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“Bachmann Ond Associates: Gay Or Straight So What!!!” 


 “TKE Queer Bunny”

Riverdale | Illinois | Chicago | Los Angeles | London, United Kingdom

 This One Too Is In The Now!!! Chicago State University. Wow Like In Chicago Dude!!!

 July 15th 2011

 First Of All The Idea Of Mrs. Bachmann Leading The Republican Seems Like A

Stephen King Novel Comeback To Life To Rape, Kill, Lie, Cheat, Steal While Losing

All Hope Ond Faith Given From Mr. Benjamin Franklin As Well As Christopher Columbus.

 Is This “Gay Joke” On The Real So Fake False Ond Phoney Worth An ABC News www.abc.com

Brian Ross Investigative Report. Is This A Hetrosexual News Worthy Perspective? Position? Presentation?

Neither-Nor Any Of The Above. The Facts Terrify “TKE Queer Bunny” Far Far Ond Away The More

Than President Karzai’s Brother Being Asassinated In Afghanistan This Week!!!

 President Barack Hussein Obama Is A Champ If Not A Champion To Me At This Point Ond I Did Not

Vote During The 2008 Election On www.mennotgods.biz Nor Shall I Vote With The Electorate In 2012!!!

 More Than Terrifying This 101Valkyrie101 “TKE Queer Bunny” Are The Secular Quotes From Sad Tired

Psychologists. Really Now If He Could Sigmund Freud Himself Would Most Likely Tweet On Johovah’s

Own Behalf From Heaven Above All Of The Seven Billion Of You Alive Today As Heaven Is Above Each

Ond Everyone On Earth. Indeed Mr. Sigmund Freud Has Yet To Even Telephone Brian Ross Or Bachmann!!!

 So, Fine Then Yall. God Dammit Howdy. Yep I’m Bi. Not At All Being Sexual At This Second Ond Yeppers I

Legally Dwell From The Village Of Colp, Illinois, Jackson County, USA Down Some 5 Hours From Chicago.

 Now… Reform Party Alert!!!

 “Total Recall” This!!!

 Yo… Governor Jessie “The Body” Ventura. Yo… Mr. “Billionaire” Ross Perot Is Still A Way Cool Texan Too

To “TKE Queer Bunny” Bi “SIU Saluki Sexual” Winona State University Senator 1990 Freshman (19 Years Old)

Handsome Ond Theatrical Chairman Of The Student Services Committee Mr. Tony Bell, “Valkyrie” BBC:006 Hey.

With A Budget Of $350,000. It Was My Own Signature On Those Checks To Ziggy Marley Ond The Wailers.

Direct From Jamica. It Was My Own Signature As Well As For “GREEK Rush Week” As We Enjoyed. Right.

Big Upping Tau Kappa Epsilon As I Was The Sole TKE On Campus In 1990. Big Checks Man. I Won My Office

With 4,700 Votes. No Kidding You. Really. I Don’t Kid Around With Too Many Whom I Meet. Really. Believe That.

 Um? Howdy Minnesota State University Winona. Long Time No Seeing Me Huh?

 “Good-Touch:Bad-Touch” Lead Actor On That State Wide Tour. In “The Good Woman Of Setzuan” Ond

“Theatre Of The Mind” Plus A Hello To Prof. Vivian Fucillo Ond Doctor Benjamin Bratt. Holding All Of You In My Heart. Even Now.

I Hope All Of You Students Around The Entire Face Of The Planetary World Are Still In Memory Of The 1st Iraq War!!!

That Was Freakin Real Mates!!! So Was The 2nd Iraq War!!! Must I Point Out The 1st World Trade Center Attack In 1997!!!

To You Fucking GAY MARRIAGE Idiots In New York State The 2nd World Trade Center Attack Really Did Happen To The Entire United States Of America. Yeah. There Are Other Civilized Places On This Planet That Watched In Horror When Only Two Planes Crashed Into New York City Airspace On September 11th 2001.

 Illinois Is Properly Civil Union. Johovah Ond His Only Begotten Son Will Sort The Sordid Details Of All Life In Creation. Which Includes You Lot. Mortals. Lord “Valkyrie” Bell. Mortals Souls. Immortals Souls. Life Alike.

 Wake Up Please. Alright? All Of You Are Older That Any Blessed Child Of 11 Who Can Smile At An Infant Baby Born Today.

They Alone Are “The First Fruits Of Their Family Tree” Here In “The Third Age Of Man” As This Is The 21st Century. Simple. The Truth, The Way Ond The Life. ~Narrow Is The Gate. Wide Is The Way~ 

 Those Votes Still Carry “The MTV Generation” Which Now Is In Your Face Baby Boomers!!!

 MADONNA Said It Best Of All Of You So Far In The Business Of Media Ond Now I So Repeat:


 “Sarah Palin!!! Stay Off My Block!!!” As If Woman… You First Quit Your Damn Job In Alaska To Go Do Reality TV. Fuck Off!!! You Are Just Boring. Your Glasses Are Ugly. Your Daughter Is A Girl. You Gave Birth.

The Tea Party Is Dangerous. Worse Yet. They Are Obvious. As They Are Dangerously Short Sighted.

~Narrow Words. As An Ocean Is Wide~

Each Ond Everthing They Have Ever Done So Far Is The Samething As The Boston Tea Party.

~Bitch Ond Complain~

 Men Not Gods: Chicago’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Does Pray Even Now For Arizona Representative Kathy Giffords.

She Must Not Continue In The United States House Of Representative. Why? She Is Unable. The United States Of America?

With 400 Million Citizens About To Fall Now Into A Second Recession. She Can Not Vote. She Can Not Represent Anyone At All.

Yes, I Do Hold My Prayers In Faith. Nought For Gays. Nought For Hetrosexuals. I Pray For My Career Success Ond Life Itself. Bi.

Lord Valkyrie Bell




Men Not Gods: Chicago’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band!!!



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