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“Erogenous Adonis”

“Erogenous Adonis”
Saturday, July 9th 2011 From Woodson Library In Chicago.
Nothing In This Dream Laden Existence We Do All Share.
In This So Called, “Life.” Nothing Comes Into Being Without Effort.
Sometimes. On The Career Path I Have Chosen To Travel I Meet Not
Even One Obstacle. Suddenly. Just This Morning I Awoke To A
Resolute Decision. Ond I Have To Suffer Some Amount Of Embarassment. To Go Along With My Own Professional Disappointment.
There Will Be No Public Celebration Of My Fourtieth Virgo Birthday.  
“Erogenous Adonis” Will Enter Studio Development. Quietly In September. I Will Executive Produce This Twenty-Five Song Recording As A Direct Example Of A Truly Heartfelt Vision Of Creative Expertise.
Chicago’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band:
Men Not Gods Featuring Lord “Valkyrie” Bell.
I Am A Very Private Man Who From The Start Professionally
Navigated MEN NOT GODS Music Group, USA-UK.
While It Might Have Been A Good Experience To See Through This One Show. We Must Now Agree That A Darker More Deeply Revealing Creative Journey Is Best This Year In Order To Prepare For The Debut Of “Erogenous Adonis.”
MEN NOT GODS Music Group, USA-UK LLC. Is Seventeen (17) Years Old. Our First CD “Mahagony In Mind” Is Ten (10) Years Old. Should I Now At This Stage In My Personal Life Falter. Men Not Gods Is Socio Political Theological Economic Multimedia Entertainment Journalism. This Is The Company That I Keep. As I Turn Forty (40) On September 16th 2011. Should I Now Throw A Birthday Party Ond Do A Show For No Other Reason Then Waking Up This July 9th On A Saturday. At The Transitional Age Of Thirty-Nine (39) I Should Not Falter. I Really Do Not Have Any Intention To.
Rather Than Allow That. I Alone Awoke Ond Knew To Do Better. “Erogenous Adonis” Will Successfully Enter Live Studio Development. Quietly In September. In The Capitol Of London, United Kingdom. As The Executive Producer This Twenty-Five Song Recording Will Be A Direct Example Of Truly Heartfelt Vision Ond Creative Expertise.
While It May Have Been Ond Very Good Birthday Party.
This Is Chicago’s Dark Gothic Rock Opera Band: Men Not Gods.
I Am Keenly Aware Of What It Will Take To Continue To Professionally Navigate MEN NOT GODS Music Group, USA-UK Into The Year 2012. We Hope Our Followers As Well As The Reader Will Now See To Agree. A Darker More Deeply Revealing Creative Journey Is Now To Be Our Immediate Goal Ond Our Direct Undertaking.
“Midgard: Rock: Olympiads – Thank You Princess Diana”
This Is Gothic Rock Opera!!! This Is Theatrical Rock!!!

 “A Beginning Is Near…”

The Space Shuttle Atlantis Is In Orbit Above The Earth Right

Now Ladies Ond Gentlemen. So As I Do So Continue To Love The City Of Chicago. So I’ve Also Missed New York City Ond Los Angeles, California Over These Past Years. Yet I Ask This,

 “Do You Overstand That Living Life From The Very Beginning Unto The End Is Serious Babies?”

 God Is Really God The Father. My “Work” Will Be Judged. I Promise Here. While I Prepare To Depart. In Order To Embark Upon A Mature Masculine Greek TKE Prep Forty Year Old Manly Role Of My Own Evolving. It Is At At The Arts Ond Humanities.

I Can Accomplish So Much More Artistically By Actually Centering My Lifestyle Around My Own Company Men Not Gods And These Career Aspirations Of Mine This Fall In The City Of London.

Ond I Will Have “Erogenous Adonis” Come Into Being As A Working Peice Of Recorded Art That Shall Then Be Taken On Tour. Yes. I Will Do So For The United States Of America’s Music Lovers. 

 Men Not Gods Featuring Lord “Valkyrie” Bell.

Together From The United Kingdom.

We Shall Offer The Global Music Industry,

“A Little Something New.”


Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord “Valkyrie”





MEN NOT GODS Music Group


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