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Tuesday, July 26th 2011
“Men Not Gods: ‘Erogenous Adonis’ Track List”
These Are The Songs That Will Connect The Deep Meaning For Many Among You Who Geniunely Are Apart Of The Men Not Gods Watch. Those Of You Who Are Among Others Whom Have Direct Awareness Of This Ten Year Odyssey From The 2001 Recording Of “Mahagony In Mind” To This The 2011 Recording Of “Erogenous Adonis.”
The Deep Meaning Of The Past Will Connect Us Into The Very Future. The Living Reality Of The Here Ond Now Ond The Life We All Share. As Tims Has Revealed More Of Just What Mankind Is Capable Of. Many I Pray. Shall “Join Our Crowd.” Men Not Gods: “Erogenous Adonis” Featuring Lord “Valkyrie” Bell Is A Form Of Communication In Which I Will Endeavor To Open A Conversation Which Will Bring About A Diplomatic Message Of Unity.
The United States Of America. The United Kingdom. The United Nations. Dream Doing Doers. Dream Doing Diplomacy. Diplomats Do Dream. Men Not Gods Must Unify In Order To Attain Salvation. Unity.
At Stake Is Stability. At Stake Is “World Peace In Our Time.” Is Not This The World That Man, Woman Ond Child Live Upon? While A Few Among Secular Culture Have Done Little To Prevent The Damages Done Upon Civilization. God Knew This Damage Would Occur. At The Hands Of Religious Extremists We The Majority Have Witnessed Outright Destruction Of Modern As Well As Ancient Infrastructure. Ond The Injury To Stability In Organized Government. Being Non-Secular Those, Who To Long Have Cried Out To God Almighty To Answer Your Silent Prayers Ond Anguished Tears Shed Since World War I. World War II. The War Of The South Pacific. The Korean War. The Vietnam War. The First Iraq War. The Second Iraq War. The September 11th Attack. The War In Afghanistan Ond The Violent “Revolutions” In The Middle East. The Financial Collapse In Western Nations. Prayerful. Real. Tears.
A God By Any Name Is A God Just The Same Ond Yet The God Of Moses Withheld His Name. Yet We Who Are They That Are True Believers In One True God. Being Non-Secular As Jewish, Christian, Muslim People. So Then I As A Minority Business Owner, Executive Producer, Label Owner, Publisher. “Global Entertainment Artist” Ond Journalist. From The Body Of Christ. Roman Catholic Angelican Southern Babtist Deacon. Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell Warns You. Protect God’s Church On Our Planet Earth.
“Men Not Gods: ‘Erogenous Adonis’ Track List”
1. “Wide Open Soldier” ~ Protect With Your Love
2. “Liberation” ~ Why Must All My People Suffer
3. “You Want War” ~ I Listened To All You Have To Say
4. “Aftermath Of War” ~ Laughter Shall Be Found
5. “Why Not Believe In Who You Are” ~ How Do You Feel
6. “Rock Ond Roll Is Power” ~ Music Changes Lives
7. “Fish From Water” ~ The Hands Of Time Keep On Turning
8. “Deep Inside The Mud” ~ Don’t Change A Thing For Me
9. “Answer My Questions” ~ Why Not Consider This Testimony
10. “Thought” ~ A Servant Of God I Am
11. “Go Ahead Ond Go” ~ Us Is This The End
12. “Erogenous Adonis” ~ Time Passes As Time Can
13. “Know Me Now” ~ Finally Waking Next To You
14. “Comatose: Used Anger” ~ You Didn’t Make It Any Easier
15. “My Trust In You: Used Anger” ~ What Do You Think I See
16. “The Knight Comes: Shyne” ~ Realise That Nothing Lasts Forever
17. “I Don’t Know Why: Shyne” ~ Am I The Problem We Always Fight 

18. “Shine: Shyne” ~ No Long So I Clouds Hanging Over Me

 19. “Time Goes By In A Dream: Millennia” ~ I See The Stars

 20. “Lunacy: Millennia” ~ I Think I Need You Next To Me

 21. “Robots: Millennia” ~ Ond So They Meet Their End

 22. “Vacuum: Used Anger” ~ Unconcerned With This World

 23. “Dream On Dreamer: Millennia” ~ A Little Hope A Little Glory

 24. “Save Me My Saviour” ~ Men Not Gods Is Known

 25. “To God I Say” ~ Take All Your Sorrow

 “Men Not Gods: ‘Erogenous Adonis’ Track List”

 As I Watched ABC News “This Week With Christiane Amanpour” www.abc.com


 “State Of The Union With Candy Crowley” On CNN. www.cnn.com

 A Sense Of Rejuvenation Came Across Me In Tune With The Sound Of Cars On The Wet Pavement.

On The Busy Main Street Following The Rain That Fell.

 “TKE Queer Bunny” Riverdale | Illinois | Chicago | Los Angeles | London, United Kingdom

Mr. Tony Bell:BBC:006 “Valkyrie”

 This Is The Near End Of July. In A Group Of WordPress Twitter Blogs Which Are Now Unified With Yahoo! Corparate As Well As You There On Wall Street With LinkedIn. In These Entries My Focus Is As Outward An Open Example Of Theology Ond Social Politics. As My Journals Covering Broadcast News Media Topics Have Voiced MEN NOT GODS Music Group Positions.

 The Bride Is God’s Church Here On Earth. For 2,012 Years We Have Been The Body Of Christ. Since Genesis The Tribe Of Man Has Known Dominance Over The Life In This World. Still…

 Johovah Is God The Father. His Will Is Done Ond God Himself Long Ago. The Creator Walked With Man. His Very Own Creation. Mankind Is Made In His Image. Keep Your Guard. Keep The Faith. Read The Word Of GOD. Believe In The Word Of GOD. Now…

Protect God’s Church. GOD Is Quite As Real As Both You Ond I.

 “Thine Kingdom’s Journal: Origins”

 Genesis Chapter 50 Verses 20 -26

 “But As For You Ye Thought Evil Against Me; But God Meant It Unto Good, To Bring To Pass, As It Is This Day, To Save Much People Alive. Now Therefore Fear Ye Not: I Will Nourish You, Ond Your Little Ones. Ond He Comforted Them, Ond Spake Kindly Unto Them. Ond Joseph Dwelt In Egypt, He, Ond His Father’s House: Ond Joseph Lived An Hundred Ond Ten Years.”

 “Ond Joseph Saw Ephraim’s Children Of The Third Generation: The Children Also Of Machei The Son Of Manasseh Were Brought Up Upon Joseph’s Knees.”

 “Ond Joseph Said Unto His Brethren, I Die: Ond God Will Surely Visit You, Ond Bring You Out Of This Land Unto The Land Which He Sware To Abraham, To Issac, Ond To Jacob. Ond Joseph Took An Oath Of The Children Of Israel Saying, God Will Surely Visit You, Ond Ye Shall Carry Up My Bones From Hence. So Joseph Died, Being An Hundred Ond Ten Years Old: Ond They Embalmed Him, Ond He Was Put In A Coffin In Egypt.”

 Only Mankind’s Humanity To Man Can End This Strife.

 Be Well. Be Safe. Be Love Believe… God Overstands Tau Kappa Epsilon.

 Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie”

“TKE Queer Bunny” Author Ond Living Literature


 Men Not Gods: Chicago’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band




 Lord “Valkyrie” Bell


 Madonna ICON


 Janet Jackson


 Sir Richard Branson



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