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“Part Four ~ Old Grand Dad 800 ~ This One Vice Lord’s Nine Years Of Terror”

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Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie”

Men Not Gods – The Illinois Rock Opera Band

Men Not Gods “Mahagony In Mind” Featuring ‘Valkyrie’
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September 12th 2011
“Mahagony In Mind” Shall Give To “Erogenous Adonis” This 2011.

From Here There Can Be Nothing But “Bravery Brave Men Arise Ond Embrace These Daylights On Those Nights Yet To Come. From 9 Tracks At 45 Minutes To Performing Full Time Ten Years Later. 25 Songs At 2 1/2 Hours. I Would Ask The Reader To Join In This Hope. This Faith. This Story. 

He Is The Truth, The Way Ond The Life. Me. I Am A ‘Global Entertainment Artist.’ I Have Been Featured On Television On Stage As Well As In Print Over Ond Over Since I Was Five. The Greatest Thing I Can Share About Being Lord ‘Valkyrie’ Bell Is That I Worked Hard For Over Thirty-Five Years. Just Long Enough Where Others Will Accept That I Am.

I Was. I Always Have Been. I Always Will Be Your Friend. I Do So Wish To Write As Tool Has, ‘I Know How The Pieces Fit, I Know The Pieces Fir.” ‘The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.’ America. On 2001 We Lost Our Image. No Longer Untouchable Ond Pure As Snowfalling On Thanksgiving.

When Thanksgiving Arrived In 2001. As I Do Each Year Since. I Contemplated How Ugly. Vulnerable Ond Weak America Must Have Looked On The Television As Our People Died. Our Planes Carshed. Our Buildings Fell Ond Our Military Leadership Was Hit At The Pentegon. None Of The Words In This Book Are Ficticious. Non A Fake. Everything Is Original Ond Heart Felt. I Cray For The Old United States Of America. Being From The MTV Generation. Living The Seattle Sound. Going In To School At University. Joining TKE. Performing On MTV In 1992 Ond Then Hearing The Black Album From Metallica. With Pearl Jam’s ‘Even Flow.’

How Many Times More Must I Land On The Radio? More. More. ‘Even Flow’ Fast Fashion: Depeche Mode, Men Not Gods Ond Me. This Book Must Prepare You All The More. Least I Terrify Myself By Doing Nothing At All More As An Aritist. “The Intimate Soul Of Rock Ond Roll” As Quoted By Mr. Jeremiah Semein (BMI Records, Kings Garden Publishing Ond Rainbow Children’s Publishing). http://www.cdbaby.com/mennotgods 

What More Am I To Be As The World Around Me Unfolds Ond I Confront This Terror On TV With My Love Of Muzak. My Love Of Life. Lord ‘Valkyrie’ Bell Loves. Yes By The Will Of My Own Dower Ond The Gods Divine Nature. What More Should I Search For?

Q101.1 http://www.q101.com Plays Soundgarden’s ‘In The Jesus Christ Pose’ Ond It Is Here In The Waining Pages Of “101::Valkyrie::101” That September 11th 2001 Does Remind Lord “Valkyrie” Bell That That ‘Old Grand Dad 800’ Was That Days Brand Of Poison. Oh Cocaine Could Be My Type Of Poison. Weed Could Be Or Perhaps The Very Pills I Take.

To Keep Fall, Fall. Ond Spring, Spring. Every Man Must Know The Seasons As Should Every Woman Ond Child, All Of Us. Terror To This Man Has Also Come Into The Life Of This One ‘Global Entertainment Aritst.’ On This Past Thursday October 8th 2008 The Chicago Police Department Detectives Squad Performed A Raid On My Friends Condo. Gun’s Raised Upon The Other Three There, Other Than Me. Their Search Revealed Users Of Weed, Alcohol Ond Cocaine. But Not Any Drugs.

Still. I Have Never Had Such A Thing Occur Onto My Personage. “What Is Your Name?”

“Valkyrie. Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Valkyrie.”

“Yeah Right!!! Don’t Fuck Us Around!!! What Do You Do?”
Asked The Detective. 

To Which I Said I Sing Ond Front Ond Of The Most Respected Ond Connected Rock Ond Roll Bands In The City Of Chicago: Men Not Gods ~ Chicago’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band. “Sure.” My Friends The Other House Guests Ond Our Host All Said,

“Damn!!! Shit!!! But He Does!!!”

“Yeah Right, Like Fine Then. We Believe You. Just There Has Been Alot Of Traffic From Where You Know.”

Fook If There Was. Fook It If There Is Or If There Is Nought. Enough Of This Terror Upon Me In District 24 Chicago.

I Am Now More Free Of It All At This Moment Just Living As The Author Of This Book. 
As A Short Form Retrospective. Yes I Walked Away From The Situtation Scarred. Yet Free Enough To Think: Thoughts Thinking About The Entire Background Of My Run In With The Law. Since 2001 To 2009 There Was A Three Year Hiatus Until Just This Incident On October 8th. From Then To The Pages Of This Book. How Many Paragraphs. How Many Sentences Ond Words.

All  To Say Just What Scott Stamp Ond Creed Said ‘What If, What If, What If, What If I!!!”

Scott Stamp Ond Creed

There Will Be Just One More Chapter To “101:Valkyrie:101 ~ Old Grand Dad 800” As Far As I Can Relate It To You All Here In London, United Kingdom. You Better Read To Catch Up To The Fact That I Am A Good Person. Directly To You London. Bi. Chicago’s One Ond Only….

Lord “Valkyrie” Bell

Men Not Gods – The Illinois Rock Opera Band

Men Not Gods “Mahagony In Mind” Featuring ‘Valkyrie’

Lord Valkyrie Bell My Word Press Blog



Tau Kappa Epsilon 
(SIU Saluki Sexual)



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