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“Men Not Gods: ‘TKE Queer Bunny’ Mid-Air Thoughts”
Mr. Tony Bell: “Valkyrie” BBC:006
~Monday, August 22nd On Board Virgin Atlantic~
Riverdale | Illinois | Chicago | Los Angeles | London, United Kingdom

Typed Thursday, September 8th 2011

I Have To Allow Justice Supplied To “TKE Queer Bunny” Here On Lord Branson’s 
Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340 Which Includes Wonderful Attendants. Should You Travel On Virgin
Atlantic. Do Make Use Of The Multiple Features Found In The Seat In Front Of You. Your Onflight 
Entertainment Guide Titled “Seat Back”Is The Winner Of The Zagat Copyright Trademark Survey
Of Best International Inflight Entertainment Awards. 

A Wide Assortment Of Movie Ond Music Picks Along With Sky News Headline Selection Appealed To
“TKE Queer Bunny.” I Viewed Two Hollywood American Motion Pictures. Interested In “Thor” I 
Finally Got To Connect. The Long Successful Film Which Opened In 2011 (Spring) Was Engaging.
As Was “Never Say Never” Starring “You” Ond I!!! As Loving, Smiling, Giggling, Persons. All
Caught Up Since 2010 In Justin Bieber Fever. 

He Won At The “Teen Choice Awards” This Month Of August. Before I Begin A Midair Review Of
Sky News Headlines. I’ll Share My Many Audio Highlight Picks Virgin Provides. Such As: 

Sade “The Ultimate Collection.” “Adele “21.” David Bowie “The Best Of.”

Sky News Headlines Provide “Valkyrie” The Very Latest. “TKE Queer Bunny” Is Only Now Able To Update The Men Not Gods Watch From Some 35,000ft Above The Atlantic Ocean From Riverdale |
Illinois Via Chicago O’Hare. Direct Soon Online To You The Reader On http://www.twitter.com/101Valkyrie101
Then With This Entry To http://www.101Valkyrie101.wordpress.com From A “Cozy” In London United Kingdom.

I. “Wikileaks: Be Thou Notified” Sweden Has Managed To Extradite Your Wealthy Founder Mr. Julian Assange. A Judge On The British Legal System Ruled That He Is Face Sex Offence Charges. Sky News From February 24, 2011 .

II. “David Cameron: Prime Minister Of The United Kingdom” Tony Right? I Rather Like Him. Seeing As How “TKE Queer Bunny” Has Been A Look Into What’s What. Read On. The Prime Minister Appologized About British Nationals Who Faced Violence In Libya As They Were Trying To Leave. “Extremely Sorry.” He Shared That The Situation Had Not Been Ideal There Ond That There Were Technical Problems Getting Some Home.

III. “Save The Children ‘Poverty Ond Charity” Overtakes “TKE Queer Bunny” Mid-Air. Seems Some 1.5 Million Children Are In Severe. As A “National Scandal” Is Described. It Seems These Numbers May Grow With U.K. Government Bite Into Services.

IV. “MEN NOT GODS Music Group, USA-UK LLC” As “Author Ond Living Literature” Of “TKE Queer Bunny.” Mid-Air Thoughts On Board Virgin Atlantic This Beautiful Morning Being Men Not Gods Sole Proprietor Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell? It Seems Sky News Business Focus On My Bank Is Now Titled. “Big Briefing: Barclays’ Buy Plus Rising Mortgages” Dated February 23rd 2011 Informs One That Those Of You Who Are Shareholders In Barclays May Enjoy A “Boast.” As A Long Term Account Holder With Them, It Is Only Now That I Am In Approach To Heathrow That “TKE Queer Bunny” Reads That Barclays Purchase Of Lehman Brothers Assets During The Height Of The Financial Crisis Was Ruled Upon. A U.S. Judge Declared The Move “Imperfect.”

The Judge Also Described The Purchase As “Adequate.” I’ll Have To Do More Research On My Potential Choices For Acquiring Company Stocks. One Of The Primary Justifications For My Visit Is To Make Positive Investment In Only A Few Key Businesses. Considering The New AA Rating For The U.S.A. Ond Given The Strength Of The Canadian Dollar Ond The British Pound? Yes. Disney, Yahoo! LinkedIn, Ond BBC America May Be Wise Investments. But? I Do Keep In Mind That My Feet Are Only Now Damp. As “The Figure Head” Of “Men Not Gods” Bi.


V. “Sitting Now In London, England” In The West End Of The United Kingdom. Unhappy Is “TKE Queer Bunny.” I’m Broke!!! Being Unable To Access My Account At Barclays At This Point. I’ve Sit To Think The Situation Over In Public On Davies Street This Evening. In The West End W1 Of Westminster Tonight Vividly Living My Own Pain Out While Drinking A Bira Here At ‘The Running Horse.’
The Youngling Barkeeps Gave Me The Quick Drink At Half Price. Feeling “TKE Queer Bunny” Out In The Obvious As The Hip Chicagoan That I Am. Tonight. With Out My “Significant Personal Wealth Income.” What To Do Then On A Monday Night To Survive? Barclays Insists That I Provide My Address Where I Mailed My Bank Statements To. We Are Hopeful That Tomorrow We Shall Be Able To Acquire The Necessary Address Information Which Will Bring To An Immediate End To Loss I’m Feeling.

My Plans Live On Tonight In My Spirit. For The Joy. I Will Be Overwhelmed With The Income Of My Savings In My Possession Later On This Week. So… Til Then “TKE Queer Bunny” Shall Delve Into The Soho Week Day Scene Hoping To Meet A Warm Hearted Soul Who Will See A Good Person In Need Of Company.

VI. “Now At 9:12pm” In London I Can Share. Indeed I Was Successful In Gaining The Records Of London University Hospital My Former Addy. My Desire Is To Contact Barclays In The Morning With The Hope That I Will Be Successful In Obtaining My Bank Records. This Will End This One Day In The 
In The United Kingdom Without Making Arrangements So That I Can Transfer My Interested In Men Not Gods. My Visit In The Capital London Still Includes Spending Time In The Social Life. The Evening Variety Ond The State Shows. 

The West End Is Thriving Tonight. It Is Enjoyable To Suffer Funds I Must Hold Until 9am In The Morning. Tuesday Ond Wednesday Will Be Exciting. Ond Difinately I Anticipate Shopping For My Multimedia Equipment. This Will Allow Me To Make Haste In Making Proper Business Happen. Online
In London. Private I Can Outline The Distinct Goals I Hold To So That London Will See Me Attain My Residence In Los Angeles. Prior To Departure On Thursday. I’ll Enjoy Shopping.

VII. “Being Able To Move Forward” Also Lets “TKE Queer Bunny” Look In On The Royal Tour. I Want To Look Ond Feel My Best. London. No Signs Of Much Other Than An Active Connected Modern Citizenry As Far As I’ve Observed. The Marquee Lights Are On. The Soho Pubs, Bars, Clubs Ond Dining Call Me To My Pen. Even London China Town Was Literally Flowing – “Walking Past Me!!!”

Questions Of:  “Is That Anthony Lawrence Bell?” Are Whispered From My Ride Into The City Centre On The Piccadilly Line In The A.M. Even Now Across The Way At “The Duke Of Wellington” Located At 77 Wardour Street In Westminster W1 Soho. Just Add Tech Belongings: “Bling.” Some Proper New Get Up Attire. Ond A Return To My Being Apart Of “The Life” As Lord “Valkyrie” Bell. Two Big Nights On The Town Here In The West End On Tuesday Ond Wednesday. This Will Leave A Healthy Memory For Many Who May Come To Watch Men Not Gods “Erogenous Adonis” Featuring Lord “Valkyrie” Bell. 25 Song Set Of Dark Gothic Rock Opera. Live On New Years Eve. Yep. London. The United Kingdom.

VIII. “At The Mid-Point”

Beyond The 12 O’Clock Hour A.M. 

“TKE Queer Bunny” Mr. Tony Bell:BBC:006 “Valkyrie”
Riverdale | Illinois | Chicago | Los Angeles | London, United Kingdom

Stopping To Think. Look At The British. I Listened A Bit. 
Here In Soho Next Door To ‘L’ Escargot Marco Pierre White.
Jazz. Live Music Strikes The Greek Street Off State Off Bateman W1.

Local Kids. Just Youngling White Guys Also Pause To Gawk. Bar Club “49” To Enjoy Atmosphere. My Focus Is Greatly Covering The Multifaceted Connectedness Of The Entire Two Day Exposure Back Into
The Dynamics That Often Do Overwhelm The Traveller In Today’s 21st Century Environment. Obviously. Although I’ve Had To Endure. I’ve Gained A Perspective Into The New Nightlife In Westminster London Here In 2011.

The Challenge Of Answering The Demands O Barclays Revealed To Me That Some Individual Groups Here Have Responded Well To My Heightened Socialisation Among Them. There Is An Awe Ond Excitement Along With Amazement All Round. On Soho Street W1 At Oxford Street. 
The Club “Punk” Vibes.”

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