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From The Lakeview Merlo Branch Library. 
Boystown, Wrigleyville, Chicago, Illinois Known As…
“NORTHSIDE!!!” Wednesday, July 13th 2011.
“TKE Queer Bunny”
Riverdale | Illinois | Chicago | Los Angeles | London, United Kingdom

“Southside.” Published In The Now Friday, July 15th 2011 From Chicago State University!!! Yep.

“My Mind On The Future Just Ahead”
Bi Mr. Tony Bell, Lord “Valkyrie”
U.S. NAVY Yoman:E4 BBC:006
British University North American Counselour
I Spent This Past Saturday During The Evening Of July 9th 2011 In My Flat.
A Simble Abode That I Do Share With My Mother.
Here In The South Suburban Chicagoland Area.
I Successfully Ran Through A Realtime Three Hour Accapella Private Vocal Rehearsal Of The
Fifty Songs That Make Up The Privately Arranged Tapestry Of What Will Be The Focus Of My Artistic Life. Believe Me. I Long To Return To Live Stage Performance. Far Too Long I Rested.
This Centerpeice Of My Career Does Have A Working Title.
“Midgard: Rock: Olympiads – Thank You Princess Diana”
As News Broke About The Scandels That Led To The Shut Down Ond Closing Of
“News Of The World” The 168 Year Old British New Paper. I Was Not Really Surprised. It Seems That Within The Area Of Speech. As Well As Broadcast Communication. There Are Many That Lie Ond Deceive Their Readership For A Profit.
“My Mind On The Future Just Ahead” I Have Grown To Accept The Knowledge Of Good That God Our Creator Has ‘Himself’ Provided. Likewise. The Reader Must Find Need To Remain Diligent About Proper Dissemination Of Factual News Ond Information Being Provided You Now in The 21 Century From A Large Wide Varied Amount Of Sources. Especially In Common English Language.
There Are Many Cooks In The Kitchens Of The Media. Very Few Of These Journalists Or Reporters Could Ever Seriously See Themselves Reflected From Any Available Surface To Be As The Likes Of Head Chefs Who Brew Up The Recipes In The World’s Top Restaurants. A Periodical Of The Print Medium Is Much Like One’s Favorite Bistro Or Bar. A Cafe, Pub Or Cantina.
As Far A Periodicals Go, “News Of The World” With It’s Long History Now At Sin Filled Finale. Take Comfort Younglings. The Paper Had Long Ago Come Under Constant Attack Ond Scrutiny For Their Gossip Based Angles Fed To The Buying Public In The Late 1990’s. As When Lord Tony Blair Rose Triumphant To Authority As Head Of The Labour Party. Then While Remaining ‘Tounge In Cheek’ He Went On To A Successful Role As The Prime Minister Of The United Kingdom!!! Goody.
As A “Global Entertainment Artist” Ond As The Independent Journalist Of “TKE Queer Bunny” What I Truly See Today As I Tune In “ABC World News” With Diane Sawyer www.abc.com
Is Of Monday, July 11th 2011. “My Mind On The Future Just Ahead” Does Indeed Include The Direct Investigation Of “News Of The World” That Will Most Certainly Cause Those There In The U.K. That Obviously Had Planned To Profit From The Sabotage Ond Collapse Of That Olde Institution Of Printed Daily News Features.
Those Individuals Shall Be Pointed Out Before Us For Who They Are Ond For What They Stand For. Even As They Are Just As Surely To Be Quickly Brought To Swift Due Justice For Their Own Acts. 
For Their Lack Of Honest Vision. In Which Case Should Have Been Strengthening The Olde Paper. While The Readers Might Have Been Given The Truth. Based On The Facts. Derived Through Questions Ond Answers. Sought Out By Real News Reporters. Who Then Also Inquire Of Multiple Bystanders. Ond Even Then At That Point. Additional Witnesses Must Be Aquired In Order. Then So To Construct A Fact Based Story. Only If…
The Blooming Fucking ‘Truth’ Can Be Still Trusted To Be Given For Said Proper Daily News Print!!!
Subsequently. That ‘Story’ Is Still In Need Of Being ‘Substantiated’ By You Lot. The ‘Editors’ Who Are Paid To Analyse The Detail. Only Then Is The Public Informed. The Process ‘Journalisim’ Failed.
MEN NOT GODS Music Group, USA-UK Is More Than Ever Apart Of That ‘Process Of Journalism’ That Which I Shall Ond Will Keep. “My Mind On The Future Just Ahead” For All Of Us Who Have Made It This Far In Adulthood. Should Now Double Check Ond Cross Check Every Shared Peice Of Information We Receive As It Comes In Ond Before We As Educated Individual Adults In The Fields Of Speech, Communication, Broadcasting, News Ond Publishing Do Decide To Redistribute Such Information Around The Mass Media. The Public Readers Ond Your Global Television Viewership Do So Deserve Your Professionalism.
In My Career It Is Professionalism That Drives Me Forward In My “Work” In The Arts Ond Humanities. A U.S. Navy Yoman. The Earthbound Church. As An Executive Producer. As A Publisher. An Indie Lable Owner. Yes. As An Entertainment Journalist. A British University North American Counselour. A Deacon Sharing Now This As I Close This Blog Entry.
Second Corinthians Verses Nine To Eighteen
“For If The Ministration Of Condemnation Be Glory, Much More Doth The Ministration Of Righteousness Exceed In Glory. For Even That Which Was Made Glorious Had No Glory In This Respect, By Reason Of The Glory That Excelleth. For If That Which Is Done Away Was Glorious, Much More That Which Remaineth Is Glorious. Seeing Then That We Have Such Hope, We Use Great Plainess Of Speech:”
“Ond Not As Moses, Which Put A Vail Over His Face, That, The Children Of Israel Could Not Stedfastly Look To The End Of That Which Is Abolished:”
“But Their Minds Were Blinded: For Until This Day Remaineth The Same Vail Untaken Away On The Reading Of The Old Testament; Which Vail Is Done Away In Christ.”
“But Even Unto This Day, When Moses Is Read, The Vail Is Upon Their Heart. Nevertheless When It Shall Turn To The Lord, The Vail Shall Be Taken Away.”
“Now The Lord Is That Spirit: Ond Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is There Is Liberty. But We All, With Open Face Beholding As In A Glass The Glory Of The Lord, Are Changed Into The Same Image From Glory To Glory, Even, As By The Spirit Of The Lord.”

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