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“TKE Queer Bunny: Topics On Point”
From London, United Kingdom / Chicago, Illinois, USA
Socio-Political Theological Economic Multi-Media Entertainment Journalism

“Topics On Point: Progress You Hear”

September 6th 2011 Inked Tuesday To Publish On My WordPress Blog.

An Elder Lady Whose Name Is Gladys Listened. As Those Of You Among The Men Not Gods Watch
Begin This Read Of Lord “Valkyrie” Bell. Hear. With Respect To You In Riverdale, Illinois. On The 
South Side Of Chicago, Illinois. In Los Angeles, California Ond The Village Of Colp, Illinois.

My Viewpoints Are Now Much More Tuned To The Olde World In Which I Am Writing From.
The Purpose Of This Finely Honed Expression Of My Own Penmanship. Is To Generate Demand For 
On Air Radio Ond Television Work As A Freelance Columnist Correspondent. I Am Now Acting Swiftly
As I Might To Expand The Q Ond A Between Democrats Ond Republicans Running For Office Next November.

Being Obvious That The Men Not Gods Watch Must Support These Efforts. I Will Use Points Of Reference To
Connect You Among The Majority Whom Do Live Ond Work In The United Kingdom Ond The United States Of America.
Directly Entwined Are These Nations Which Do Share An Immediate Present Day Future. Here In
“The Year Of The Rabbit” From 2011 Until The Lunar New Year In 2012 When The Asian Zodiac Changes.
I Personally Hold The Best Belief In Both My Own Professional Ond Personal Work In The USA. Threading Years
Of Efforts To Build A Solid Foundation For Eventual Financial Freedom To Travel On Location For Broadcast
Opinion Interviews. “A Beginning Is Near.” With This Much On The Chest Of Mankind. So. 

The U.S. NAVY:E4:BBC:006 “Valkyrie” Adds Progress.

Ladies Ond Gentlemen. Republicans Ond Democrats. Labour. Tory. Liberals. Conservatives. Clergy.

My Admiration Of The Process Of Progress. To Continue With The Necessary Deeds Of Acting. Throughout The First
Decade Of The 21st Century. Does Not Carry Forth A True “Continuity Of Authority: Obama Campaign 2012.”
Directly From Today To The Past Decade Which Ended The 20th Century. Known To All On God’s Very Earth As 
The Nineteen Nineties. If President Jimmy Carter Still Leads “Valkyrie” Hears. As President George H.W. Bush Walks
“Valkyrie” Does. So, To President William Jefferson Clinton Did Hold Office. Then, To President George Walker Bush
Ran The Executive Branch Of United States Government Directly From The Oval Office Of The White House In The 
Capitol City Of Washington, D.C. 

“The MTV Generation” Is The Baseline Of MEN NOT GODS Music Group Which Is To Be A Full Service Directed
“Faith Based Community Initiative.” To Guide Ond Brace Up The Establishment From “The Baby Boomers” To The
Far Younger “Generation X.”

The Pontiff Benedict The 16th. Her Majestiy Queen Elizabeth The 2nd. President Barack Hussein Obama. 
Yes. Even United Kingdom Prime Minister Mr. David Cameron. In Addition. The Former First Lady Of America.
She Herself Is Now The U.S. Secretary Of State. Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Younglings!!! Ye Are The Class Of 2012.
“Millenials.” Time For School. Read On Yall. The Current Governor Of Texas Rick Perry Is The Likely Republican
Of Choice To Be A Balanced Opposition Candidate For The United States Presidential Election Next November.

Whom Will You Root For In The Vote For American Leadership? Now Is The Time To Involve Yourselves As Well As
You Schoolmates. MEN NOT GODS Music Group, USA-UK Loves The Idea Of Your Taking A Position During The
Election Season. Students. The Fact Is You Do Have A Chance To Impact The Way Others Vote. So, Get Into The Future!!!
Why? Mr. President. Governor Perry. Class Of 2012.

Sotheby’s Was Established In The 18th Century In The Year 1744. Located At 34 – 35 New Bond Street, London W1A 2AA.
The Old Master & British Paintings Evening Sale Occurred Only This Past July 6th 2011 On Site. Please Visit Sotheby’s Online
At http://www.sothebys.com Where An Exquisitely Refined Selection Of Exhibits Are Soon Available  For Sales As Well As 
Live Online Bidding For Auction. Do Telephone Them Won’t You On 011-44-020-7293-5000 Thanks!!!

Also Of Interest To “TKE Queer Bunny” Fresh On Tuesday, September 6th 2011 Is Today’s Morning Print Of “City A.M.”
Located On The Internet At http://www.cityam.com Whose Tagline Is “Business With Personality.” Inside The Paper On
Page Twenty-Eight You Younglings Currently Being Schooled. Here In The United Kingdom. As You Read The One Ond
Only “Topics On Point” Here To Be Published By Lord “Valkyrie” Bell On http://www.101Valkyrie101.wordpress.com So.

“TKE Queer Bunny” Written For Those Who Are “Heads Of State” By Mr. Tony Bell:BBC:006.

Entitled “The Rise Of The Indian Superpower” Interviewer Mr Edward Shawcross Discusses Growing Strength With Four 
Foreign Affairs Experts. Including: Historian Mr. Patrick French. IISS Senior Fellow Mr. Rahul Roy-Chaudhury. 
Orpington MP Jo Johnson Ond Financial Times Chief Foreign Commentator Gideon Rachman. 

“City A.M. – Business Features Insight” Six Centrally Focused Outlined Headers. They Follow Below…

1. India Is Becoming A Hard Power:
“Once An Ally Of The Former Soviet Union (USSR) Until The Fall Of The Berlin Wall. India Began U.S. Cooperation 
In 2006 Supporting The Star Wars Missile Defence System.”

2. India Needs China:
“The World’s Largest Neighbours Make Nearly Forty Percent Of The World’s Populace. Delhi Ond Beijing Are Very
Large Trade Partners. Yet Pakistan Is Extremely Topical.”

3. India Really Is One Nation:
“The Ruling Communist PartyIn The Country Was Voted Out Of Power 30 Years Ago. Nepotism Exists In The Ruling
Government As It Exists There Today. Yet The Nation Is Diverse In Culture, Language, Food Ond Religion As Well.”

4. India Remains Restrained:
“Although Not A Military Power, Substantively. India Does Sit On The United Nations Security Council Based On
The East Coast Of The United States In New York City, New York. Although, The Country’s Objectives Are Rich.”

5. Everyone Is Courting India:
“The United States Of America – India Civil Nuclear Agreement In 2006 Can Be Taken As One Example. British
Prime Minister David Cameron’s Trade Delegation Visited There In July Of 2010.”

6. Pakistan Is The Primary Concern:
“India Is Looking To Expand Globally Ond Has Seen Great Succss With Ongoing Trade With America Omd China.
Ongoing Warfare Does Impede Their Internal Development. Leaving Some Tribal Citizens Without Great Financial
Gains. The Rough Territorial Regional Borders Of Afghanistan-Pakistan Have Led To Some Of India’s Limitations.”

“TKE Queer Bunny” Is Aware That The Costs Of Going To Colleges Ond Universities Here In The United Kingdom
Have Gone Up Incredibly This 2011 School Semester. Across The Board. When I Began My University Education In 
1990 I Attended My Classes On A Full Scholarship. Later, In The Mid-Nineties, I Had To Take On Direct Expense To 
Continue My Higher Education In My Junior Year. In Fact. I Am On The Way To Paying Back The Lone Loan Owed.

This Will Do Me Greater Good In The Very Near Future. Long Standing Opportunity Exist. When I Do Often Think 
Over A Truly Direct Course Of Study. It Is Where I Will Complete Two Minors Ond Two Majors. As A Junior With
A 9.8 GPA Score. Fancy Me. Being The Older Fellow Here In Jolly England. A 40 Year Old Dramatic Actor. My, Me?
Standing On A Superb University Level Theatre Stage For The First Time Since 1994. Aw, Man. I Was But A Fit Prep.
A Masculine Jock Type As Much A Strong Minded Student Senator Leading The Lead Ladder At Twenty-Three. Well.

On The Way To Ending This Piece. While We Have Shared A Lot With You Thus Far. Let Us Share Just This Much More.
Film. Television. The Movies At The Summer Box Office. The List Of Flicks Kept Coming. J.K. Rowling Gave The U.K.
“Harry Potter Ond The Deathly Hallows” Ond Know I Have Not Seen It Just Yet. Nor Steven Spielberg’s “Super 8” Has
Been Watched By Myself. As Of Yet Collin Ferrel In “Fright Night” Hasn’t Been Viewed. I Did See “THOR” Starring 
Chris Hemsworth On My Virgin Atlantic Flight To London From Chicago. “Captain America” Is On My Mind. Totally.
Plans Are In The Works For My Private Home Viewing Of These Motion Pictures Ond Others Very Soon.

“TKE Queer Bunny” Is Oh So Very Pleased. Finally, The Fall Has Blown In Over Us From The East Off Of The English
Channel. As Well As The Light Moist Rain Which Has Fallen Down On London. It Having The Smell Of The Thames River.
The Very Texture Is A Feeling Of An Eastern Breeze Coming From The Atlantic Ocean Which Is Situated At The Western
Coastline. This Is The United Kingdom In Truth. Yes, The Season Is Now Fall. Everyone!!! It I September. The Bank 
Holiday Is Over For Us Here. Certainly. As Labour Day Has Passed This American National He Being Clear In Thought.

Oxford Circus Fashion Week Is About To Light Up The Runways. London’s Finest Designers Will Dress Up Top Models. 
They Will Gather Them All. Precious. Celebrities. Photographers. Stylists. Socialites Among Those Rich As Well As 
Being Well To Do At “The Ritz” With Influences. Among These Too The Mass Media. The Entertainment Writers. Like…
Us Weekly. TMZ. GQ. People. Time. Vogue. Precious. MEN NOT GODS Music Grop, USA-UK. Even I, Myself Am Here.

“TKE Queer Bunny” Should Not Be Far From Those Of You Who Do Wait For All That 2012 Will Bring Into Our Life.

“Erogenous Adonis” Featuring 25 Songs From My Group: Men Not Gods. Planned Studio Recordings In London Of 
Selected Tracks Will Be Soon Shared. Await Winter. January. Coming The New Year.

“Topics On Point: Progress You Hear” ~Albus Dumbledore Remembered~ A Selection By Elphias Doge
Created By Her…


“Other Quills Will Describe The Triumphs Of The Following Year. Dumbledore’s Innumerable Contributions To The
Store Of Wizarding Knowledge, Including His Discovery Of The Twelve Uses Of Dragons Blood, Will Benefit Generations
To Come, As Will The Wisdom He Displayed In The Many Judgements He Made While Chief Warlock Of Wizengamot.
They Say, Still, That No Wizarding Duel Ever Matched That Between Dumbledore Ond Grindelwald In 1945. Those Who
Witnessed It Have Written Of The Terror On The Awe They Felt As They Watched These, Two Extraordinary Wizards
Do Battle. Dumbledore’s Triumphs, Ond Its Consequences For The Wizarding World, Are Considered A Turning Point In
Magical History To Match The Introduction Of The International Statute Of Secrecy Or The Downfall Of….
He Who Must Not Be Named.”

~ J. K. ROWLING ~ Scotland Native With The Web Addy http://www.jkrowling.com For All Things “Harry Potter” ~

Accept My Standing Offer To Extend My Skills As “Author Ond Living Literature” Allowing Current Availability To Work…

Involvement Is Being Sought Out In The Fields Of:

Lead As Well As Support Male Roles In Acting…

Musical Compositions Ond Arrangements…
“Mahagony In Mind” 2001 http://www.cdbaby.com/mennotgods 
By Men Not Gods Featuring “Valkyire” Running Time 45 Minutes

Assistant Editorial Writing…

Screen Writing…
~ Scripting For Stage…
~ Television Teleplays…

News Features…

Live Entertainment Performance Ond Collaboration…
On Air Broadcasting As A Correspondent Columnist…
Stage… Film… Television… Radio…

I Am Searching For Opportunities With Contractual Salary In The Areas Listed Above. 

Send Email To Each Of The Following Internet Addresses:

Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell  

Lord Valkyrie Bell

Thank You. I Hope The Reader Enjoyed This Blog. Much More To Learn At The Locations Below…

Men Not Gods – The Illinois Rock Band

Lord Valkyrie Bell On Twitter, Inc.



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