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“Clean, Sober, Focused: ‘Erogenous Adonis”
“TKE Queer Bunny” Mr. Tony Bell:BBC:006 U.S. Navy Yoman:E4 “Valkyrie”
Riverdale | Illinois | Chicago | Los Angeles | London, United Kingdom
Transcribed Saturday, July 23rd 2011 From Chicago State University In Chicago, Illinois
Friday, July 22nd 2011
With The Title Of These Twitter www.twitter.com Word Press www.wordpress.com Blog Entries Given For The Reader That Is Following Lord “Valkyrie” Bell www.twitter.com/101Valkyrie101 To Form An Instantaneous Connection To The Topics.
I Felt That “My Journey Back To Myself” Needed Even More Rounding Out As Far As The Vision I Have In Mind For Men Not Gods Ond For My Own Career. Many Nights I Have Laid Down To Sleep In Prayer. While I Will Not Ever Look Upon My Life With Regret. I Do Look To My Life Ahead Ond I Thank My Lord God Now That I Am Nearing The Fortieth (40) Year Of My Living A Gift Which Johovah Alone Has Given Me. (Allah If You Prefer.) Today, I Must Refresh My Route On This Course. On This Path Of Light Today I Must Dedicate Extra Effort In Keeping Alchohol Ond Drugs Out Of My Physical Body. My Internal System. Not Because I Am An Actual Alchoholic Or A Drug Addict. I Really Am Not Either Of Those Words. As Descriptive As They Are For Far Too Many.
Rather, It Is Because Here In The Inner City Chicago As I Move About Locally. It Is Just Too Too East To Find One’s Self Distracted From That Which Is “My Journey Back To Myself” Where Physical Ond Intellectual Ond Artistic Goals Are A Real Beacon For Me.
“Clean, Sober, Focused: ‘Erogenous Adonis” Is For Me A Halmark Ond True Testimony. As I Prepare Myself For The Role I Will Play In The Leadership Of The Presentation Of This Character I Shall Perform With All Of The Showmanship Necessary To Breakout Into The Forefront Of The Music Industry. I Want To Reinforce The Better Part Of My Roman Catholic Angelican Southern Babtist Chracter Traits. Even As One Who Knew Those Whom Have Fallen From Grace Do To Damages Of Using Many Drugs Ond Spirits.
“Clean” Is My Fortieth (40) Birthday Present That I Am Giving Myself. Now At Forty Why? Because. I Have Never Allowed Myself To Master My Stagecraft Without So Much As Even Smoking An Urb. In Addition, For Just Shy Of Eight (8) Years Since Stepping Off Of The Live Stage In 2004 “Clean” Is A Description That I Can Now Only Seriously Claim. As I Bring To An End The Self Medicating With LaCoca As A Matter Of Order In Gaining Popularity In A Drug Sub-Culture As A Journalistic Exploration Of The City Of Chicago Itself. All The While Engaging In Interpersonal Ond Intimate Communication Within The Seedy High Life Of Club Culture Ond The Hip-Hop Street Crowd Which Made It Clear. The Questions Surrounding “Valkyrie” Had Peaked Many A Folk’s Interest.
“Clean, Sober, Focused: ‘Erogenous Adonis” Does Not Mean That Anyone Will Be Forgotten. In Fact The Messages In The 25 Songs Soon To Be Executive Produced Ond Recorded In London, United Kingdom As Well As In Los Angeles, California Will Only Prove That I Am Right To Approach This Artistic Work With Great Care. Ond Doing So Effectively Means I Will Have To Refrain From Alchohol Ond Drugs If I Am To Maintain My Character Free From The Influence Ond Well Rehearsed. The Real Message Will Be In The Showmanship Of Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell. Lord “Valkyrie” Bell. “Erogenous Adonis” “TKE Queer Bunny” Men Not Gods “Global Entertainment Artist” Who Months Prior To Ond Weeks Before Hand. As A Writer Ond A Journalist I Began Making Crossroads.
I Want Those In My Past To Remember This. That We Did Live Out That Youth Period. That I Still Remember Them Ond Those Latenight Parties In High School Ond While I Attended University. I Want My Former CoWorkers In The White Collars To Remember Those Evenings When We Hit The Bars Ond Caught Those Big Time Bands Ond Local Gigs Knowing Full Well That We Had To Still Clock In At Eight In The Morning At The Office Without Proper Sleep.
“Clean, Sober, Focused: ‘Erogenous Adonis” At Forty (40) Is In A League Now With Colleagues Who Really Want Only The Best For “TKE Queer Bunny” As Well As For MEN NOT GODS Music Group!!! You Are Among The Friends Ond Family That Accept This As A “Focused” Effort To Realize A Challenge. Which Is To Bring About The Truthfully Publically Healthy Energized Mature Adult Professional Inside. We Have Made It Abundantly Clear To You All In Past Blog Entries Just What It Is That I We Are “Focused” On. With That Being Socio-Political Theological Economic Multimedia  Entertainment Journalism As Well As The Presentation Of Artistic Studio Productions That Will Validate To Those Of A Certain Professional Station, “My Journey Back To Myself” Is One Which Returns Me To Those Inner White Collar Corporate Offices.
It Is That Immediate Return That Will Bridge The Gaps Between Those Who Can Ond Those Who Could Not. As A Black Man I Can.
Those Gaps Between “You” Ond “Them” Could Not Swallow The Real Person That I Have Always Been Capable Of Being. Even As Unemployment Reaches A Staggering 9.2 Percent In The U.S.A. Ond As Over 50 Percent Of Black Americans Wallow In Crime, Child Custody Issues, Divorce Ond A Lack Of A High Education. Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell Believes One Message Is Still Able To Bridge These Gaps. The Message Of Unity. “Clean, Sober, Focused: ‘Erogenous Adonis” Is A Unifying Message Which Was Centered Around A Personality. Many Will Make A Connection. The United States Of America Is In A Crisis. Just As Is The Middle East, Europe Ond Even The United Kingdom. While Many Of You Reading Ond Following Have Gone Out Of Your Way Since October Of Last Year. To Extend Your Hand. Share Your Information. Ond To Expose To New Media.
I Have Only Begun To Reflect On How Much Your Email Ond Tweets, Which I Then Forwarded Ond ReTweeted. Have Given Me A Great Sense Of Dedication To My God Given “Work” Which Will Soon See You As My Audience. Informed As Well As Entertained Globally, Internationally Ond Across The United States Of America. It Has Always Been My Method. That I As A Minority Interact In A High Fashion Sense That Allows A Wide Audience To Feel Inclusive Of Each Other. I Hope You Will All Feel Included In My Desire To Build Unity Amony Us.
“Clean, Sober, Focused: ‘Erogenous Adonis” As Writing. It Means As Much For Me To Be Able To Share With You My Intention To Come Out Into The Field Of Mass Communication As One Schooled In Speech Communication Ond At At The Arts Ond Humanities. By Holding Back Making A Bold Public Image Until 2011. Where I Now Am Just Doing Research Ond Tapping On A Few Doors.
I Swear To You Youngling. That I Do Intend To Set An Example Of How One At The Age Of Forty (40) Does Enter The Broadcast Entertainment Arena In 2012. We As Adults Have Allowed To Say Too Much On Various Topics While All The While Saying Too Little. It Is True That I Once Was A Child Ond That I Do Desire To Start A Family Of My Own. First How Ever I Want To Present Myself As The True Gentleman Ond Minority Business Owner That I Am. Being Married To My Career Ond Calling. Leaves Me Free With Liberty To Make Refined Introductions.
For MEN NOT GODS Music Group “TKE Queer Bunny” “Erogenous Adonis” As The Author Ond Living Literature I Will Will It While I Do. Unity. Family. Business. Brotherhood. Clean. Sober. Focused. Keenly Aware.
Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie”
“Erogenous Adonis” Will Enter Live Studio Recording Production This Year In London, United Kingdom. Cheers!!! See You Soon.
9900 South Yale
Chicago, Illinois, USA 60628
618 – 985 -4150
Box 204 Doctor Springs Road
Village Of Colp, Illinois, USA 62921
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