Ond Anguish Of Heart I Wrote Unto You With Many

Tears; Not That Ye Should Be Grieved, But That Ye Might Know The Love Which I Have

More Abundantly Unto You.”


“But If Any Have Caused Grief, He Hath Not Grieved Me, But In Part: That I May Not

Overcharge You All. Sufficient To Such A Man Is This Punishment, Which Was Inflicted

Of Many.”


“So That Contraiwise Ye Ought Rather Forgive Him, Ond Comfort Him, Lest Perhaps Such

A One Should Be Swallowed Up With Overmuch Sorrow.”


“Wherefore I Beseech You That Ye Would Confirm Your Love Toward Him. For To This End

Also Did I Write, That I Might Know The Proof Of You, Whether Ye Be Obedient In All Things.

To Whom Ye Forgive Any Thing, I Forgive Also: For If I Forgave Any Thing, To Whom I Forgave

It, For Your Sakes Forgave I It In The Person Of Christ; Lest Satan Should Get An Advantage

Of Us: For We Are Not Ignorant Of His Devices. Futhermore, When I Came To Troas To Preach

Christ’s Gospel, Ond A Door Was Opened Unto Me Of The Lord, I Had No Rest In My Spirit,

Because I Found Not Titus My Brother: But Taking My Leave Of Them, I Went From Thence

Into Macedonia.”


“Now Thanks Be Unto God, Which Always  Causeth Us To Triumph In Christ, Ond Maketh

Manifest The Savour Of His Knowledge By Us In Every Place. For We Are Unto God A Sweet

Savour Of Christ, In Them That Are Saved, Ond In Them That Perish: To The One We Are

The Savour Of Death Unto Death; Ond To The Other The Savour Of Life Unto Life. Ond Who

Is Sufficient For These Things?”


“For We Are Not As Many, Which Corrupt. The Word Of God: But As Of Sincerity, But As Of

God, In The Sight Of God Speak We In Christ.”







~A Faithbased Community Initiative Blooms~

I Will Will It While I Do. Keeping My Hands Ond

My Feet Busy In Continuing 40 Years Of Tasks

That Individually Make Up The Sum Total Of My

“Work” In “The Lambs Book Of Life” On A Daily

Basis. It Remains To Be Seen What 2011 Will Give Way.

It Remains To Be Welcomed As 2012 Approaches Us Now.

In All Good Faith. Accordingly: Judaism. Islam. Christianity.

May The Holy Trinity Of The Father ~ The Son ~ The Holy Ghost

Lead “Mankind’s Holy Life Existence” Now In The 3rd Age Of Man.

I Say… AMEN Hotep Ra II.

Jesu Christo Nazarine. In Ri.




Lord Valkyrie Bell



Men Not Gods – Chicago’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band



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