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Thursday, July 7th 2011 From Woodson Library In Chicago.
“TKE Queer Bunny”
Riverdale | Illinois | Chicago | Los Angeles | London, United Kingdom
“The Spirit Speaketh Expressly The U.S.A. At 235”
I Timothy Chapter 4
“Now The Spirit Speaketh Expressly, That In The Latter Times Some Shall Depart From The Faith, Giving Heed To Seducing Spirits, Ond Doctrines Of Devils; Speaking Lies In Hypocrisy; Having Their Conscience Seared With A Hot Iron; Forbidding To Marry, Ond Commading To Abstain From Meats, Which God Hath Created To Be Received With Thanksgiving Of Them Which Believe Ond Know The Truth.”
“For Every Creature Of God Is Good, Ond Nothing To Be Refused, If It Be Received With Thanksgiving: For It Is Sanctified By The Word Of God Ond Prayer. If Thou Put The Brethren In Remembrance Of These Things, Thou Shalt Be A Good Minister Of Jesus Christ, Nourished Up In The Words Of Faith Of Good Doctrine, Where Unto Thou Hast Attained.”
“But Refuse Profane Ond Old Wives’ Fables, Ond Excercise Thyself Rather Unto Godliness. For Bodily Excercise Profiteth Little: But Godliness Is Profitable Unto All Things, Having Promise Of The Life That Now Is Ond Of That Which Is To Come. This Is A Faithful Saying Ond Worthy Of All Acceptation.”
“For Therefore We Both Labour Ond Suffer Reproach, Because We Trust In The Living God, Who Is The Saviour Of All Men, Specially Of Those That Believe These Things Command Ond Teach. Let No Man Despise The Youth; But Be Thou An Example Of The Believers, In Word, In Conversation, In Charity, In Spirit, In Faith, In Purity.”
“Til I Come, Give Attendance To Reading, To Exhortation, To Doctrine. Neglect Not The Gift That Is In Thee, Which Was Given Thee By Prophecy, With The Laying On Of The Hands Of The Presbytery. Meditate Upon These Things; Give Thyself Wholly To Them; That Thy Profiting May Appear To All. Take Heed Unto Thyself, Ond Unto The Doctrine; Continue In Them: For In Doing This Thou Shalt Both Save Thyself, Ond Them That Hear Thee.”
“The Spirit Speaketh Expressly The U.S.A. At 235”
As I Continue This Blog Entry. The Day Of This Writing Is Now Sunday At 2:20pm. On TNT  Comcast Xfinity Channel 52 I Am Now Steeped In Thought. Watching “The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers.” My Mother Ond I Have Bridged A Generation Of Seperation That Has Engulfed All The Social Order Around Me. 
From Riverdale, Illinois, Chicago Onto Greece, Egypt Ond The Capitol Of London, United Kingdom.
The Social Order Is No Longer The Epitome Of “Mankind’s Holy Life Existence” Where In America Many Counties In Many States Have Cancelled 4th Of July Fireworks Celebrations Due To Drought In Their Area. Including California, New Mexico, Texas Ond Florida.


Where Once There In The World Outside The United States Of America. A Great Many Round About Did Seek To Shatter The Stability Of The United Kingdom. Bringing Twice The World Outside The United States Of America To Gobal Conflict!!! The Conflict Is Now One Of The Social Order Around Me. From One Corner Of The Earth In Africa. In Tunisia One Can, If Thou Did So Decide To; Look Upon The Social Order Around Me In The Country Of Mexico.


The Civic Unrest There In Mexico Is Tunisia. It Is So. In Mexico, As In Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Greece, Ond Egypt. What Then Do I Write? Or What Should I Say To You In London, United Kingdom? To You. The Educators. To The Millions Of You Who Shut Down Your Schools. You Are Forever Bound To A Sad Closed Minded Blind Desire For Greater Personal Wealth.


I Will Allow That You Have Weakened Your Union Position. You Have Weakened Your Own Nation Country There In The United Kingdom. As A Global Picture Was Broadcast Of A Large Group Of Union Workers Who Marched To Say, “We Should Not Carry The Cost Of The Coalition Government’s Legislation To Bail Out The Euro Economy.”


You Looked Weak While Simultaneously Out Of The Loop. You There Appeared Disconnected Ond Poorly Educated On The Social Political Financial Situation You Must Come To Accept As Reality. Ye Yourselves As The Blooming Educators Are Shameless. Brazen You Were To Just Walk Off From Your Jobs. March In Front Of The Television Camera. Ond Then Complain Bitterly About Those Whom You Elected To Coalition Government. Ond Who Do Expect Schools To Remain Open In The United Kingdom. That Way Students Can Actually Learn Lessons Greater Than Any One Teacher, Politician, Philosopher Or Theologian.


MEN NOT GODS Music Group, USA-UK Wields “Sound Philosophy.”


First Timothy Chapter Four Verse Thirteen…


“Til I Come, Give Attendance To Reading, To Exhortation, To Doctrine.”

Then Come My King Ond Lord Nazarine.


To My Readers Ond Followers I Say Prepare Thyself. Love Thy God!!! Attend Cathedral, Church, Ond Services At Your Mosque. For Greater Or Lessor Reasons Wealth. I Myself Have My Own. Others More. Some Less Then None. The Good Ole U.S.A. Is 235 Years Old. Amazing Grace.


“The Spirit Speaketh Expressly The U.S.A. At 235”


This Blog Entry I Will Continue With The Time Being 6:35pm. On TNT Comcast Xfinity Channel 52 I Am Steeped In Thought Still. Watching “The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King.” My Mother Herself Now Sixty Still Looks Young To My Own Soon To Be Forty Year Old Mature Masculine Male Vision.


“TKE Queer Bunny” Riverdale | Illinois | Chicago | Los Angeles | London, United Kingdom


The United States Of America Is Celebrating Two Hundred Thirty-Five Years Of “The Decleration Of Independence” On July 4th 2011. How Can The Social Order Around Me Have So Allowed Themselves To So Obviously Unravel To The Point Of Civil Unrest Ond Open Conflict. Where Thousands Of You Whom Might Have Simply Trusted In The Word GOD!!! Now Languish In An Armed Battle With Your Own Countrymen Whom Also Now Suffer The Pangs Of Death In A Struggle For Power Which Has Left Thousands More In Pain!!!


Where The Thousands Of You Might Have Simply Trusted In God’s Promise In His Given Word To Lift You From Your Oppressors. Instead,


“TKE Queer Bunny” Riverdale | Illinois | Chicago | Los Angeles | London, United Kingdom


Being A MEN NOT GODS Music Group, USA-UK Public Journal.

As “Author Ond Living Literature.” As The Executive Producer.

I, Mr. Tony Bell: U.S. NAVY Yoman:BBC:006 “Valkyrie.”


For Prosperity, I Share No Joy, For Any Of Your Obvious Preference For Warfare. In A Vanity To Control That Which Was. Face The Lack There Of. The Resulting Instability. In A Vanity To Control That Which Was. Face Now The Lack There Of. The Resulting Instability. The Uprising In The Middle East Is The Worst Kind Of Dishonesty. This. While Those Of You Around Me Live A Daily Bump -N- Grind Of Working 9 To 5 Day In Ond Day Out So As To Cover Only Your Basic Expenses.

The Social Order Scrambles Together Truths With Certain Facts While Allowing Outright Lies To Have Reached My Own Ears Via The Television.


It All Adds Up To Wealth Being Massively Sent Around The World If Et Al. In The Form Of Military Assistance. Humanitarian Aide. Funds To Stabilize European Economic Budgets. Monetary Funds To Rebuild The Infrastructure Of Countries That Dwell Now In Anarchy. Their Diposed Leaders Are Now Often Painted By The Eastern Ond Western Press As Villians. Or Fallen The Hero On Tribunals That Outline Their Dictatorships As Decades Of Infamy. An Outline Which This Writer Will Note. As The Building Blocks Of Internal Strife Among Those Who’s Young Decendents Will Share Stories By Word Of Mouth In The Coming Years.


The Middle West Will Save The Middle East. Do Not Teach Your Children To Hate Your Leaders.

Do Not Teach Your Children To Hate Your Neighbour. Do Not Teach Your Children To Hate Your Life Of Despair They Share With You. Do Not Hate In The Here Ond Now The Social Order. Hate Not Sweden, France, Switzerland, Denmark Ond NATO.


Hate Not Your Kingdom. Hate Not The Royal Family Of The United Kingdom.


While The Dogs Of Warfare Bark In Your Ears Ond Demons Dance!!!


The United States Of America Still Has A Strong Union Of Fifty States.

God Save The Queen Elizabeth The 2nd.

To The House Of Lords Ond To Parliment. “TKE Queer Bunny” Shall Now Say:


“Let Freedom Ring.”


Living Thusly,


Lord “Valkyrie” Bell










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