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“The Continuity Of Authority: Stop Tossing The American Dollar Without Paying The Bills” 


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 Transcribed Saturday, July 23rd 2011 From Chicago State University In Chicago, Illinois.

 Thursday, July 21st 2011

 I Watched CNN This Afternoon At 2pm With Brian Lemon Ond The Discussion Went Right Away To Taxes During The Clinton Administration. As Well As Taxes During The Bush Administration. With The Budget Crisis At A Fresh Moment Coming August 2nd Where Our Government Will Have To Do On Our Behalf. Or Many In Our Country Will Have To Do With Out. www.cnn.com

 All Of The Conversation On CNN With John King Tonight Is Default. Default. Will We Have Our Taxes Raised? Can Those Of You In Power Be Expected To Balance The Budget Without Raising Taxes On America’s Wealthy Upper Class? Can The House Of Representatives Ond The United States Senate See Eye To Eye? I Agree With The News Reporting. This Is A Little Too Big. This Is Also A Budget Problem Which Has Existed Since The President Jimmy Carter Administration.

 One Of The Commentators Mentioned That Balancing The American Budget Should Be Easily Done By The Government. This Statement Has Always Left Me Cold. Balancing The Budget Of The United States Of America Is Not At All The Same As Doing One’s Personal Taxes. Thinking That The Role Of 21st Century Government Is The Same As 20th Century Government Is To Simplify Things. The United States Of America Has Always Held A Larger Role In The World. Since The Arrival Of The Pilgrams Ond The Establishment Of The First Thirteen Original Colonies. The Role Of The U.S.A. Has Been To Establish Civilization Here On The Continental United States As Well As Down Into Central Ond South America.

I Would Ask The Reader If We As Citizens Of This Country Should Allow Ourselves To Be Caught With Our Guard Down. Have No Doubt That A Second Recession Is Coming. Keep Your Guard. Face Up Ond Come To Terms With Your Finances Now. Our Elected Officials In Washington, D.C. Are Playing A Very Dangerous Game Of Cat Ond Mouse. 

On One Hand Homeland Security Is Still Of The Upmost Importance. How Are They Able To Keep Security At The Upmost While At The Sametime Appearing Before Television Cameras Attacking One Another From Across The Aisle. From The House To The Senate. The Body Of Our Government. Both Democratic Ond Republican Parties Are In Disarray Having Placed Us All On A Timetable.

“The Continuity Of Authority: Stop Tossing The American Dollar Without Paying The Bills.”

Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie”




Men Not Gods: Chicago’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band


Lord “Valkyrie” Bell



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