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“TKE Queer Bunny” ~ “Draw My Thought” Saturday, June 25th 2011
Riverdale | Illinois | Chicago | Los Angeles | London, United Kingdom
By Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord Valkyrie “Global Entertainment Artist”
U.S. NAVY Yoman:E4 Publisher, Executive Producer, Owner
Roman Catholic Angelican Southern Babtist Deacon
Wednesday, 7-6-2011 – Woodson Library Chicago, Illinois.
From Friday, June 24th 2011 I Felt Some Overwhelming Internal Insight As I
Placed As “Author Ond Living Literature” Ink On Paper To Intricately
“Draw My Thought.” “To Ponder As A Clear Point.” “A Beginning Is Near.”
“TKE Queer Bunny” Is Intended To Stimulate The Reader’s Id. From Twitter To
Yahoo! To WordPress. I Intended To Actually Direct “Social Network Affection.”
So As To Communicate My Own Sincerity. In An Intellectual Educated Methodical
Masculine Greek Prep Tau Kappa Epsilon “SIU Saluki Sexual” Humorous Vogue
Fashionable As Well As Independent Online Statement. So Overwhelmed Am I That
I Actually Placed My Pen Onto Paper Yet Again To Transition Thee “Yourself” Froward.
“Thine Kingdom’s Journal: Origins”
Clean. Sober. Terrified. Weary!!! My Lord God Knew. I Only Now. From Friday. I’ve
Finally Accepted The Internal Insight I Feel As A Greater Dogma Of Greeco “Opinion.”
A Doctrine Of Belief Especially A Body Of Theological Doctrines Strictly Adhered To.
“The Seven Noad Laws” “The Ten Commandments” “The Torah” The Koran” As Well
As “The King James II 1611 Holy Bible.” Dogmatic? Dogmatism?
“TKE Queer Bunny” Is My Written Observational Statement. At The Start I Allowed
Myself To Advance My Presence Online As Your BBC:006. In Truth Mr. Tony Bell –
British University North American Counsellour Bell!!!
From The First Moment Of The Presentation Of “TKE Queer Bunny” I Held Back
Short Form Opinion To My True Preference. Research. Reading. Adherence To Facts
Ond Responding Thus Replying Or ReTweeting Actual Multimedia Sources.
Ond So Now Again I Write To The Old Guard In Government.
“In God We Trust” Men Not Gods Whom Are Our Elders.
“In God We Trust” Men Not Gods Who Among You Are In Power As Our Global Leaders
Ond Are Accountable As Husbands; Fathers; Friends Ond Brothers!!!
“In God We Trust” Giving “TKE Queer Bunny” Now My Very Honour In Declaring The
Baby Boomers Responsible For Their Own Inaction. As Well As Obvious Lack Of
“In God We Trust.” “The MTV Generation” Can Not Be Blinded By Our Parents
Sixty-Something Colorized Positions.
“In God We Trust” That Men Not Gods In The Year 2011 Will Follow Through With What
You Have Learned From Those In Their Golden Years Who In Truth Must Be Ashamed That
The Baby Boomers Were Ever Born Into A 1950’s Atomic Age Black Ond White Nuclear Family!!!
Only We Can Rebuild. The United States Of America At 235 Will Either Apply “Sound Doctrine”
As Did Guide My Soul. Or Answer To The Creator.
Jeremiah Chapter 23 Is Stern. A Firm Warning.
“Woe Be Unto The Pastors That Destroy Ond Scatter The Sheep Of My Pasture!!! Saith The Lord.”
“Therefore Thus Saith The Lord God Of Israel Against The Pastors That Feed My People; Ye Have Scattered My Flock, Ond Driven Them Away, Ond Have Not Visited Them: Behold, I Will Visit Upon You The Evil Of Your Doings Saith The Lord.”
“Ond I Will Gather The Remnant Of My Flock Out Of All Countries, Whither I Have Driven Them, Ond Will Bring Them Again To Their Fold; Ond They Shall Be Fruitful Ond Increase. Ond I Will Set Up Shepherds Over Them Which Shall Feed Them: Ond They Shall Fear No More, Nor Be Dismayed Neither Shall They Be Lacking, Saith The LORD.”
“Behold, The Days Come, Saith The LORD, That I Will Raise Unto David A Righteous Branch, Ond A King Shall Reign Ond Prosper, Ond Shall Execute Judgement Ond Justice In The Earth. In His Days Judah Shall Be Saved Ond Israel Shall Dwell Safely: Ond This Is His Name Whereby He Shall Be Called, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS.”
“Therefore, Behold, The Days Come Saith The LORD, That They Shall No More Say, The Lord Liveth, Which Brought Up The Children Of Israel Out Of The Land Of Egypt;”
“But, The Lord Liveth, Which Brought Up Ond Which Led The Seed Of The House Of Israel Out Of The North Country, Ond From All Countries Whither I Had Driven Them; Ond They Shall Dwell In Their Own Land. Mine Heart Within Me Is Broken Because Of The Propets; All My Bones Shake; I Am Like A Drunken Man, Ond Like A Man Whom Wine Hath Overcome, Because Of The LORD, Ond Because Of The Words Of His Holiness.”
“For The Land Is Full Of Adulterers; For Because Of Swearing The Land Mourneth; The Pleasant Places Of The Wilderness Are Dried Up, Ond Their Course Is Evil, Ond Their Force Is Not Right For Both Prophet Ond Priest Are Profane; Yea, In My House Have I Found Their Wickedness, Saith The Lord.”
“Wherefore Their Way Shall Be Unto Them As Slippery Ways In The Darkness: They Shall Be Driven On Ond Fall Therein: For I Will Bring Evil Upon Them, Even The Year Of Their Visitation, Saith The Lord. Ond I Have Seen Folly In The Prophets Of Samaria, They Prophesied In Baal, Ond Caused My People Israel To Err.”
“I Have Seen Also In The Prophets Of Jerusalem An Horrible Thing: They Committ Adultery, Ond Walk In Lies: They Strengthen Also The Hands Of Evildoers, That None Doth Return From His Wickedness: They Are All Of Them Unto Me As Sodom, Ond The Inhabitants Thereof As Gomorrah.”
“Therefore This Saith The Lord Of Hosts Concerning The Prophets; Behold, I Will Feed Them With Wormwood, Ond Make Them Drink The Water Of Gall: For From The Prophets Of Jerusalem Is Profaneness Gone Forth Into All The Land. Thus Saith The Lord Of Hosts Hearken Not Unto The Words Of The Prophets That Prophesy Unto You: They Make You Vain: They Speak A Vision Of Their Own Heart, Ond Not Out Of The Mouth Of The LORD.”
“The Say Still Unto Them That Despise Me, The Lord Hath Said, Ye Shall Have Peace; Ond They Say Unto Every One That Walketh After The Imagination Of His Own Heart, No Evil Shall Come Upon You. For Who Hath Stood In The Counsel Of The Lord, Ond Hath Perceived Ond Heard His Word? Who Hath Marked His Word, Ond Heard It? Behold, A Whirlwind Of The Lord Is Gone Forth In Fury, Even A Grievous Whirlwind: It Shall Fall Grievously Upon The Head Of The Wicked.”


“The Anger Of The Lord Shall Not Return, Until He Have Executed, Ond Til He Have Performed The Thoughts Of His Heart: In The Latter Days Ye Shall Consider It Perfectly.”


“I Have Not Sent These Prophets Yet They Ran: I Have Not Spoken To Them, Yet They Prophesied. But If They Had Stood In My Counsel, Ond Had Caused My People To Hear My Words, Then They Should Have Turned Them From Their Evil Way, Ond From The Evil Of Their Doings. Am I A God At Hand, Saith The Lord, Ond Not A God Afar Off? Can Any Hide Himself In Secret Places That I Shall Not See Him? Saith The LORD. Do Not I Fill Heaven Ond Earth? Saith The LORD.”


“I Have Heard What The Prophets Said, That Prophesy Lies In My Name, Saying, I Have Dreamed, I Have Dreamed. How Long Shall This Be In The Heart Of The Prophets That Prophesy Lies? Yea, They Are Prophets Of The Deceit Of Their Own Heart; Which Think To Cause My People To Forget My Name By Their Dreams Which They Tell Every Man To His Neighbour, As Their Fathers Have Forgotten My Name For Baal.”


“The Prophet That Hath A Dream, Let Him Tell A Dream; Ond He That Hath My Word, Let Him Speak My Word Faithfully. What Is The Chaff To The Wheat? Saith The Lord. Is Not My Word Like As A Fire? Saith The Lord; Ond Like A Hammer That Breaketh The Rock In Pieces? Therefore, Behold, I Am Against The Prophets, Saith The Lord, That Steal My Words Every One From His Neighbour.”


“Behold, I Am Against The Prophet, Saith The Lord, That Use Their Tongues Ond Say, He Saith.”


“Behold, I Am Against Them That Prophesy False Dreams, Saith The Lord, Ond Do Tell Them, Ond Cause My People To Err By Their Lies Ond By Their Lightness; Yet I Sent Them Not, Nor Commanded Them: Therefore They Shall Not Profit This People At All, Saith The Lord.”


“Ond When This People, Or The Prophet, Or A Priest, Shall Ask Thee, Saying, What Is The Burden Of The Lord? Thou Shalt Then Say Unto Them, What Burden? I Will Even Forsake You, Saith The Lord.”


“Ond As For The Prophet, Ond The Priest, Ond The People, That Shall Say, The Burden Of The Lord, I Will Even Punish That Man Ond His House.”


“Thus Shall Ye Say Every Ond To His Neighbour, Ond Every One To His Brother, What Hath The Lord Answered? Ond What Hath The Lord Spoken? Ond The Burden Of The Lord Shall Ye Mention No More: For Every Man’s Word Shall Be His Burden; For Ye Have Perverted The Words Of The Living God, Of The Lord Of Hosts Our God.”


“Thus Shalt Thou Say To The Prophet, What Hath The Lord Answered Thee? Ond, What Hath The Lord Spoken?”


“But Since Ye Say, The Burden Of The Lord; Therefore Thus Saith The LORD; Because Ye Say This Word, The Burden Of The Lord, Ond I Have Sent Unto You, Saying, Ye Shall Not Say, The Burden Of The Lord; Therefore, Behold, I, Even I, Will Utterly Forget You, Ond I Will Forsake You, Ond The City That I Gave You Ond Your Fathers, Ond Cast You Out Of My Presence:”


“Ond I Will Bring An Everlasting Reproach Upon You, Ond A Perpetual Shame, Which Shall Not Be Forgotten.”


It Is Not My Place To Withold That Which I Knew.




As Sole Proprietor. Ond As A Minority Business Owner. I Have Cultivated My Creative Talents, Gifts Ond Abilities. For Seventeen Years (17) I’ve Dedicated Myself To Developing Ond Nurturing My Skills At At The Arts Ond Humanities. Now. Approaching The Age Of Forty (40). It Is Only Tonight. Saturday, June 25th 2011. I’ve Given Of The Knowledge Of The Word Of God. Which Has Given Me A View Of My Own Responsibilities. I Will Will I Will While I Do. Why? God Created Time Enough For This Level Of Basic Humane Communication.


There Is A Widening Generation Gap. Communication. From Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord Valkyrie. To Men Not Gods. Communication. Given To Man, Woman Ond Child. 2012 Is Approaching. The Year 2011 Ends Quickly.


“TKE Queer Bunny” Riverdale | Illinois | Chicago | Los Angeles | London, United Kingdom

Mr. Tony Bell:BBC:006 U.S. NAVY Yoman “Valkyrie”


“2012 is Approaching. The Year 2011 Ends Quickly.

Be Well. Be Safe. Be Love. Believe… God Overstands.”


Living Thusly,


Lord “Valkyrie” Bell










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