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“TKE Queer Bunny’: ‘Hey Benny Hill!!!”


MEN NOT GODS Music Group, USA-UK Productions

Saturday, September 17th 2011


~Socio-Political Theological Economic Multimedia Entertainment Journalism~

Mr. Tony Bell:BBC:006 Lord “Valkyrie”



Living In London, United Kingdom In The 21st Century.


These Very Modern Ultra Up To Date Times Of Being A Forty Year Old

Black American Man Are Unlike The Previous Years That I Took Up

Residence Here In The Capitol During The Nineteen Nineties. Much The Same

Is Fulfilling One’s Daily Need For A Hot Cuppa Tea At Least Three Or Four

Times Regularly. The Need To Fulfill The Function Here In The Kingdom

Known As Work. That Seven Day A Week Grind Is Met With A Healthy Social

Life Across The Country. Fridays Ond Saturdays Are A Weekly Two Day

Enjoyment. These Days Find The Londoner At Religious Services On Sunday.

Seeing As “TKE Queer Bunny” Is Still Acclimating To My Newly Adaptive

Lifestyle Of Being A “Global Entertainment Artist,” Journalist, Writer,

Executive Producer Ond White Collar Business Professional. I’ve Grabbed

Hold Of Several Publications In An Act Of Furthering Research Ond Data.

These Are My Sources…


“Daily Mirror” www.mirror.co.uk


“The Information: The Independent” www.independent.co.uk


“The Guardian Weekend” www.guardian.co.uk


“The Independent Magazine” www.independent.co.uk/extras/


This Is My Life On A Saturday In London, United Kingdom. This Is An Entry…




“Daily Mirror” Real News… Real Entertainment


“James Lyons, Deputy Political Editor Writes That Derby Company Headquarters

For Bombardier Are In A Lucrative Bid To Supply 130 Train Carriages To Southern

Railways. ‘This Potential Contract Would Bring Welcome Work To Derby,’ A

Bombardier Spokesman Said. They Hope To Save Some Of The 1,400 Lost Jobs From 

When They Were Awarded To A Foreign Firm. Ministers Decision Gave £1.4 Billion

To Siemens – A German Firm.”




“Four Miners Were Found Trapped In A Flooded Mine Dead. This Is The Worst U.K.

Mining Disaster Since 10 Men Died In An Explosion At Golborne, Lancs In 1979. The

Mine’s Manager, Malcolm Fyfield, 56, Crawled 800 Feet For Two Hours To Reach The

Surface. General Secretary Of Teh National Union Of Mineworkers Mr. Wayne Thomas

Said: ‘They Were Developing The Mine To Modernise It Ond Bring Conditions Up To

The 21st Century. The Mine Looks Terrible. The Shaft Is Tiny Ond Cramped.”




“The Metropolitan Police Is Willing To Use The Official Secrets Act To Make ‘The Guardian’

Reveal Its Sources. ‘The News Of The World’ Closed Down For Business After 168 Years.

The Metropolitan Police Insist They Are Not Trying To Stop Investigative Journalism

But Is Taking The Alleged Leaks Seriously.”




“The Information: The Independent” The Essential Guide To Going Out Ond Staying In


In London Tonight Works By Beethoven Ond Mozart.

7:30pm £8 To £28 At St. Martin In The Fields In Trafalgar Square.

Performed By The London Musical Arts Orchestra.

Conducted By John Landor 020 – 7766 – 1100




In Leeds Tonight Until October 29th “Madama Butterfly” Puccini’s Tale

Of An American Naval Officer’s Love For A Japanese Geisha Performed

By Opera North. 7:30pm £8 To £65 At The Grand Theatre Ond Opera House,

New Briggate 087 – 0121 – 4901




In London Tonight Booking Through October 13th 2012 “Ghost – The Musical”

Is An Adaptation Of The 1990 Film. Running Mon – Sat 7:30pm With Matinees

Thursday Ond Saturday At 2:30pm £25 To £65 Playing Now At Piccadilly Theatre,

Denman Street, W1 084 – 4871 – 7618 In Piccadilly Circus.




“The Guardian Weekend” Autumn/Winter Fashion Special


In Starters Big Picture Is “The Time Machine” By Edgar Martins Is An Exhibition

Of Images From Martins Is An Exhibition Of Images From Martins’

“The Time Machine Project” Launches On This Wednesday The 21st At The Wapping

Project, London SE1. More Information On His Work Is Found On www.edgarmartins.com




“The Independent Magazine” Something For The Weekend


Wine Best Cellars By Anthony Rose:


Under £6 2010 Picpoul de Pinet

A White Mediterranean Apple Ond Pear-Crisp Citrusy Twist

Is At Marks Ond Spencer Until October 2nd. Made For

Oysters Ond Mussels £5.99




Under £10 2009 Calicanto, Vina el Principal

Maipo Is A Typical Chilean Blackcurrant Sweetness Of

Cabernet Sauvignon. £9.99 If You Buy Two At Majestic.




Splash Out £85.44 For Six Bottles Or £14.24 Each At TESCO.

2008 Steam Wharf Road Syrah Is Rhoneesque Kiwi With A

Pungent Worcestershire Sauce Aroma.


:~~~: “TKE Queer Bunny’: ‘Hey Benny Hill!!!” :~~~:


MEN NOT GODS Music Group, USA-UK Productions

Lord Valkyrie Bell www.Twitter.com/101Valkyrie101



“Mahagony In Mind” www.cdbaby.com/mennotgods


Men Not Gods – Chicago’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band

“Erogenous Adonis’: A Chicago ~ London ~ Cambridge Musical Path



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