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“My Journey Back To Myself”
“TKE Queer Bunny”
Riverdale | Illinois | Chicago | Los Angeles | London, United Kingdom
Transcribed Saturday, July 23rd 2011 From Chicago State University In Chicago, Illinois.
Friday, July 22nd 2011
I Can Still Tap Into It. That Creative Center Which Has Always Been Available To Me. “My Journey Back To Myself” Is A Very Private-Personal Walk As A Public-Professional Gentleman. As I Approach My Career With This Fresh Perspective. I Attempt To Look Into A Not To Distant Future. Where I In Decades Past I Was In A Position Of Being A Student Who Intellectually Recognized The Importance Of Learning. I Realized The Work I Put In Focus. Developing Skills That I Knew Definately Would Be Of Use In My Later Years.
As I Begin Crafting A Specific Outline For A Platform That I Was Unable To Imagine When I Was In High School Ond At The University Level. It Does Seem That I Have At My Closest Examination Of Past, Present Ond Future Come To “My Journey Back To Myself.” Having Successfully Moved Forward In Time. I Recognize A Great Responsibility To Technology Ond My Art.
The Very Fact Is I Lord “Valkyrie” Bell Have Arrived At This Place In My Heart. In My Center Where I Want Ond Need To Thank You. For We Are Pleased That You Have Arrived Here With Us. All Of Us Online Are Here Together At Different Stages Of Technological Development. Many Of You Have Passed Through That Professional Point In One’s Career Where One Must Recognize The Challenges Set Before Us. That Greatest Challenge Before Me Is To Come Out Of The Shell That I Built.
The Shell I Built Has Been To Work Quietly Online For The Past Ten (10) Years. While Socializing At A Local Chicago Level I Stopped Travelling. I Stopped Going On Auditions On Let Go Of Professional Representation. I Stopped Live Performance. I Stopped Moving Up The Social Ladder As “That Black Guy” With The Know How. The Mella With The Answers. The Fella With That “Can Do Spirit,” Connected To Global Communication Skills. I Stopped. Yet Technology Didn’t.
Fortunately, I Never Lost Sight Of The Here Ond The Now Which Has Become This Very Future. “My Journey Back To Myself” Means That I Can Ond I Must Face The Challenge Of Attaining My Vision Ond Meeting My Long Held Goals. While The World Has Seen Major Strife. While Millions Now Struggle For Stability. While Violence Has Broken Forth Across Many Lands. Encouragement From Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell To You All.
Form A Vision For Your Future Right Now. Now. Immediately. I Can Picture How Bleak The Outlook Can Seem For Individuals From All Walks Of Life At Every Level Of Our Society. Yet, “The Walk Of Faith” I Have Moved On Has Shown That I Have Had A Path Laid Out For Me Ond I Realize That I Am On A Successful Path With Given Potential. Now Is The Time To Examine Where “You” Are In The 21st Century. As I Move Forward. I Am Keenly Aware Of What I Want For Myself. I Am Aware Of What Is Personally In My Grasp Month To Month.
In Addition, I Thank My Lord God Whom Placed Light In My Life. What Is This Creative Center? It Is Light To See What I Am Given. MEN NOT GODS Music Group, USA-UK Is Creative Light. “TKE Queer Bunny” Like “Erogenous Adonis” Is Creative Light. Riverdale | Illinois | Chicago | Los Angeles | London, United Kingdom Are All Of These Places That Are As Real To Me As My Given “Midgard: Rock: Olympiads – Thank You Princes Diana” Soon To Be Presented By Men Not Gods: Chicago’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band. When Time Unfolds Ond Becomes The Future I Am Gearing For Later In This Very Year 2011. This Fall. This Winter.
My Message Will Still Be This Message To All Of Us That Need Reminding. “This Is Midgard Ond My Path Is Dios Ond Christ.”
As I Dust Off Ond Exit My Shell I Accept That He Is “The Truth, The Way Ond The Life.”
“The Clear Blue Waters Of Hope Ond Faith.”
We Are Pleased You Have Arrived Here With Us.
Encouragement From Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie” Includes…

 “Thine Kingdom’s Journal”


 “Arise, Shine; For Thy Light Is Come, Ond The Glory Of The Lord Is Risen Upon Thee. For, Behold, The Darkness Shall Cover The Earth, Ond Gross Darkness The People: But The LORD Shall Arise Upon Thee, Ond His Glory Shall Be Seen Upon Thee. Ond The Gentiles Shall Come To Thy Light Ond Kings To The Brightness Of Thy Rising. Lift Up Thine Eyes Round About Ond See: All They Gather Themselves Together, They Come To Thee: Thy Sons Shall Come From Far, Ond Thy Daughters Shall Be Nursed At Thy Side. Then Thou Shalt See, Ond Flow Together, Ond Thine Heart Shall Fear, Ond Be Enlarged; Because The Abundance Of The Sea Shall Be Converted Unto Thee, The Forces Of The Gentiles Shall Come Unto Thee.”

 “The Multitude Of Camels Shall Cover Thee The Dromedaries Of Midian Ond Ephah; All They From Sheba Shall Come: They Shall Bring Gold Ond Incense; Ond They Shall Shew Forth The Praises Of The LORD.”

 “All The Flocks Of Kedar Shall Be Gathered Together Unto Thee, The Rams Of Nebaioth Shall Minister Unto Thee: They Shall Come Up With Acceptance On Mine Alter, Ond I Will Glorify The House Of My Glory. Who Are These That Fly As A Cloud, Ond As The Doves To Their Window? Surely, The Isles Shall Wait For Me, Ond  The Ships Of Tarshish First, To Bring Thy Sons From Far, Their Silver Ond Their Gold With Them, Unto The Name Of The Lord Thy God, Ond To The Holy Ond Of Israel, Because He Hath Glorified Thee. Ond The Sons Of Strangers Shall Build Up Thy Walls, Ond Their Kings Shall Minister Unto Thee: For In My Wrath I Smote Thee, But In My Favour Have I Had Mercy On Thee. Therefore Thy Gates Shall Be Open Continually: They Shall Not Be Shut Day Nor Night; That Men Nay Bring Unto Thee The Forces Of The Gentiles, Ond That Their Kings May Be Brought. For The Nation Ond Kingdom That Will Not Serve Thee Shall Perish; Yea, Those Nations Shall Be Utterly Wasted. The Glory Of Lebanon Shall Come Unto Thee, The Fir Tree, The Pine Tree, Ond The Box Together, To Beautify The Place Of My Sanctuary; Ond I Will Make The Place Of My Feet Glorious.”

 “The Sons Also Of Them That Afflicted Thee Shall Come Bending Unto Thee; Ond All They That Despised Thee Shall Bow Themselves Down At The Soles Of Thy Feet; Ond They Shall Call Thee, The City Of The Lord, The Zion Of The Holy One Of Israel. Whereas Thou Hast Been Forsaken Ond Hated, So That No Man Went Through Thee, I Will Make  Thee An Eternal Excellency, A Joy Of Many Generations.”

 “Thou Shalt Also Suck The Milk Of The Gentiles, Ond Shalt Suck The Breast Of Kings: Ond Thou Shalt Know That I The LORD Am Thy Saviour Ond The Redeemer, The Mighty One Of Jacob.”

 “For Brass I Will Bring Gold, Ond For Iron I Will Bring Silver, Ond For Wood Brass, Ond For Stones Iron: I Will Also Make Thy Officers Peace, Ond Thine Exactors Righteousness.”

 “Violence Shall No More Be Heard In Thy Land, Wasting Nor Destruction Within Thy Borders; But Thou Shalt Call Thy Walls Salvation, Ond Thy Gates Praise. The Sun Shall Be No More Thy Light By Day; Neither For Brightness Shall The Moon Give Light Unto Thee: But The Lord Shall Be Unto Thee An Everlasting Light, Ond Thy God Thy Glory.”

 “Thy Sun Shall No More Go Down; Neither Shall Thy Moon Withdraw Itself: For The Lord Shall Be Thine Everlasting Light, Ond The Days Of Thy Mourning Shall Be Ended.”

 “Thy People Also Shall Be All Righteous: They Shall Inherit The Land For Ever, The Branch Of My Planting, The Work Of My Hands, That I May Be Glorified.”

 “A Little One Shall Become A Thousand, Ond A Small One A Strong Nation: I The Lord Will Hasten It In His Time.”


 “This Is Midgard Ond My Path Is Dios Ond Christ.”

 Visualize. Where Ever You Are As You Read This. If You Are Younger Than I. Visualize The Future Ahead. If You Are Of My Same Age Then Face These Challenges Head On Right Now. The Reality Is If You Visualize A Better Future You Might Achieve It. If You Are Older Then I Am Then The Reality You Face Here Ond Now Is The Same As Mine. “My Journey Back To Myself” Requires Putting My Best Creative Ideas Far Out Into The Distance Ahead On My Path. The Times Require That I Do So.

 Yours Truthfully,

 Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie”




 Men Not Gods: Chicago’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band


 Lord “Valkyrie” Bell



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