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MEN NOT GODS Music Group Films, USA-UK
“Acrown: The Highlander”
“A!!! Realtime Reels Lord Valkyrie Bell”
~A MEN NOT GODS Music Group Movie~
Executive Producer Ond Creative Director
Lord “Valkyrie” Bell
Starring Mr. Anthony Lawrence Bell, Lord Valkyrie
“Acrown: The Highlander”
“Stonehenge…Yet Still A Monument To How I, Acrown, Have Traversed The Realm Of Midgard UnEarthed. The Year 2020 Is But A Truth Of Timeless Fact. Now Not Even One Decade At A Distance Ahead. The Gathering Is For The Weak. The Strong. Those Highlanders Bent On Evil. Those Whom Died For The Greater Goals of Their Own Good. I Am So Called. Acrown Of Wisdom.”
“Why. As A Question. More Often I Opt For Statements. Wisdom Allows Forethought. Deep Insight. When I Am Alone With You. I Do Not Ask Why. Maria. Who Would I Ask Why?”
“Funny Wise Man. All This Insight. Deep Within. Your Forethought. When I Am Here. Alone With You. I Don’t Ask Why Either. Acrown, I Love You. You Who I Would Ask For The Answers To Why. Even So My Darling. Even As We Make Love I Thank God For Our Being Together. You Have So Much To Share Ond You Have Given Freely To My Family. To This Community. I Cherish Us. Yet Again Acrown. Do You Even Ask Why?”
“All Things Come From God Maria. He Allows These Intimate Moments. I Too Cherish Us. If I Were To Ask God How I Am On Your Family Photo Album. With Your GrandFather. You Tell Me Maria. Will Jehovah Answer Me?”
{A Knock At The Door. Maria’s Mother Sonja.}
“Maria? Maria Are The Two Of You Decent?”
(Maria Kisses Acrown. Places A Robe On Ond Answers The Door To The Guest Room. Acrown Pulls The Covers Up Ond Runs His Fingers Through His Hair.)
“Acrown. Darling You Look Fine. Meet My Mother Now. Her Name Is Sonja. {The Door Opens.}
Mother!!! (The Two Ladies Kiss. The Two Hug.) Oh God Mother. Oh I Missed You So Much.
(She Begins To Cry.)
“I Know My Precious Girl. I Loved My Father So… No Stop Now. (She Grabs Her Daughter To Her.) Oh My Girl. My Father… Your Grandfather Loved Us Dear God Stop Now. Do Not Fill This House With Tears. Stop Maria. My Father Would Not Want It.”


“Ok Alright. Alright. Mother Sonja This Is Him. My Love. This Is Acrown. Him. My Love. My Mother. Sonja.”



“Seems I Got Here Tonight To Find A Love Affair In Blossom. In This Nest.”



“Love Can Have A Startling Affect On A Man Ond A Woman. You Will Forgive Me Sonja. Your Daughter Is Very Precious. To Me… The Loss Of Your Father. It Is Quite A Terrible Loss For Spain.”



“Spain. Yes. I Flew Into London. Yes, Here To London. The Moment Maria Called Me. Acrown…

London. Spain. Greece. Ireland. It Seems A Violent Hysteria Has Overtaken My Own Peace. No Peace!!!

Acrown… Maria? How Does This Add Up? Where Is The Peace? The Diplomacy? My Father. Paulo Loved This Family. This Community. He Loved Spain!!! (Sonja Breaks Into Tears.) What Can I Do? Maria I Feel At Such A Loss. How Can He Be Gone Now? Acrown. Do You Even Ask Why?”



{Maria Holds Her Mother. She Looks At Acrown. He Holds Back His Own Tears From Flooding Over. Looking At The Photo Of Himself On The Beside Table With His Now Dead Friend. Paulo. Acrown, He Rises From The Bed Nude. Crossing The Floor Towards The Closet To Find Some Proper Clothing There.}


“Maria Take Your Mother To The Family Room. I Will Just Put Some Clothing On. Then I Will Cook. I Trust That Preparing A Proper Refined Meal. This Will Make Me Feel Like I Am Soothing Both You Ond Sonja. In This Time Of Anguish… Sonja. Mother. You Ond Maria Go On. I’ll Be Just A Moment. Then A Fine Meal. We Will All Feel So Much The Better. It Will Clear My Mind As Well As Your Hearts.”



“Mother. Yes, Please. Come To The Family Room With Me.”



“No. No. No. I Will Cook, I’ll Cook!!! Please. Acrown. Maria. You Two Are So Young To My Eyes. So…

So In Love. Love!!! Now The Both Of You Dress Yourselves. Yes You Two Will Do As A Say. Ok? I Will Cook. Alright? Fine. Cooking. Fine. Dress Yourselves.”



(Sonja: She Walks Out Closing The Door To The Guest Room Leaving Acrown Alone With Maria.)


“You See Now? The Purpose Of That Question. Acrown? Do You Ever Ask Why? Paulo. My Grandfather. Dead.”

~~~Maria (She Sits On The Bed.)


(Acrown Fixes His Pants. Next, His Shoes. Then, His Sweater. He Moves To The Dresser Mirror. Acrown Rubs His Fingers To Style His Hair. Finally. He Then Speaks His True Thoughts.)


“All Things Come From God Maria. The Grief We Three Are Feeling. It Is Real. While This Sittuation Does Cause Me Pain Of My Own. I Feel Such A Hurt. Because, The Woman I Love Also Feels Hurt. My Maria. Then Too Your Mother. Sonja. She Has Fled Into The Kitchen. (He Grabs Maria From The Bed. He Kisses Ond Hugs Her Firmly. Tightly.) I Love You Maria. Please. Get Dressed. I’ll Go To The Kitchen To Assist Sonja.”



“Acrown, I’ll Get Dressed. The Three Of Us Will Eat. My Mother Sonja. Myself Being Your Maria. We Of Spain. You The Illinoian. In London. In London. In Love With Me. Tell Me Acrown. Can You Love Enough? Can You Love Enough For America? Can You Love Enough For London. Can You Love Enough For Sonja Mother? For Your Maria? For My Dead GrandFather Paulo? Can You Love Enough For My Family When They Arrive? Have You Enough Love For Spain Acrown!!! This Death Must Have A Reason. Do You Ever Ask Why?”



“If I Were To Ask God. How I Am On Your Family Photos With Your Grandfather, Paulo. You Tell Me Maria. Will Jehovah Answer Me?”



(He Kisses Her Firmly. Acrown Then Leaves The Guest Room. Shutting The Door Quietly As He Goes.)


Episode One ~ End


Lord Valkyrie Bell






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