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“London, United Kingdom ~ From Here I’m 40 Years Old”



Thursday, September 15th 2011



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“METRO Monday, September 12th 2011 www.metro.co.uk “Ten Years Since 9/11”


Lest We Forget:

~~A Loving Parent Robert David Peraza, At The North Pool Of The 9/11 Memorial

As He Kneels Down Ond Touches His Son’s Name.


Lest We Forget:

~~The Tribute Of A Single Red Rose On A Victim’s Name.


Lest We Forget:

~~A Fallen Comrade While Frank Gotibowski, Who Lost A Friend, Observes A Moment Of Silence.


Lest We Forget:

~~The Widow Vasantha Velamuri Kneels By The Name Of Her Husband Sankara In A Getty Picture.


Lest We Forget:

~~The Touching Of Family Members Hands As They Place Them On The Names Of Relatives.


Lest We Forget:

~~A Solemn President Barack Hussein Obama Ond Former President George W. Bush As They Walk

Past The North Pool Of The 9/11 Memorial In New York City.


“METRO” In The United Kingdom Covered High Security As Thousands Join Presidents For Ground

Zero Tributes. In The Story Written By Aidan Radnedge ‘A Nation Honours Its Victims Ond Heroes’

A Tribute To American Victims Of 9/11 Attacks Were Held Monday. A Boy Who Was An Unborn

Baby Spoke At New York’s Ground Zero. His Father Died In The World Trade Center.


Nicholas Gorki Said: “I Love You Father. You Gave Me The Gift Of Life Ond I Wish You Could

Be Here To Enjoy It With Me.”


Behind Protective Bullet-Proof Glass The President Of The United States Quoted The Holy Bible.

At The Time Of His Reading It Was Ten Years To The Minute Since The First Plane Hit Teh North Tower.

The Two Day-Long Ceremony Heard The Names Of Thousands Of People Killed In Terror Attacks

On The U.S. The Day Also Featured Services At The Pentagon Which Was Hit By A Hijacked Jet On 9/11.

Ond Also In A Field In Shanksville, Pennsylvania Where A Flight 93 Bound For Washington, D.C. Came Down.


The Vice-President Of The United States Of America Joe Biden Ond Former President William Jefferson Clinton

Were Among Those Honouring The 40 Passengers Who Died Wrestling The Controls Of Flight 93 From Four

Hijackers. Mr. Clinton Said They Gave “The Entire Country An Incalcuable Lift – They Saved The Capitol

From Attack.”


U.S. Defence Secretary Leon Panetta At The Pentagon Praised 6,200 American Troops That Have Died In Iraq

Ond Afghanistan In The Decade Since. George Walker Bush Was Our President On The Day Of The Attacks.

He Followed President Obama In Touching The Bronze Inscriptions Of Victims Names On The Newly Opened

9/11 New York Memorial.


Mr. Obama Quoted Psalm 46 Saying: “We Will Not Fear, Even Though The Earth Be Removed, Ond Though

The Mountains Be Carried Into The Midst Of The Sea.” Pics From Across The World www.metro.co.uk/september11



“London, United Kingdom ~ From Here I’m 40 Years Old”



Thursday, September 15th 2011


For Style Ond Substance Many A Man In The U.K. Ond Europe Turn To ‘Esquire’ Ond The Autumn Style Special

Interview This 2011 Is With A Man I Am Hoping To Work Next To In 2012…


~~ Ladies Ond Gentlemen: DANIEL Craig

Interview By Alex Bilmes www.Esquire.co.uk Some Quotes ~~


~~ “Sometimes I Want To Say, ‘I’m Just Me. I’m Not James Bond.

I Don’t Carry A Gun. He Does.'” ~~


~~ Regarding What Is Inside His New Film “Cowboys And Aliens” ~~


~~ “It’s About Cowboys Ond Fucking Aliens.” ~~


~~ “Good Movies Aren’t Just Funny. Good Movies Aren’t Just Sad.

Good Movies Aren’t Just Serious. They’re All Of Those Fucking Things.

In Good Movies You Should Be Involved In The Characters. Not Getting

Deep About It But I Think That’s More Interesting.” ~~


~~ In The Fall Esquire Interview Regarding The Next Bond Flim. It Will

Be Released On October 26th 2012 – Some Fifty Years After “Dr. No.” ~~


~~ I Think The Challenge Now Is To Create Something That Is Iconically

Bond. To Make Sure We Leave The Franchise In As Good A Shape As

When We Found It.” ~~


~~ Esquire’s Alex Bilmes Describes Mr. Daniel Craig As A Thoughtful

Liberal Person Who’s Famous Ond Draws Distinction Between Media

Intrusion Into The Lives Of Harmless Public Figures. ~~


~~ “The Freedom Of Press Is Fundemental In A Democracy. Ond When

You Have CEO’s Pulling The Celebrity Card Saying, ‘I Have A Right

To Privacy,’ It Is Like, ‘Hold On A Minute!!!” There Is A Distinction

Between Celebrities Ond Actors Ond That Type Of Person.” ~~


~~ Daniel Craig’s Life Is Mapped For Four Years. He Says: ~~


~~ “For An Actor That’s Quite A Good Feeling. Normally You’re On

Hold All The Time. Wondering What The Next Thing To Come Up

Will Be. It Actually Means I Might Be Able To Find Some Time In There

To Live My Life A Little Bit.” ~~



“London, United Kingdom ~ From Here I’m 40 Years Old”




For Esquire’s Style Issue Alex Bilmes Left London, Soho To Milan To Meet

The Them:

~~Demenico Dolce Ond Stefano Gabbana~~


Some Quotes:


“We Are Very, Very Italian. We Love The Sun. We Love Family,

Good Food. We Love To Feel Happy. We Love Sex, Religion. Ond We Love Our

Work. That Is The Spirit Of Dolce & Gabbana.”


“We Never Planned It To Be Cool.” Says Gabbana: “We Didn’t Understand When

People Talked About How New Ond Different It Was. For Us It Was Very Natural,

Very Spontaneous.”


“Some People Don’t Understand The Men’s Fashion World Very Well,” Says Gabbana.

“They Don’t Have Passion. If You Have Passion, You Love Your Job. Any Kind Of Job.

We Love Men’s Suits. So Were Excited To Do This Job.”




While I Am In London, United Kingdom. The United States Of America Means All The More.

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