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“TKE Queer Bunny” Mr. Tony Bell:BBC:006

Riverdale | Illinois | Chicago | Los Angeles | London, United Kingdom 

Friday, August 12th 2011 

“Men Not Gods: London Capital ~ Los Angeles Vista”

 First Of All Blokes!!! Lord “Valkyrie” Bell Will Still Touch My Heels Down Upon The United Kingdom.

Thereby Cooling The Fires Of “Christopher Reeves’ Store After Chicago’s Lollopolloza!!!” Quite A Mess. 

 Eh? Well, Here We Go…

 What Specific Travesty Of Your Youngling Mindset Whilst Living Your Personal Lifelines, As The Youth

Of Great Britain; Did Bring Out From Your Own Being Such Heresy Ond Violence Of Tacky Disrepute Looters!!!

 Reach Out. Find Your Ink Pens. “TKE Queer Bunny” Is Calling On General Principle Of London Capital!!!

Write TheLordValkyrieBell@hotmail.com Immediately So That While I Am Proceeding To Complete My Civic

State Duties Of Military Ond Church. These Values Now Move 101Valkyrie101 www.twitter.com/101Valkyrie101

To Reach Out To Those Damaged Youth. Both In The United States Of America Ond The United Kingdom As Well.

 Send Me Your Emails Now Stating Your Personal Difficulties.

In This Modern Western 21st Century.

We Must Hear Your Woes.

 Men Not Gods “Erogenous Adonis” Featuring Lord “Valkyrie” Bell ~ A New Musical ~ Shall Be Skillfully Developed

Around The 25 Songs Written On My Track List. Find These On www.101Valkyrie101.wordpress.com If You Will.

Men Not Gods: Los Angeles Is The Only True Direction That I Can Take Being Valkyrie Himself. Heartfelt Designs

For Hiring Talent For The Men Not Gods “Erogenous Adonis” ~ Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band Compact Disk. This

Will Also Include A Long Planned 25 Scene Video “Musicology” With Intended Development Of The Casting – Direction

For The L.A. Based Company. “Dead Before Arrival” Are The Chances Of Build To Show In London Whilst Ye Fight!!!

Thus Leaving “TKE Queer Bunny” To Further ‘London Capital ~ Los Angeles Vista’ Ergo…

Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell Sends Now My Prayer. At At The Arts Ond Humanities Still In Riverdale | Illinois | Chicago.

Before I Return Among You. As Always. I Must End This Personal Interaction Joyfully. Seriously. I Arrive Quite Shortly.

August 2011: From Chicago, Illinois, USA To London, United Kingdom. Where I Will Look Upon You Younglings.

Be You An Eleven Year Old Rioter. Or Even They That Shall Greet Mr. Tony Bell, “Valkyrie” At Buckingham Palace.

I Fully Intend To Purchase A Bit Of ‘Bling’ With New Attire Ond ‘Vogue’ Stature Outfits Prior To Viewing:

“The Royal Wedding Gown” Worn By The Dutchess Of Cambridge Katherine Middleton Whom Married Prince William.

Guiding “The Mayor” Richard M. Daley. No Worries Yall. There Is Nothing To Hide From The University Of Chicago.

August 2011: From London, United Kingdom To Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, California.

MEN NOT GODS Music Group, USA-UK LLC. “London Capital ~ Los Angeles Vista” ~ “A Beginning Is Near.”



Soon Among The Scene…

Lord “Valkyrie” Bell

Executive Producer

“Global Entertainment Artist”


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