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“TKE Queer Bunny: ‘Erogenous Adonis’ To Scale”
Riverdale | Illinois | Chicago | Los Angeles | London, United Kingdom
Socio-Political Theological Economic Multimedia Entertainment Journalism
Transcribed Tuesday, July 26th 2011 From Chicago State University In Chicago, Illinois!!! Howdy. I Relocate To London ASAP. Really… 
“Note These Really True Words Dude!!!”
Saturday, July 23rd 2011
The Capitol Of Oslo, Norway Has Sustained A Direct Personal Bomb Attack By A Twenty-Something Christian-Fundementalist Who Then Launched A Rifle Toting Murder Spree Of Teen At A Youth Camp Sponsored By The Country’s Labour Party Friday Just Past.
“Good Morning America” www.abc.com/gma Has Continued With Excellent Coverage Of The Story Of The Terror Attack. Making It Clear From The Very Next Daybreak That “This Was A Lone Wolf” Ond Not The Result Of Islamic Terrorism. Here In The City Of Chicago, Illinois. Just North Of South Suburban Riverdale. Transportation By Car Ond Public Transportation Was Overwhelmed As Powerful Thunderstorms Plowed Through The Region. Halting The Chicago Transportation Authority’s Red Ond Blue Transitlines. Ond Closing Some Positions Of The City’s Expressway System As Well As Many Local Thru Streets.
Record Heat In The United States Has Topped The Three Digit Mark Across The Country. Weathercasters Have Reported What They Call A “Heat Dome” Over Much Of The Nation Which Has Led To Some Deaths Ond Has Caused A Heavy Burden As 28 States Fight Back With What They Can. Powergrids In Several Of Our Metropolitan Areas Are Struggling.
“TKE Queer Bunny: ‘Erogenous Adonis’ To Scale”
Must Still Balance Where I Am Ond Where I Will Be.
Must Still Balance What I’m Planning With What I Have.
Must Balance What I Believe With What I Feel Ond Think.
This Stage Of My Career Development Is Also A Period Of Personal Ond Professional Growth.
Where In My Writing I Can Examine The Universe Surrounding Me?
What Is True Of “TKE Queer Bunny” Here In The Year Of The Rabbit.
As A High Technology Journal. Which Explores A Wide Range Of Topics. Revealing The Author Ond Living Literature.
Myself Being “Valkyrie” Me Self!!! U.S. NAVY Yoman British Broadcasting Company:006 Mr. Tony Bell To You. Yikes!!!
An Audience. Geared Ond Ready To Move Focused Well Informed New Authors Beyond Mere Blogging. Into A Well Examined Source For Worthy Discussion In Multiple Circles. It Is Apparent To Me That There Is A Void That Really Had A Simple Need To Be Filled With Good Educated Entertaining Directed Dogmatic Writing. At My Core Is A Non-Secular Lead Vocalist. Who Is In Obvious Deeds Of Action That Result In Actually Attaining Professional Attention From Various Specific Sources Who Have Substantiated Who I Have Always Been Known To Be With Who They Themselves Are!!!
“TKE Queer Bunny: ‘Erogenous Adonis’ To Scale”
Is In My Sight. It Is In My Grasp. My Hands Are Holding A Pen.
Thus Allowing Me To Display “TKE Queer Bunny” As I Am. “A Mature Gentleman.”
To Utilize My Skills. To Set Forth Words As Action. To Nurture The Youngling At 19 That Was Indeed A Senator Elected To A University Office In Winona, Minnesota In 1990. This Fact Still Carries Me As Chairman Of The Student Services Committee To Have The Continued Determination Since My Formative Years As A Member Of “The MTV Generation.” (Howdy To M.C. Hammer. Eh?)
Ond Then To Be Willing To Express My Freedom Of Speech As I Begin To Leave A Mark Within The Parameters Of Freedom Of The Press. I Wonder At This Stage Of Creation. Ond I Marvel www.marvel.com That God The Father In My Burgeon Role Of This My Fourth Year Of The Lambs Book Of Life Grants Me A Place To Share My Gifts In Works.
“Erogenous Adonis” Is Not Merely An Album. As I Position My Being I Prepare It I Plan For More Than Just A Mere Compact Disk.
Know This. As “Thine Kingdom’s Journal” Ond As Was So With “Thine Kingdom’s Journal: Origins” On Yahoo! Pulse.
“TKE Queer Bunny”
“Erogenous Adonis”
Men Not Gods ~ “Chicago’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band” 
“Midgard: Rock: Olympiads – Thank You Pricess Diana”
MEN NOT GODS Music Group, USA-UK Are Congruous.
Within All That I’ve Written On This Day. I Wrote For Each Of You Among Men Not Gods. To The Exact Measure That Shared This Much Of Me; To You Yourselves. Ond To Him Our Creator. At My Core Is A Non-Secular Journalese Of An Author. Much Has Unfolded In Full View Of Us All Ond Much More Still Is To Follow. :101Valkyrie101: “For A Long Period Of Time I Have Calculated What I Expect Of Myself At A Certain Specific Season Ond At What Specific Date.” :101Valkyrie101: It Strengthens Me To Be Aware Of The Signs That Have Been Shown. Right Before The Eyes Of Younglings. God The Father Has Again Given Of Himself. At Worst.
Real Knowledge Of Good Ond Evil.
While The Distance Betwee Us Becomes Shorter. With The Passing Of Each Of These Days I Plan To Constantly Keep World Events In My Mind. I Plan To Physically Write Down Reflections On These Happenings Globally As Well As Here Stateside. You Should Too. When The Time Is Right. When All Of The Mechanics Of My Life Have Adjusted The Detail. I Will Close Out My Personal Business. I Will Put My Best Laid Plans Into Action After Many Decades Of Experience. With Hope Ond Faith. With Love Ond Grace. Goodness. My Intentions Are Good Ond I Have Known The Value Of Good Intentions Throughout My Lifetime Of Experience. I Shall Clothe Myself With Proper Attire To Affirm These Words With My Own Honest Character Intact. www.cdbaby.com/mennotgods
“Mahagony In Mind”
Lord “Valkyrie” The 1st
Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell
Sir Richard Branson
Madonna ICON
Janet Jackson

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