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“Erogenous Adonis’: A Chicago ~ London ~ Cambridge Musical Path”
By Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie”
Executive Producer ‘Global Entertainment Artist’ Businessman
“TKE Queer Bunny” www.101Valkyrie101.wordpress.com
September 16th 2011
I Quietly Write This Down For Prosperity.
As “Author Ond Living Literature” I’ve Awoken To The Fact That As A Distinctly True Virgo.
Tonight Ends My Personal Forty Year Journey From 1971 To 2011…
“Erogenous Adonis’: A Chicago ~ London ~ Cambridge Musical Path”
A Poem By J.R.R. Tolkien ~~~ From “The Hobbit” Volume II
~~ Roll – Roll – Roll – Roll – Roll – Roll – Rolling
Down The Hole!!! Heave Ho!!
Splash Plump!!! Down They Go, Down The Bump!!! ~~
~~ Down The Swift Dark Stream You Go
Back To Lands You Once Did Know!!!
Leave The Halls Ond Caverns Deep,
Leave The Northern Mountains Steep,
Where The Forest Wide Ond Dim
Stoops In Shadow Grey Ond Grim!!! ~~
~~ Float Beyond The World Of Trees
Out Into The Whispering Breeze,
Past The Rushes, Past The Reeds,
Past The Marsh’s Waving Weeds,
Through The Mist That Riseth White
Up From Mere Ond Pool At Night!!! ~~
~~ Follow, Follow Stars That Leap
Up The Heavens Cold Ond Steep;
Turn When Dawn Comes Over Land,
Over Rapid Over Sand,
South Away!!! Ond South Away!!! ~~
~~ Seek The Sunlight Ond The Day,
Back To Pasture, Back To Mead,
Where The Kine Ond Oxen Feed!!! ~~
~~ Back To Gardens On The Hils
Where The Berry Swells Ond Fills
Under Sunlight, Under Day!!!
South Away!!! Ond South Away!!! ~~
~~ Down The Swift Dark Stream You Go
Back To Lands You Once Did Know!!! ~~
The Lord Valkyrie Bell Erogenous Adonis Playlist
This Is Found By Searching For LordValkyrie Or
mennotgods101 On Yahoo.com Via The Internet.
Tonight These Selections Of Music Video’s Recorded
By Depeche Mode Ond Madonna Offer Me The
10 Songs I’m Writing To At This Time.
“Erogenous Adonis’: A Chicago ~ London ~ Cambridge Musical Path”
This Is A True To Life Undertaking. Which, As The Story Is Lived Out,
Covers A Timeline From Chicago To New York To London, United Kingdom.
I Formed My Publishing Company As An Independent Record Label In 1994.
In Order To Executive Produce A Single To Enter Into The International
Modelling Ond Talent Association (IMTA) At The New York Hilton Ond Towers.
Signed With John Robert Powers Under Jennifer Yih In Chicago. I Walked
The Runway Placing 3rd In Thirteen Categories. That Success Putting Me Into
VOGUE Magazine Twice That Year. Streaming A Direction For Entertainment
Ond Professional White Collar Work That Carries On Onto This Year.
My Focus As A Trustworthy Client Ond Employee Led Me To Several Positions
With Kelly Temporary Services, Inc. As An Executive Assistant Ond Executive
Secretary With The Department Of Street Parking In Westminster, London 1994.
Communication Workers Of America (CWA) Los Angeles, California 1995.
Sante Pacific Pipelines, Inc. In Los Angeles, California 1995.
Key Bank – Executive Offices In Seattle, Washington 1998.
Ecology Ond Environment In Seattle, Washington 1998.
The Illinois Coalition As Project Associate For The State Of Illinois Ond
The City Of Chicago In 1999. Then, Deeper Into 1999 I Continued On Until Today.
As A Twelve-Year Seasoned U.S. Navy Veteran. Known As The “TKE Queer Bunny”
Yoman Tony Bell:E4 “Valkyrie” Here In London, 2011. At This Very Writing.
I’ve Been Building Hands On Experience As Well As My Clout Ond Credentials.
As The Yahoo! “Global Entertainment Artist.” Composer, Arranger Ond Vocalist.
I’ve Expanded As A Direction Further Into The Fields Of Speech Communication.
At At The Arts Ond Humanities.
:~:Socio-Political Theological Economic Multimedia Entertainment Journalism:~:
This Direction Has Taken On A Strong Engaging Internet Persona On Twitter.com
www.Twitter.com/101Valkyrie101 With Thousands Of Insightful Posts On My
This Letter Solidly Connects The Executive Producer’s Story Of
Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie” From 2011.
Taking “Erogenous Adonis’: A Chicago ~ London ~ Cambridge Musical Path”
Into The Approaching New Year’s Celebration Of 2012. Through The Remainder
Of “The Year Of The Rabbit.”
Might A Chicago Born Minority Businessman Successfully Elevate His Biography
In His Fortieth Year Of Life? Expanding His Versatile Career Goals To Include Working
With Members Of Cambridge University Theatre. By Seeking An Artistic Partnership
With One, Mr. Jacob Samuel Corn, A Stagehand Ond Graphic Designer. This, After
A Chance Meeting With Him Talking Theatrical Interests During A Wait For A Train.
~London Victoria Station Noir~ In The Summer Of August. In An Evening That Just Past.
Might “Erogenous Adonis” The Musical Open To A Level Of Excitement This Spring 2012?
Men Not Gods: Chicago’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band Is Due To Release A Compact Disk
With The Same Title. As Well As A Twenty-Five (25) Song Musicology To Support The Album.
The Staged Musical. Ond A Series Of Live Touring Performances. So… All That On To This Path.
To Jacob Samuel Corn Of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Further To ~ London Victoria Station Noir ~
From Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie”
“TKE Queer Bunny” www.101Valkyrie101.wordpress.com
:~~~: “Erogenous Adonis’: A Chicago ~ London ~ Cambridge Musical Path” :~~~:

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