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“Part Five ~ Old Grand Dad 800 ~ This One Vice Lord’s 9 Years Of Terror”
Wednesday, September 14th 2011
“TKE Queer Bunny” From London, United Kingdom | Chicago, Illinois
Socio-Political Theological Economic Multi-media Entertainment Journalism

Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie”

Men Not Gods – The Illinois Rock Opera Band

Men Not Gods “Mahagony In Mind” Featuring ‘Valkyrie’
Lord “Valkyrie” Bell @ Twitter.com

Lord Valkyrie Bell “TKE Queer Bunny” Blogs

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Janet Jackson

Sully Erna Ond Godsmack

September 13th 2011
“Mahagony In Mind” Shall Give To “Erogenous Adonis” This 2011.
“Well Then What If I Did. What If Your Tried. What If I Do. What If You Lied.” Scott Stamp Ond Creed.
Fook It. Myself Is Calling Me Home This Year. Work. Work. Work. Practice. Practice. Practice. Perform.
Chicago. The City Of Big Shoulders. The City That Works. What Most Attracts Me About Living Through
Authoring This Halloween Short Term Book Is Where I Will Be Next Year. 40. With Or With Out Further
Experimentation. Meaning Drug Use. I Will Have Need Of Doctors Ond Pills. Really?
Well, Well. “Most Repuzzling.” Chicago Is The New Gotham City Is It Not. It Is So True. Valkyrie.
“Sol~Proprietor:Takes On:Superman”  Yes World. While There Are Things That We Must Fear. There Are A Greater
Amount Of Things That We Must Hold Onto In Good Cheer Ond Faith. Belief In One’s Own Strength As Coupled
With The Creator:God:The Creator Is Sound Doctrine.
As Well As “Sound Philosophy.”
I Did Not Come Searching For The Police. They Did Not Come Searching For Me. Same With The International Terrorists.
On September 11th 2011 The Hijacked Four 457 Jumbo Jets On Committed Suicide Ond Died Crashing AmericansWith
American Property. On American Soil. Neither Did They Come Searching For Me. All Praise To The Most True God.
I Thank The Reader For This Time Terror Is Domestic As Well As Foreign .
Congratulations To The Pope Benedicto The 16th For Your Graceful Rise Cardinal Ratzinger.
Congratuliations To President Bush The 12nd For Eight Years Of Tough Republican Resolve.
Congratulations To The 44th President Of The United States Of America Barack Hussein Obama For Bringing Obvious Change To The Democratic Party. As Well As To The Portrait Of The First Family. As For Me. I Just Pray On Behalf Of All Men Not Gods That This Book Leads You From These Pages To The Stages Ond Designs. I Hold My Dreams Dearly Ond True To Me. Men Not Gods Featuring Lord “Valkyrie” Bell.
I Mean No Terror Upon This Realm Of Midgard.
Ond Yet “You Want War,” “This Is Midgard,” “Tell Me Will I See Asgard Again?”
Trick Or Treat Ond A Very Happy Halloween 2011!!!
May Our Future Winter Be Cold For You Ond Me Ond “Let This Christmas Be White.”
:~September 11th 2001~:
~:Lord “Valkyrie” Bell:~
~:”Old Grand Dad 800″:~
“This Ond Vice Lord’s 9 Years Of Terror.”
Tau Kappa Epsilon
SIU Saluki Sexual

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